Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post of the Year!~

Hello everyone!!!

This is my last post of 2011, (it may be 2012 already for some of you right now) and I want to say I am very thankful and grateful to my readers for their support.

I hope that 2012 is a happy, healthy, and successful year for all of you. If you go out and party, be safe and have fun!

Tomorrow I begin my 2012 weight loss challenge, I hope everyone sticks to their New Years Resolutions (at least for January, hahaha).

It's not going to be for about 6 more hours, but here goes:

Friday, December 30, 2011

My 2012 Challenge Goals

Hello everyone~

In my last post I talked about my challenge for 2012- and here are my goals, as promised!

1. My exercise goals- I am starting Meta fresh with the new year. I would PREFER to do it with an hour of dance cardio but as long as I get at least 30 minutes in a day, that's good too.

2. Journal- I have a wire bound journal dated all the way up to May 31, 2012.

3. Dieting goals- eat 3 times a day (I have been eating maybe 1-2 times a day which is just as counterproductive as eating too much food) and keep it grain free.  

I hope more of you join in on the challenge! Regardless, I will be blogging my way through it. 

Very excited to start!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Challenge!!!!!

Hello everyone!

As 2011 is coming to an end, I have been thinking about the new year, resolutions, and all that. So, I decided that I would come up with a challenge for 2012 and you are all invited to join in!

The challenge is pretty simple.   Here's what it involves.

1. Set exercise goals. They do NOT have to be TAM workouts. Pick a workout you like and make a plan. Example, work out 4 days a week for 40 minutes a day, etc.  You can always change them later if your start goal isn't working out as planned, but the point is to have some kind of plan in mind.

2. Keep a journal. Ideally write down what you ate and what workout you did.  I have a paper wire bound journal but making a journal even in Microsoft word or something is good enough. As long as it's recorded somewhere. Studies say that keeping diet/food journals help a lot with losing weight by making us more aware of what we eat and how the calories and such add up.

3. Set dieting goals (if you need to lose weight).  Again, this is based on the individual.

4. I made a secret Facebook group for anyone who wants to be in on this to keep accountable with each other.  Your friends won't see it, outside people cannot even search for it so you will be able to keep this to yourself.   If you want in, please let me know.  This is, of course, optional. 

5. (again optional!) Join if you haven't already.  I am on it, and I love it. It's free to join and it has an Android and Iphone/Ipod/Ipad app which is also FREE.  If you join, add asagi722 as a friend. (That's me!) 

I will be posting my goals soon.  I already do have them figured out, only working on the diet part now. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I got a Kinect!

Hello everyone!!!

Some of you may have heard of a new accessory you can get for the Xbox 360- the Kinect.  I ended up getting one for a late Christmas gift!

What it does is connects to your TVand like the Nintendo Wii you use your movement to control the games.   Except the Kinect has no remotes, it scans your body and you use your arms and legs themselves.

Additionally (and why I mention it in this blog) it can be a good workout tool.

I also got a game with it called Fighters Uncaged.  It's what it sounds like- a fighting game for the Kinect. 

Yes, you actually do have to punch and kick. And it's harder than it looks. The one bad thing about this game is that the controls are not as responsive as I'd like but trying to do the moves also gives you a workout in itself.

Another game I really want to try- Dance Central 2

Here's a clip of someone actually playing it

I like that you actually have to dance, with  your arms and legs.   I think this will be my next game, I think it would be a fun addition to doing Meta (which I took off today, really wasn't feeling good but I will do it tomorrow) .

Do any of you have Kinect? Do you have any games you'd like to try?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meta Day 2

Hello everyone!

Quickie post!

I completed a second day of Ab meta, just as intense as before.  It was NOT easy because yesterday made me really damn sore and I also am having bad cramps.  Despite that I got it done anyway with a few small differences.

1. It took way longer because I was feeling weak (period be damned) 
2. I was very tired by the end of the dance cardio, instead of doing the actual last combination the way it was taught, I just did a lot of grapevines and step touching as intensely as I could handle. 

The end result- still very sore, haha. I do feel more tighter and sucked in also. 

I really hope this soreness starts to lessen a little. It's hard to walk and everything. >_<

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to TAM.

Hello everyone!!!!!

After some consideration, I have decided that I am going to give TAM one more shot for the new year.  In fact, this is one of my new years resolutions- to give TAM a full year to work on me and see what happens. 

I am giving myself a week head start by starting Meta today. 

I decided to put a little more "oomph" into it.  I did all the arms and abs twice, followed with 40 reps per leg. It took 2 hours, a lot of sweat, but that got done. On my new Tracy mat, which I must say is WONDERFUL.  It's really thick, dense, and cushiony and it made my workout that much more enjoyable. I do not regret that purchase at all. 

