Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Losing the weight not enough?

Hello everyone!

As most of us already know, society does not look kindly upon obese women in general. How about when the obese women lose the weight? Do they get treated any better?

An article I read says "not really."

According to the article, a study was done where young men and women were asked to read about different women- some who have lost 70 pounds, some who were thin their whole lives, some who were at an average weight, and those who are currently obese. 

They then asked the subjects their opinions on the women in various aspects, including their attractiveness.  

"We were surprised to find that currently thin women were viewed differently depending on their weight history,"  Janet Latner of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, said. "Those who had been obese in the past were perceived as less attractive than those who had always been thin, despite having identical height and weight."

Women who had lost weight in general also were looked down  upon compared to women who had stable weights, even if the stable-weighted woman was currently obese. 

So this goes to show how strong the anti-obesity attitude is, even toward people who did something about it.  I think it's terrible, as if once you gain weight, you're labeled for life even if you make changes.

What do you think about this article? How do you feel about people who were once obese?


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello everyone!

Today was the bootcamp workout that almost wasn't.  Last night, my refrigerator and freezer officially died, so I had to deal with that.  For a while I only got my leg reps (25! Yay!) done and my hour of power (walking). 

It's pretty late at night and I just finished 40 minutes of dance cardio as well as 25 of all the arms and abs work. I'm exhausted.

I have to get up early and await the delivery of my new refrigerator, and attempt 30 reps of everything tomorrow. Also tomorrow is my last day of 100% step touching. Scary!

Have a good night!

Missed Days, Starting Over- NOT!

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, my Memorial Day holiday ended up being a busy one. I took my hour long walk, but then I got too busy (and it was too frickin HOT in a place with no air conditioning) to do my TAM.  So, Day 2 of bootcamp will be done today. 

Pictured: My mentality yesterday.

I was thinking of doing day 1 again but I have only been off for 2 days, not an entire week. 

According to Tracy's Facebook page, there is a note about missing days.  It says it's for Metamorphosis but I am pretty sure it can apply to the book workouts as well since they are also on a 10 workout rotation.

"Once you start Metamorphosis it is really important that you understand all of the gifts it has to give come with you making it part of your lifestyle.  This would mean that the only time you stop would be for a week max if you were sick or something in your life didn't allow for it to happen for a short period of time.  In that case you should pick up right where you left off.  If for some reason you fall off for longer than a week repeat the sequence that you completed before you took the break to get your body moving again with some memory before the next level. If longer than a month of a break happens start at the beginning."

So, that means for today, I will be attempting 25 reps of each exercise and 40 minutes of the step touching.  The workout after next, I am asked to add jumping into it. I'm afraid I won't be able to, but there's no way to know unless I try, right?

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gluten Free Soup Mixes

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I was shopping at Target for some new workout shirts and bras and wandered into their grocery section.

I ended up in the soup aisle and it occurred to me to look for this baked potato soup mix a friend of mine said was very good.  I found the said soup (Archer Farms Baked Potato Soup) but to my dismay... It's made with wheat flour as a thickener.  No good!

All was not lost, though. Right underneath those soup mixes were soup mixes made by a brand called Bear Creek.  They had Cheddar Broccoli, Cheddar Potato, and Creamy Potato. 3.99 a bag (for 8 servings) and I got one of each.

So far I did try the Cheddar Broccoli- VERY good! Considering that all you have to add is water and cook it for 10 minutes, the cheese flavor is very rich and delicious!  Also, for one cup of a creamy soup, 170 calories (180 per cup of the potato ones) isn't too bad when had with a salad too. 

You can get Bear Creek soup on, Target, and perhaps your local supermarket too. 

According to, 9 of 14 of their flavors are gluten free.  They are not labeled as such, but they are.

For more information about the gluten free-ness of Bear Creek soup, visit here:

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello everyone!

First, Happy Memorial Day to all of my American friends and readers!