Next, I popped in my good old friend Beginner Dance Cardio. I did all 4 combinations in that and the warm up and I was pretty much spent after that.  WAY more sore than when I did Meta cardio.  You move your body in a much bigger variety of ways doing the cardio DVDs. 

And yeah, I gave op Power 90. For one, I thought it was actually kinda lame.  Yeah I sweated and all but I wasn't impressed really.  Also I wasn't seeing the same results AT ALL that I was seeing before when I tried TAM.  So, I concluded that it's just not for me and I am going back to what I know.

I am soooo exhausted after my workout today, I am going to hit the bed but I hope you all had a good Monday!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

Hello everyone!

First, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, holiday, no matter what you celebrate.  Enjoy your holiday dinners and time with family. Even though it is Christmas today, I am still going to get my workout done. I also got my workout done yesterday, which was my cardio/abs day.  Today is another strength training day, maybe followed by some extra stretching. 

Another thing I am noticing- I have been wheat free for about a week now, and my appetite/desire to eat has decreased dramatically.  I am almost never "hungry" and I am pretty sure it is leading me to eat too little calories. Which comes to the next thing.

I have been weighing myself daily (Not obsessively, just once in the morning) and at first I saw the weight starting to come off, but the past couple of days my weight is INCREASING. This is worrying me a little but I will try to give it more time- 

1. I also started my period yesterday, this could be making me retain water.  
2. When you start harder strength training they say weight could increase a little from the muscle gain.
3. Sore muscles (like mine) retain water.
4. (The worrisome one) since I don't eat much because I don't have an appetite, they say too little calories also causes weight gain. I do eat when I am hungry, until satisfied and not stuffed. 

I am not taking measurements until I hit the 30 day mark, but I have been told I seem to be walking more gracefully and with better posture, as well as the sides of my face look a little slimmer.  I also think my legs are starting to slim down a little too but that could just be my eyes playing tricks.  It's only been 4 days (today being the fifth) so I guess I will give it some time.

On a side note. I MISS DOING MY TAM!!!!!!!  I really can't wait to get back to it.  It might be just in my head but I don't feel like I am shrinking quite as fast as when I was doing Meta.  When I was doing Meta, the scale and the tape measure both were going down, whereas now the scale is going up and I have no idea about the tape measure yet. Maybe I should take a 10 day measurement just out of curiosity.

Also, it has been suggested to me that I do both Power 90 AND Metamorphosis but I keep thinking "won't one workout undo the effects of the other???" 

I know exercise is exercise but sometimes I really wonder about this stuff. Hrm.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Power 90 Day 3


Ok, so I got the hang of how Power 90 works now, and the first two days I sorta just went with it to see what it would feel like.

Day 3, another strength day, hurt. It hurt a lot.   This time I did something different.  Instead of trying to do as many as I could trying to keep up with the people in the video (not completing all 15 reps of most of the exercises), I did what I used to do with Metamorphosis- watch, pause, do, repeat.  It took a little longer than the 30 or so minutes but the end result is I was able to get the most out of it

Speaking of muscle soreness and cramping, if you didn't already know, drinking coconut water is a great way to help alleviate some of the pain.   The reason is because coconut water has a lot of potassium in it (more than a banana) and it is very hydrating.  While at Costco today, I was browsing the aisles (I haven't been there in a while) and to my delight and surprise, they now carry 12 packs of Vita Coco plain coconut water.  Pricing depends on your local Costco but by me it was a little over $15 for a pack of 12 and I ended up buying 2 cases.

Today is Christmas Eve, some of you may already be celebrating early, or depending on where you are, it might be Christmas now.  Hannukah is also in progress, so I will close this post by wishing all of you (wether you celebrate or not) a happy, healthy holiday season.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Power 90 Day 2

Hello everyone!!!

Another quickie post- the holiday season is keeping me very busy! 

Day 2 of Power 90- Sweat 1-2

Sweat workouts are cardio, but even though it's the lowest level, it is NOT easy. It's a low impact workout for the most part, and there are modifications where there is jumping involved, but god damn was I sweating like mad within the first few minutes. The workouts are in little intervals, about 10 minutes, stretch, 10 mins, stretch, etc. and I was dripping after that.

But I wasn't done. 

On cardio days, I am also supposed to work my abs. They don't call the workout Ab Ripper for nothing.  It's 10 exercises with 10 reps but when I was done, it hurt to laugh. It really did.

That's it for today- Hope you had a great Friday and not get trampled while Christmas/Hannukah shopping. :) 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Power 90 Day 1

Hello everyone!!!! 

Yesterday I did my first day of Power 90.  

The first day I did the sculpt 1-2 workout, which is basically strength training.  Having not done such a workout in a very long time, this was actually pretty challenging. I am still sore today, too. Also, as I said, I did also do my Beginner Dance Cardio DVD. All I can say is wow.