Yesterday, I didn't do so good.  

The day started good- Woke up, had canteloupe and 2 hard boiled eggs, Steak and salad for lunch.  I also powerwalked for an hour.

Then disaster struck- I came home RAVENOUS.  We're talking eat the whole house ravenous.

The previous night, my roommate had picked up some breaded boneless buffalo wings and offered me some, which I declined.  Yesterday, they ended up in my belly.  All 10 of them.   Today, I saw that I had gained 3 pounds and am having tummy troubles (bloating, etc).  Today, I am going to keep my eating very light.  I had some fruit and tea for breakfast, planning on having soup and salad for lunch and dinner.  And, of course, LOTS of water.

I also didn't do my TAM yesterday, but will today.  Not starting over, doing Day 2. 

Have a happy, healthy safe Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 1 OFFICIAL Boot Camp Start!

Hello everyone!

A little check in here!

Today I ate the following- (I am not following TA's diet plan, but going gluten free and mostly grain free as well.)


5 slices of very crispy bacon. 


Salad with butter lettuce, a light drizzling of Italian dressing, some steak strips and some pieces of onion.

Dinner: (I was kind of bad here, went to see Men In Black 3)

1/2 bag of large popcorn (no extra salt or butter) and diet coke. This is a HUGE improvement- normally I would salt and butter the hell out of it and eat the whole thing.   Also, the theater did confirm that their popcorn and topping is gluten free. (Aside from possibility of being in the same truck as gluten, which I am not too worried about right now)

Also on the right- There is a badge to show how many pounds I have lost since my initial stats. I will not measure my body until my boot camp is DONE. Every 10 day measurements will be taken when I begin Metamorphosis after this.

So, how was my workout?

I did day 1 sequence 1 with 20 reps per exercise.  I am about to do the dancing part of my workout.  I will be following the moderate beginner plan (which I am afraid MIGHT be a little too fast- after 3 days she will have me be jumping, but never know until I try, right?) because I can "walk but not run"-  I walked a solid hour at a good pace yesterday and got a good sweat up. 

And yes, I will do my best to do the workouts EVERY day. It's only a month and I really need to not cop out. Yes, one day at a time, but the daily workouts is a goal I would like to attempt to achieve. 

Have a great Saturday- See you tomorrow! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello everyone!

Dinner ended up being a barbecue with steaks and such.  So, to avoid overeating too much and to eat something healthier, I made a decent sized bowl of salad, put a tiny bit of dressing on it, then took one of the steaks, cut the fat off, cut the steak into strips and tossed that in the salad too.

I feel content, not too full, not too hungry. Feeling good without pigging out on burgers and all that.

If I end up doing something for Memorial day, I will probably do a similar strategy.  I also commend myself on having no grains today. The past few days I have snuck it here and there and that's not good. 

I am also going to skip out on the alcohol, as I always do. 

I'm going to go to sleep now, have a good  night!
Hello everyone-

Sorry for the late post today- I got a little activity in this morning and took a good fast walk for one hour. This is actually a big improvement, considering the past few times I got a very bad backache and had to sit a couple of times while walking. It also helped to lean forward a bit, that the bad backache very well could also have been from bad posture/leaning too far back.

Breakfast was decent, I had a (overripe and kind of vile tasting) banana and a hard boiled egg.  Lunch I had a butter lettuce salad with a little Italian dressing (JUST enough to give it a taste) and 2 pieces of crispy bacon.  Dinner will be another salad and a steak if all goes to plan.

I might do some more exercise today but we'll see. I'll post again with updates. 

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Work out and be rewarded!

Hello everyone!!!

So I was perusing the internet again, and I came across something on Yahoo about keeping track of your fitness goals (with things like myfitnesspal, livestrong, etc) but something else popped out at me- work out and get rewarded with things like gift cards!

The site is called EarndIt-

There is one catch- you do have to have Nike +, fitbit, etc so that the site can sync with your service to count rewards.  I do not have any of these things so I can't do it, however it is free so if you do have something like that, no harm in trying, right?

Here is a list of the places you can get rewards from:

That's it for now, have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New day!

Hello everyone!

In case anyone didn't know, Tracy finally had her baby yesterday!  A little 5 pound 10 ounce girl named Penelope. Congrats to Tracy and her family!

I am still pretty tired and sore from Monday. However, I am going to give my boot camp workout a go, and make some of the ratatouille from the book recipes.  I remember making it before and having been very tasty and good.

Those of you who have done the book workouts or made the recipes- What is your favorite recipe from Tracy?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello everyone!

I am very very sore today, and not in the good way.   I think today, I will just keep my workouts light, and just walk and stretch today. 

At this point I can barely go up and down my stairs and sit on the toilet without my butt muscles hurting. No fun. 

I also have a doctor's appointment this afternoon (just a checkup, no worries), all the more reason to take it slow today. 

That's it for today, will post later on. Have a great day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Well that didn't go well.

Hello everyone!

This is how I am feeling about my workout today.

Facepalm. Oh yeah.

I did something dumb, I decided against bootcamp at the last minute and decided to go with meta. To make matters worse, I foolishly tried to do all 40 reps on the legs (very clumsily and I'm sure with HORRIBLE form) and now I am sore as hell in a bad way.  Also for some odd reason I didn't stretch either. BAD IDEA.

Also cardio was a total BUST!

First, I tried doing the Meta cardio. 5 minutes in, I had to stop. My legs felt like they were weighted down with cement (like during the MS). Then I tried to do the trampoline and it wasn't much better. The longest I could jump at a time was 1.5-2 minutes. I managed 8 minutes and had to quit.

So, I am going to go back to the original plan- bootcamp and TAKE IT SLOW. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking that possessed me to do all the reps. Nope. It's only been one day, so switching now is not too bad. I will just think of today as a warmup. 

Tomorrow I am going to do things the RIGHT way. Boot camp, 20 reps per exercise, 10 minutes of step touching cardio and my walk/stretch. And eating right. I ate slightly junky today too and my skin is reacting kind of badly to it. I tend to get eczema on my hands and belly when I have too much gluten- and my hands were flaring up today, a spot neat my belly button, and a spot on the inside of my elbow. NO FUN.

So, time to go to sleep and do it RIGHT next time.

Sleep well everyone!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Goals for this summer

Hello everyone!

I am off to a very late start, but I have some summer goals.  I had more, but realized that it's probably unrealistic and is just begging for injury or failure.

The original goals: 

1. Walk for one hour a day and start to jog
2. Do 60 minutes of dance cardio
3. Do power yoga as often as I can, preferably daily
4. Stretch for an hour
5. TA MS work bootcamp, then Meta.

The new goals:

1. Walk for one hour a day
2. Build up my dance cardio endurance based on the boot camp book 
3. Stretch
4. MS bootcamp- 6 days a week instead of 30 days through unless I honestly feel up to working out on my rest days.
5. My goal is to be at one hour of cardio (even if it's just step touching) by the time I hit meta. We'll see.
6. NO MORE GLUTEN!!!!! There's really no excuse why I can't other than literally just not giving a shit. (pardon my language)
7. More exercise is extra and not required. If I feel like it, I will do it. If not, no big deal.
8. Try to make vlogs. (finally) I have a different computer set up now so it should work better.

Yeah, I've tried Boot Camp  before and quit, but that is also because I made it an all or nothing thing. I quit because I missed a couple days and thought I "messed up". I was able to get through Metamorphosis up to half way through before, so I figure if I break boot camp down into 6 days instead of daily, it could be more doable for me. I also need to get over it if I miss more days, TAM is an ongoing thing (which is why there's continuity). There is no "end date" or "deadline" because it's a LIFESTYLE change, not "doing a program". If one were to just choose to do the boot camp or meta only, then that is "doing a program". However, keeping up with it from then on is making it a lifestyle and there is no end date to live up to or feel bad about missing. Listening to your body is also very important.