1. I felt more muscles worked than in Meta cardio. Blows it out of the water.
2. I can't believe I was able to remember all the dances from before! I only watched the learning parts a little bit to refresh my memory.
3. I can't believe I was able to do all 4 combinations without a break. Perhaps there IS still hope for me.  Perhaps I will be moving up to Dance Cardio 2007 sooner than I thought.

That's it for today, time to go do my second workout! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taking a break from TAM for now... but hear me out!

Hello everyone~

Yes, the title is true. I am putting TAM on the backburner now after careful thought. (I have also posted thoughts of holding off on it before)

I am not saying that TAM doesn't work. It does. It's just not working FAST enough for what I need it to do.  I want to lose the initial 80-90 pounds relatively fast and when I am lighter, THEN go back to TAM to refine the work I have done on my body. If my starting weight was around 160-170 pounds then it would be fine. 

I am doing Beachbody's Power 90 program right now, and MAY go on to P90X to lose more (I am too out of shape to do P90X at the moment). It all depends on the kind of results I get with Power 90.

Yes, these programs require a lot of weight training and stuff, but bulking up right now is not really on my list of problems. My main goal right now is just to burn off a good portion of the fat I have.  Worry about bulking/toning up/refining my shape later. 

But that's not to say that TAM will totally be out. I still want to do the cardio portion for a few reasons.

1. The Power 90 workouts are not very long. Especially the strength training days. I want to add some extra cardio if possible. Nothing wrong with doing cardio every day, now is there?

2. I want to be able to have learned all of the dance cardio (or most of them) by the time I am back to doing TAM.   Meta and Boot Camp cardio is boring and by then I want to be able to dance around.  The choreographed stuff is not just more mentally challenging but physically as well. 

I do not doubt that TAM will make you lose weight. I just want the initial flab off faster even if it means doing "traditional" exercise. 

Have a great day and I will post my first workout day shortly.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Much Easier Said Than Done

Hello everyone-

I think I posted in a previous entry that I found out that I am allergic to wheat and fish and that I am lactose intolerant.  This means I basically cannot eat wheat, fish, and milk.  Easy, right?

No. Not easy at all. 

The easiest one to kick- fish.  I have never been a big fish eater, like ever so that's a no brainer.

Milk- Not so easy. Why?  I love my Starbucks Frappucinos. Sadly, even if you ask for soy, there is still a little milk in it. (I think). Also I like my cheese.  This one isn't quite so bad because I do not have dairy often.

Wheat- Oh wheat, you rascal.  You taste divine, you make baked stuff nice and fluffy and full of doughy goodness, and you bloat me bigger than the Goodyear fucking blimp, make me want to hit the bed 10 minutes after eating you, and live on the fucking toilet.  And yet it's so hard to kick you out of my life for good. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE IN PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING. Having to avoid pretty much anything, even the things one wouldn't expect you in SUCKS. Thanks a lot, jerk. 

So yeah. I have not been having a fun time with this.  As for the celiac tests I took last week, I still await the results.  If I DO end up having celiac, I have to be even more strict about what goes into my mouth.  When you have to eliminate so many foods from  your life all at once, be it for an allergy or any other reason, it's HARD.   It's very difficult mentally to see your friends and family eating "normally" while you can't. It's hard when there are office parties and you can't have anything because it's all loaded with wheat. 
I honestly feel like a fat rabid swine drooling over things like pizza, etc that I cannot have, not because I am trying to lose weight per se but because of allergy. 

Have any of you guys had to go from one extreme to another dietarily and how did you cope with it? 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bored at Work? Do some TAM!

Hello everyone!!!

Today was a slow, boring, mind numbing day at work, the highlight of my day was typing mundane things and staring at my screen. Then, I remembered an article I saw on Tracy's site about a "desk" workout she made up for doing at the office. 

Work Out in the Office with Tracy Anderson

Don't let the silly pictures fool you.  I did feel a burn after 20 or so reps, especially in the leg moves.  I didn't get a workout done at home but at least I moved at work, and it's something I will definitely do again next time I am at the office.

Tomorrow I am off and hope to get a lot more done!

Have a great day!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello everyone!

Today's post isn't much, kind of had a lazy day today.  Some shopping, a little stretching, and catching up on my sleep.   Ok, to be fair I did walk around in the stores and walked my puppy around the block for a while to tire him out.

I did eat well today despite being a lazy bum. 

Breakfast- 3 hard boiled eggs and some blackberries

Lunch and dinner- 4 ounces of grilled sirloin beef and a big green salad with balsamic vinegar on it.

I didn't snack, didn't feel up to it really. For some reason I am having a hard time finding raw walnuts at the store.  Trying to avoid roasted and peanuts are not an option- paleo doesn't allow them, they are a legume not a nut. Interesting.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, tomorrow back to work. Yay. :P

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Still not feeling that wonderful.