Also, I took out yoga because I am not a fan of over training and I firmly believe that weight loss is 90% diet, exercise just makes your body LOOK nicer and helps along the weight loss more. (Burning calories, every little bit helps)

I am going to take new measurements tonight, weigh in in the morning and get my ass on the mat!

Also if I do not meet my goals 100%, I PROMISE this time not to scrap everything, call myself a failure, etc. I am working on being more lenient with myself. It's harder than it sounds!  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

For the guys- Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man Workouts

Hello everyone!

I saw the Avengers recently, and I had the idea to write this post. I am a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan and an Iron Man fan as well. I happened to come across his workout routine for the Avengers (which Gwyneth also appeared in again as Pepper Potts and of course is still trained by Tracy) and thought I'd post what I found. After all, I'm pretty sure I do have SOME male readers. I will try to dig up other workouts for the other characters in the movie (Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, etc).

Usually, male actors tend to work out to get bigger for roles. Not so much with Iron Man. After all, he's a millionaire playboy/arms dealer who uses his brain more than his brawn. The goal was to make it believable that he has the strength to work with iron, but not needing rippling muscles (like Captain America for example).  For Iron Man, RDJ had to slim down and build up about 15 pounds of muscle.

So how did he do it?

He trained with trainer Brad Bose, who has had over 20 years in training experience, martial arts, swordwork, etc.  He had RDJ do strength training, martial arts, and a lot of cardio.  He also implemented some of his own inventions (a machine called "the pineapple", for example).

The article I found didn't show details on the actual workouts they did, but what I can assess is if you would like a body like Iron Man, incorporate strength training (not bodybuilding type, just enough to build strength gradually), and do your cardio. (A lot of men I know like to avoid this part).  In my opinion, I think cardio in any form should be okay, as long as you keep it up and enjoy it.   And of course, true for ANYONE male or female, eating well is key!

Link to my source:

Why it's okay to eat fat!

Hello everyone!

I have recently debated with someone about the subject of eating fat and controlling weight. As for me, I am pro-fat, anti-carbs (other than fruits and veggies). 

I came across an article that justifies my views- 5 Fats You Should Be Eating

1. Saturated Fat

Usually people think that these are related to heart disease, but there has been recent research leading doctors to question that allegation.  One study showed that some saturated fats can be metabolized by the body quickly, meaning they are not stored as body fat.  Suggestions: Butter, Coconut Oil, Reduced-Fat Milk, Lean Ground Beef

2. Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

Similar to oils, these fats can help reduce risks of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases by promoting healthy cholesterol levels.   Usually these are found in plant foods.  Suggestions: Safflower, Corn, Soy, Cottonseed, Peanut, or any other vegetable or nut oil, Sunflower Seeds

3. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

These may help to improve cholesterol levels and steady blood sugar. Suggestions: Avocado, Green Olives, Peanut Butter

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s may help prevent heart disease.  The downside is that it is fairly difficult to get enough for this benefit.  According to the article, you need 500 mg per day and that would require for example, eating salmon three times a week.  There are also non-fish sources of Omega-3. Suggestions: Salmon, Sardines, Flax, Walnuts, Eggs

5. Omega-6 Fatty Acids

To prevent heart disease, "people should get a 1 to 1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3s".  If not, the body can metabolize Omega 6 in a bad way.  The average American has a 20 to 1 ratio of Omega 6.  Suggestions: Margarine (I don't recommend it but the article does), Almonds, Almond Butter

For the full article, click here:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Madonna's Trainer

Hello everyone!

For anyone who's wondering what Madonna is up to lately trainerwise, she is now working out with a dancer named Nicole Winhoffer who is also helping Madonna out with her Hard Candy gyms (which I wish would open in Chicago!).

For all of you that think Madonna ditched the Tracy Anderson method 100%, that may be only a half truth.  Miss Winhoffer actually used to work for Tracy and that is how she got to meet Madonna. In a quote from an interview with her, she was asked how she got to become Madonna's trainer. "[Madonna's] previous trainer was recruiting professional dancers for the dance cardio portion of her fitness training. I was brought on board to assist her on her last tour. When the tour ended, I immersed myself in understanding anatomy, physiology, and the latest fitness trends while continuing my dance training. I continued to train Madonna and now I'm her primary trainer."

Tracy did travel with Madonna on her Sticky and Sweet tour before they parted ways.  Also, I have found some videos

(Note the stretchy bands on the ceiling- at the TA studios they have the same setup going on)

And here is a sample leg workout:

She also has dance cardio but it looks way too advanced for me right now, or even forever, haha.

I wish I COULD try her workouts but right now, I'd probably end up injuring myself because I am so out of shape. 

Have any of you been lucky enough to go to the Hard Candy gym in Mexico or Russia? Would you if they built one near you?


Hello everyone!

I may have mentioned before that I've been walking- but the past two days have been horrible. I feel like my body is all locked up.  I just got back from a walk and my back was hurting the whole time and I just felt horrible.

I really have been having the idea that I should stretch, but I haven't and now I am paying for it.  

My new goal- Stretch daily, even if it's just a little. Feeling sore sucks. Walking in pain sucks. 

How are your stretching habits?

Have a great day!

I found my iPod!

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, I have started walking more as part of my weight loss effort.  The horrible part of it is that I have been walking in silence- I hate exercising without music and it was really starting to get bad.  

The good news: Today I found my old iPod nano and its arm band! 

I have it charging right now, I had to re upload my music. All that's on there right now is Madonna's MDNA and LMFAO Sorry For Party Rockin'.

What kind of music do you like to listen to while walking or working out?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Loose Skin

Hello everyone!

I know it's a worry that's pretty far off for me- loose skin after I lose weight.   I want to avoid surgery as much as possible, so I looked online for some ways to help my skin not look so bad and to see if there is anything I can do now to lessen it. 

I found this article-

It discusses various ways- scrubbing, losing weight at a younger age, don't lose too fast, etc, and of course, surgery is listed in case all else fails.

Do you have any other remedies/preventions for loose skin? Post below!

Have a good day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 Weight Loss Myths

Hello everyone! 

I came across an article on Yahoo called "10 Weight-Loss Myths Debunked". I thought it was interesting because MOST of them I do agree with.

"Myth 1: Carbs spell trouble for dieters. 

Fact: Carbohydrates are actually an important source of energy. Even so, that doesn't mean there's nothing to learn from low-carb diets. Carbs are not all created equal, and to help you Drop 5, you want to limit processed carbs such as white bread and croissants. Instead, enjoy beans and whole grains, such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread. And don't forget fruits and vegetables, which provide a host of nutrients and fiber, are low in calories, and can help reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease. 

The body also uses carbs as fuel during exercise to burn body fat - another great reason to keep bread (and sandwiches!) on the menu. 

Myth 2: Frozen fruits and vegetables are less nutritious than fresh ones.

Fact: That's true only if you live on a farm. Produce picked at the peak of ripeness does have more vitamins and minerals, but nutrient levels drop during shipping and storage. And they sink even further if you add the days that the produce lingers in your crisper. Frozen veggies and fruit, on the other hand, are usually picked ripe and immediately flash frozen, so they retain most of their nutrients. For calorie control, be sure to select frozen produce without added sugar, syrup, sauce, or cheese. 

Myth 3: The cholesterol in eggs is bad for you.