Hello everyone-

After yesterday I am still feeling like a fat, tired, sack of lard that just wants to flop onto the couch and not move.

Pretty much like this: 

I am probably still going to get my butt up and do some exercise. Really not feeling like boot camp today so perhaps I'll do the mat video. We'll see.  As for cardio, not too sure because today my ankles are feeling a little sore.  Blah.

I did go to the store last night and picked up some ground sirloin on sale. If you plan on upping your meat intake (which happens sometimes if you do paleo) I have found that unless pieces of meat are on sale, ground is a good choice to save money.

Also, while they prefer someone to eat grass fed/free range, if you can't afford/get it nearby, eating conventional meat is OK too. It's better than having a plate of fettucine alfredo.   What I do with the meat is I weigh it out into 4 ounce portions, double wrap them (prevents freezerburn that way) so I have them to use whenever I need, for a little more than a dollar a serving. 

Alright, I guess I'll go work out now. Have a great day!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello everyone!!!

Quick post- will post again tonight.

Now that my allergy testing and stuff is over, I am back to eating paleo style.  I still feel foggy and tired (I did eat wheat yesterday) but I'm sure that will stop in a few days.

As for starting my workouts, I am going to but I am honestly feeling less than enthused about it.  Normally I hate exercise anyway, but today I just feel in the blah mood like I just want to go home and go to bed.  It's not just the workout but I woke up in a sour mood for some reason. Ugh.

I will post again tonight after my workout, not looking forward to it today.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Email from Tracy 12/15/2011

Hello everyone-

Getting allergy tested ended up being a really draining experince (I had 4 big vials of blood taken too) so I will start my boot camp tomorrow or Saturday.

I did get this email from Tracy though. (you probably did too)

It is with great excitement that after many years of research, testing and developing meal replacements, I have finally succeeded with my Perfect Performance Wellness Formula. This shake is the ideal meal replacement and perfect addition to your daily workout. It takes less than 30 seconds to whip up, which is essential for all of us with busy holiday schedules!
It's easy to gain weight and lose some of your results during the holidays. With all of the hustle and bustle of the season, the last thing you're thinking about is making a nutritious meal for yourself. As women, we are natural caretakers and nurturers, and we often think of ourselves last. This often leaves us feeling depleted, which can negatively affect our health and self-esteem.
It has always been my mission to provide you with the tools and the truth, so that you can feel your best. With so many visions of beauty constantly thrown at us from every direction, you may find yourself wishing that those "quick fix" claims really worked. But for 13 years my career has been dedicated to supporting you and helping you become your healthiest self. With Metamorphosis, you have already found that there are no shortcuts to the perfect body. Just like with your workouts, you need to devote time each day to eating well.
However, I want you to understand that this is not your run-of-the-mill protein and weight-loss shake. I would never put my name on anything that failed to hold integrity of ingredients, or was unable to support your lifestyle while doing Metamorphosis. Most (and when I say "most", I mean 90%) of the weight-loss shakes on the market today do nothing for your overall health. Many are like cardboard houses with curb appeal. They have flashy labels and claims, but are loaded with all of the wrong ingredients. Some of these protein blends are not only weak, but if taken consistently they can actually cause weight gain!
  • Partially hydrogenated oil: to create a smooth texture
  • Non-fat milk powder: to keep the cost down
  • Corn syrup solids and lots of sugars: sweet taste, but harmful to your health
  • Low quality whey protein/domestic whey: can contain hormones, toxins and antibiotics
  • Probiotics: often listed as added benefit, without clinically validated strains
  • Artificial flavoring
  • Fructose as a main ingredient
Drinking shakes that contain these common gimmicks, and expecting to improve upon your health, is like planting dead seeds and expecting a lush, healthy garden to grow. It's just not possible to obtain or sustain great results with these products. And if you've tried other shakes out there and not seen results, I'm sure you can relate.
  • Fully discloses the amino acid profile, which makes up the complete protein formula
  • Includes all 8 essential aminos, and all branch chain aminos, which are necessary building blocks for developing muscle tone
  • Fructose and dairy-free, which helps to optimize your immune function
  • Provides highly-concentrated, pure immunoglobulins, a protein that helps fight bacteria and viruses
  • Provides intestinal support
  • Supports a natural response to inflammation
  • Supports healthy lipid levels
  • Supports lean muscle mass retention
I feel very fortunate to finally be able to offer my shakes as a solution for all of you, and I would like to outline my recommendation for implementing them into your daily eating plan. I recommend that you have only one shake per day as a meal replacement, whether you want to lose or maintain your current weight. I personally love my shake for breakfast, about 30 minutes before I workout. If you are on the Metamorphosis nutrition plan, the shake can act as a substitute for your Think Thin bar. Or, if you have weight and toxins to lose, then you can use the shake in combination with two very healthy meals each day to shed the excess baggage. I like to pour 2 glasses of ice water, put one scoop in each glass, and drink them both for added hydration. Some of my friends prefer to add 2 scoops of powder to their iced coffee each day. There are additional recipes on my website as well, and I would love for you to email me any recipes and suggestions you may have.

My day always starts with a shake, and from that I get a good 4 hours of clean energy without feeling deprived or hungry. I can honestly say that this shake, combined with Metamorphosis, is the total transformation package!
Please don't be turned away from this amazing opportunity by the price. It actually breaks down to $4.20/meal, which can easily be compared to a calorie-loaded drink at many chain coffee shops.
You know that you can't lose weight without exercise, but remember that proper nutrition is essential to not only lose weight, but lose the right kind of weight. Skinny fat is just as disappointing as fat, and I want you to be your most beautiful, proportioned, and healthy self.
Order your shake today!

Looks like a lot of people AREN'T ordering. Well it IS expensive, maybe they could lower the price a bit and more people would order. (I would)  But, as I said before if you have the money, give it a try for even 2 weeks. It did good things for me (kept me full til lunch time and I felt energetic on it as well as eating paleo) and who knows?  I only quit because of the price. 

I still have a 2 week supply left that I am going to get back on when I start my program. It's gluten and dairy free so I should be ok. :)

Have a great day! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Standing Abs Video!

Hello everyone-

Not much to say today except that I am going to my allergist tomorrow and my ankles are feeling better.

In the Metamorphosis Community, there is a new video with Tracy's master trainer Stacey demonstrating more standing ab workouts.  Enjoy!

Stacey Breaks Down Standing Abs! from Tracy Anderson Method on Vimeo.

I will be back tomorrow with another post. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When it rains, it pours...

Hello everyone-

I may have to push my 30 day challenge back a couple of days.   I wrote yesterday's blog before something ELSE bad happened to me. 

Last night, I was headed downstairs to use the bathroom, stepped wrong, and fell down the remaining stairs. No MAJOR injury but I did hurt my left ankle a little. >< I hope to be ok by at least Friday.

Speaking of injuries, I found an article about how not to gain weight while injured.

That's about it for now, taking my final exam soon!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Horrible Day

Hello everyone-

Today's post isn't diet related, today I am just going to vent I think.  I have been feeling really stressed out about a lot and it's making me crazy.

1. Today, someone stole my iPhone probably right out of my purse. Either that, or it fell out of my purse, someone found it, turned the power off and took it with them. Why would anyone think of giving it to Lost and Found???? That would only be the RIGHT thing to do. Had my carrier suspend service and iCloud is trying to track it. It's password protected too. If I don't find it soon, I have to wipe it and give it up for dead. And if I get a new phone I have to pay full retail price. Oh how grand!

2. Tomorrow is my final exam. This is nowhere near as stressful as the missing phone, seeing as all my personal info is on it.

This crap really makes me upset and makes me want to just go get some junky food and eat myself into a coma or some other ridiculous behavior. (I will try not to)  

Also the doctor said before I get tested for celiac/wheat sensitivity I have to keep eating wheat so as not to get a false negative on the blood test. So, here I am, eating wheat, feeling miserable both generally and digestively, and now this phone theft stuff. Ugh

I hope you guys are having a better day than me. Chin up, I guess.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Giving Paleo Another Shot- and Why You Should Too.

Hello everyone!

In a previous post, I mentioned how I would be going Paleo again and why, and that I would discuss my reasons for it later. Well, later is here now.

Some of you might have heard about Paleo but have no idea what it entails, or maybe you know a little about it.  Basically, when following a Paleo diet, you're pretty much eating like a caveman.

There really were no fat cavepeople. 

The basic gist of it is you do not eat dairy, cereal grains or even grainlike seeds like quinoa, no legumes (beans, peanuts, etc), and focus on eating fruits, meats and non starchy vegetables.  

To find out more, read The Paleo Solution and The Paleo Diet. For recipes, The Paleo Diet Cookbook is also a great resource.

Why am I deciding to go this path? Aren't grains good for you? Well not as good as you think. Especially wheat. I read that a lot more people have a sensitivity to wheat and gluten than one may realize. Also, not all wheat sensitivity/celiac disease symptoms are digestive either.  It has been linked to things like asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis and more as well as the constipation/diarrhea, etc.  After going through the symptoms I have read about I realize that I do have a lot of them. There are other reasons wheat is horrible for you (For example- it has a appetite INDUCING property and creates hormone imbalances) and the book Wheat Belly which I have mentioned before has a lot of evidence as to why.

Do I have celiac? I very well may. I am going to the allergist this week (I have had a nasty rash for 3 months now that just won't quit) and while I am there, I am going to ask for the blood test for celiac. Better safe than sorry.  Celiac or not, I am still going to quit wheat but that kind of thing is good to know in general. 

Even though I am not starting my bootcamp workouts tomorrow (I MIGHT but I am not certain. I really would prefer I start on Wednesday) I am going to start my wheat free life. (And I hope this helps my rash- medicine was only a temporary relief)

I hope everyone had a great weekend. See you soon!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Specials from Tracy

Hello everyone!

Happy Holidays!

This weekend, Tracy's website has a special- 15% off EVERYTHING in the store! Use the coupon code Tracy15 for the discount.  Sale is on until Sunday, December 11.  I bought a mat (finally!) with my discount and I hope it gets here before my winter break challenge starts~

Tracy also has her own gift list  on her website if you're interested in ideas to give to others. I also noticed they are coming out with GoTracy sweats. I can't wait to see those!  I still want to get a Tracy tank top for when I am smaller. :)

I also went to the doctor today and found out I have bronchitis. No workouts for me until I am better, my doc wants me to be extra careful since I also have asthma.  

Have a great weekend, I am going to just take it easy today so I can recuperate. Excited to start my challenge!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Boot Camp Start Date

Hello everyone!

I have finally figured out when I will be starting my 30 day Tracy bootcamp- December 17.  Why that date?  My final day of classes is December 16. Then I have a whole month of winter break to work on myself, by the time the new term starts in January, I will be on the Perfect Design Series (I hope!).
More reasons-
1. Bootcamp is very lengthy. Expect to spend up to 2.5-3 hours a DAY doing it, depending on your fitness level. Without classes to worry about, I will have more spare time on my hands so that I can work out.
2. Aside from time needed for completion, I am going to be bored at home. What better way to spend the time than working on my body?
3. If I do decide to make some meals from the book, I will need time to cook and prepare them also. 

So, I have decided to make this a challenge for myself. "The Winter Break Slimdown". The goal is-

1. Do my MS work and push myself to the absolute LIMIT. No bare minimums here unless I am physically ill. The goal is at LEAST 40 reps of each exercise.
2. Do my cardio according to the moderate beginner plan (I will lay that out in another post).  Since I AM able to jump a little, I no longer qualify for "absolute beginner." If I do that, and I am not injured or ill, that's just copping out.
3. Stick to a paleo diet as much as possible. Will cover this in another post, but the basics are no dairy, no grains, no legumes.  

I will also be making video blogs. The reason I still have not is because I am pretty sick (coughing up phlegm and everything) and I am going to the doctor tonight.  Good news is my ankle is almost up to snuff, but I will be wrapping it during workouts to be on the safe side. 

Off to work with me, have a happy Friday!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Still sick but I have another article!

Hello everyone!

No workout to really speak of this time.  I am very sick, both my nose and lungs are filled with snot and I generally feel like crap. 

Remember before how I talked about giving up wheat, and mentioned the book "Wheat Belly"?  I came across an article with an interview with the author.  It is a concise version of why we shouldn't be eating wheat.

This past week I haven't been very good about dieting either, but I did buy some foods for when I get better- I picked up some organic grass fed ground beef, some organic salad, some eggs, balsamic vinegar, and some blackberries. I hope the salad doesn't go bad before I get better.  However my weight hasn't changed much. I did gain a little back but not all of it.

I want to get back into the book workouts and eat this way again. I felt so much better being grain and starch free. Now I feel like shit in other ways all over again. Gotta get back on the horse, as they say.

I might go to the doctor tomorrow and get looked at for this cold and my ankle while I am at it. That's still hurting from time to time too.  Hope you guys are doing well- also I am DONE with school for this semester after Tuesday. I might wait to work out til then. Not sure.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Working on my first video


I am working on my first and possibly second video for my channel, one I want to be more of an introduction to myself and the method, the other more about the particular workout I want to start.  I have to do some beautifying to myself first (my eyebrows are a MESS). 

My ankle is still not up to snuff to start bootcamp so today I will do the webisodes and skip any leg moves that involve using my ankle.  I really do not want to start boot camp until I can do cardio without worrying that I'll bust it again. It SHOULD be healed by Sunday or Monday. Better safe than sorry!

As a reminder my channel is teenytinyquest (and twitter the same username). Subscribe and get updates from me there too!

Alright, off to do my workout. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vlogs coming soon!

Hey everyone!

Quick post- I have a YouTube channel and I am going to try posting tomorrow!

I will update when I post a vid- also please subscribe!

So far so good

Hello everyone!!!!

My ankle is slowly getting better- I can walk on it now and it only hurts a little when I point or flex the foot. I'll give it a few more days.

I have also decided I am going to STOP PLANNING STUFF. I keep setting myself up for failure. So. I will make WEEKLY plans instead of 6 months of plans.   Not only does all this planning make me insane, but it also makes me look like an ass when it fails. 

So, I have a plan for my first week back from my injury- I want to do the bootcamp workout, so for the first week back, I will do sequence 1 of the bootcamp workout and 40 minutes of step touch DC from the bootcamp DVD. (I am moderate beginner now, they start out like that) and see how it goes.

That's it for today, have a great Tuesday!

Monday, December 5, 2011

For Sale- 14 Day Supply Wellness Shake

Hello everyone!!!

Before, as you may know, I ordered a month's supply of Tracy's shake to review it.  It came with 2 jars for a month, I only finished one so far.

While I do like the taste of the shake and how it makes me feel, I am selling the remaining jar for someone else who would like to try it without paying full price for it. 

I am selling an unopened, still sealed jar of the chocolate shake for 55$ plus shipping (which shouldn't be much, I will let the purchaser know how much it costs to send it and charge what the post office or UPS would. I am not profiting off of this.) Retail price on Tracy's site is 68.99 plus shipping so you save a little buying it through me.  If interested, comment below!

I am still laid up with a busted ankle. I have been doing some thinking about stuff too and I am realizing I might be being a little mentally hard on myself.  Making too rigid of workout plans and all that. Lately I have been thinking of taking a break from meta and do some old school stuff- bootcamp, Mat, Perfect Design, etc. I feel like I want to do a cycle of each of these for 10 days each and then return to meta hopefully stronger. Also I want to learn the combination dances because quite frankly, the meta cardio is kinda boring to me. :P

I hope to be back working out soon. I feel a little better today so that's a good sign.

Have a great day!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bad News...

Hello Everyone.

I have some terrible news.  Unfortunately, I am out of commission from working out AGAIN.  Why?  I fell and busted my ankle.  The same ankle I busted not long ago is causing me trouble again.  No cool story associated with it either. I was walking back inside from taking the dog out and BOOM. Down I go. I must have misstepped or something, the only good thing is I fell at home and not outside somewhere.

I will keep blogging with updates, articles, and any Tracy news I come across. Bear with me and I will be getting back to working out soon.

I hope you guys have a better Sunday than I did. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Videos

Hello Everyone!!!

Yesterday I failed in getting back on the train like I wanted to.  I ended up not doing my metamorphosis but instead stretching for an hour again.  I think I fell into a funk that I really have to get out of. 

On another note, for those of you who do not already know, Tracy is now pregnant! However, this does not mean she is stopping/holding off on putting out more content for us.  In fact, she is in the process of filming workouts to do while pregnant- one workout per month.

She even took a minute to announce it on set-

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Workout Message

Also, she is going to have her two master trainers, Stacey and Maria help out and film parts of continuity. 

For fun, some videos of Maria practicing moves for the Hipcentric continuity series.

I'm excited to know what the second year of continuity will be like- I am not near that point yet but I hope one day I do, haha.  (It seems so far away even though usually the months just fly by)

Also, due to popular demand, I heard that the rebounder workout that is included with the second year of continuity will also be sold on its own starting in February 2012. I'll keep updating you on these things as I learn more. 

Have a great weekend and keep up all of your good work too!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Losing weight fast AND safely?

Hello everyone!!

Yesterday AGAIN I didn't work out and ate crap food. 2 days without a REAL workout. So, today I found an interesting article that I found helpful and perhaps some of you might, too.

I am starting to find it REALLY hard to eliminate grain and wheat from my diet completely.  It could be why these past couple days when it came to diet I really just didn't give a shit. Pardon my French. 

So, I found this article on WebMD. Apparently it is NOT unsafe to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week (especially when you are obese) but there is a right way to do it.

It is actually quite a no-brainer. Limit your calories, limit your starches/added sugar/animal fat, eat fruits, veggies, soy, boneless poultry, lean meat, low fat dairy, and eggs mostly.

Also the article says to eat 7 calories per pound (14 calories per kg) of your current body weight. To me that number seems kind of high being the weight that I am. Also it says the LOWEST you should do at home is 1,050 calories a day, preferably 1200 for a woman. 

Also another tip- eat protein and distribute evenly throughout your meals. Eat 3 meals a day and one snack.  The article says to weigh daily and track your food and exercise to keep you focused. Weighing yourself, in my opinion, isn't good if you're like, obsessive over it. I do weigh daily but to see how I fluctuate. 

Also the article is about RAPID weight loss. It also makes mention to REALLY kick it up, do two workouts a day. Morning and evening. THAT part I might try. Wake in the morning, do some cardio, do another workout at night. 

I do want to try these tips to lose as much as I can as fast as I can, but mind you, I am severely obese. If you are just average or slim, I would proceed with caution when it comes to losing lots of weight fast.

The link to the article: How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

I am also getting back to my regular workout this evening. Only 4 days left (including today) of level 2!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

First rest day... And some more realizations.

Hello everyone!!!

As much as I hate to say it, I had to take a rest yesterday. Neither my body nor my mind was in any mood to work out whatsoever. I did move my body somewhat by doing the P90X Stretch DVD. Stretching felt pretty good, I will start incorporating it more in my workouts, like a couple times a week at least.

I am starting to see BAD things happen with my diet these past two days. On day 16 and yesterday I ended up eating REALLY heavy, greasy food, and GRAIN. Yes. I had corn AND wheat too. I am glad I am catching this now so I can nip it in the bud before it becomes a full on slip. 

Also I am coming to the possibility that perhaps other than the last 2 days, I am not eating ENOUGH and that could be another reason my weight isn't budging much. Usually my meals have been my breakfast and light lunch, and often NOT hungry for dinner. Apparently for weight loss this is NOT a good thing to do at all. So, I took the time to sit down and write a list of groceries (it's time to shop anyway) and plan out meals for lunch AND dinner whether I am really hungry for it or not. 

So, I aim to be back on the Tracy train today! (remember these posts are about the previous day.) Also going to go back to making smart food choices. 

Have a great day everyone and keep stopping by! <3

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Abcentric Day 16

Hello everyone-

Day 6 of Level 2 was NOT my best.  It also happened to be the 2nd day of my monthly friend, which for me is almost ALWAYS the worst (and the 3rd day too sometimes). I feel SUPER bloated, like a water balloon with arms, legs and a head.  My weight SKYROCKETED and I look like I did NO exercise this whole time.  I also feel very crampy, clumsy and weak.

However, I at least should get some points for effort.

I did my MS work- got through the arms and abs but had to reduce leg reps to 20. Still sweating like a horse. I felt like there were huge blocks of cement tied to my legs. Horrible.  Due to dizziness, weakness, and clumsiness (for my safety and the safety of the objects in my place) I decided to sit out cardio this time. Will try again after a good night's rest.

I hope you guys had a better workout than I did today. Oh well. It happens. We all have ups and downs, right?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Abcentric Day 15

Hello everyone!!!!

Day 15 was a tough one. Not because I didn't feel like working out, not because I was tempted by junk food, but because my body wasn't cooperating. I ended up getting my "visitor" yesterday right after work and started really feeling it soon after. It wasn't fun at all but....

My workout DID get done! In fact, I UPPED my reps to 30 and really sweated through it. I think now I have the leg portion of level 2 memorized and the move are, actually, a bit easier to do, hence the increase. I may do 30 reps again for one more day, then 35 the next 2 and 40 the final 2. I think I might really start missing level 2. Tonight or tomorrow I will start previewing level 3. 

Also- cardio DID get done! And I jumped the best I could like always. 30 minutes of good cardio.

Usually around this time I am using my body's disobedience as an excuse to lay around and eat. Not this time. Looking forward to completing day 6 tonight!

Have a great day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Abcentric Day 14

Hello everyone!

I completed 2 whole weeks of Metamorphosis and dieting!!!! Being the two week anniversary, I would like to take some time and reflect on it. 

Things I am proud of from these past two weeks:

1. Keeping to my diet pretty well- avoiding those grains (except last night but we'll get to that). 
2. Doing SOME form of movement EVERY DAY.
3. A HUGE weight loss
4. Starting to jump around during cardio instead of just step touching the whole thing.
Things I wish I could have done better:

1. More consistency with cardio. There were a few days when I DIDN'T do cardio at all *like this past weekend*.  I really need to do it every time I work out. There's really no excuse for it. My legs aren't broken. 
2. Push myself a LITTLE more with the muscular structure work. If I really wanted to and if I took the time, I CAN do 40 reps per leg. Sure, it would involve a couple of sit breaks between sets of 10-20 but I technically CAN do it.

I am starting to get to thinking about stepping up my game with the cardio but I know in my gut, it's too soon, I cannot jump a whole 30 minutes yet and here my brain is like MOVING FORWARD.  When I am strong enough to jump through the whole 30 minutes I want to start giving her other Cardio DVDs a try. The ones that involve learning combinations. Those are actually harder in the sense that you move your legs in even MORE ways than before. 

Ok let's talk about yesterday.

I kept my Leg reps at 25 again, which burned but something in my head was thinking I should REALLY try to go for 40.  So for day 15 I think I shall.  NO CARDIO AGAIN. I don't know what came over me this weekend but it needs to be nipped in the bud NOW.

As for diet...  Well, last night I had wheat. I had a cheeseburger WITH the bun and something called cheese curds (which are like fried mozzarella sticks except these are smaller pieces of cheddar) which are, of course, BREADED.  When I got home, I felt like I got shot in the ass with a HUGE tranquilizer dart. Not doing THAT again for a LONG time. Feeling like that, honestly, SUCKED. And now I sit here blogging and also a bit bloated (as if PMS bloat wasn't enough, the wheat just added insult to injury).  Today I am cooling it on the starch again, drinking lots of water and plan on sweating it out in a major way tonight.

I hope you guys have a great Monday- get that workout in!