 One large egg has 213 milligrams cholesterol, and health experts suggest limiting dietary cholesterol to 300 milligrams a day or less (200 milligrams a day if you have heart disease, diabetes, or high LDL "bad" cholesterol). However, dietary cholesterol's effect on blood cholesterol is still a mystery, and studies suggest that saturated fat and trans fat may have a much bigger impact. 

If you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or high LDL cholesterol, you should eat no more than 2 eggs per week, but you can have as many egg whites as you like (the cholesterol is in the yolk). Try products like Eggology On-the-Go Egg Whites (zap for 95 seconds in the microwave and presto - a scramble filled with 13 grams of hunger-sating protein) and Egg Beaters. 

Myth 4: Skipping breakfast will help you lose weight.

Fact: Skipping meals can lead to weight gain. A recent British study that tracked 6,764 people found that breakfast skippers gained twice as much weight over the course of four years as breakfast eaters. Another research group analyzed government data on 4,200 adults. They found that women who ate breakfast tended to eat fewer calories over the course of the day. 

Myth 5: Eating the day's foods in certain combinations will help you slim down. 

Fact: Seventy years ago, Good Housekeeping Research Institute experts declared this fad nonsense, and we say the same thing today. Almost all foods are combinations of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. In whole milk, for instance, about 20 percent of the calories are from protein, 50 percent from fat, and 30 percent from carbohydrates. The digestive system has no problem handling different types of food at the same time. If you do happen to shed pounds on a "food-combining" diet, it's simply because you're eating fewer calories overall

Myth 6: Your genes determine your metabolism and body weight.

Fact: Only 25 percent of your body weight is determined by your genes - the rest is the result of your behavior. At any time in life, you can drastically change your body weight by combining low-calorie eating and exercise. And you can increase your metabolism at any age by performing strength and resistance exercises. 

Myth 7: You can spot-reduce to lose weight. 

Fact: On the contrary, the way to achieve sleeker legs or a flatter stomach, if that's where you're carrying your body fat, is to increase your lean muscle tissue throughout your body. By working all your muscles, you increase your metabolism. Up your metabolism and watch your eating, and you'll start looking the way you want to. 

Myth 8: Early morning is the best time to exercise.

Fact: "The best time to exercise is anytime you can do it," says Samantha B. Cassetty, M.S., R.D., nutrition director at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. You get the same payoffs and burn essentially the same number of calories whenever you work out. What's important is doing it regularly. Some studies have shown that first-thing-in-the-morning exercisers are more likely to stick with a regimen than those who start late in the day, but that's because it's probably easier to postpone an evening workout until tomorrow. So whether you have more time or energy in the morning, afternoon, or at night, the important thing is that you do it. 

Myth 9: Your body won't burn fat unless you exercise for more than 20 minutes.

Fact: You burn fat around the clock, whether you're exercising or not. For the biggest calorie burn, exercise as hard as you comfortably can (you should still be able to carry on a conversation) for as long as you can. 

Myth 10: It's best to starve yourself before an event. 

 This plan will backfire because you'll use the "I haven't eaten all day" excuse to stuff yourself when you arrive. Instead, save calories for a party by cutting back slightly at each meal for several days beforehand. Then, make the best use of your calorie allotment. For extra weight-loss insurance, increase your activity a few days before and after a big event. "

For the article click here:

Trying to decide.

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I ended up having a pretty active day.  Two dog walks, a walk to the bank, and a dirty bathroom that needed scrubbing. 

No TA- Why? Because I am trying to decide if I want to do the book workout before going to meta.  It seems like the logical thing to do because:

1. It gives me a chance to strengthen up cardio-wise
2. I do have a lot of time this summer during the day- decided to not take summer school this time.
3. I have heard from others that it helped them a lot before starting Meta to lose some weight and get stronger with the MS work as well.

Whichever path I go, today I won't be able to do it because I do have a busy day, but tomorrow should be better. 

Well, I will think it over today and make a decision. 

Have a great day!

Monday, May 14, 2012

How do Kumatos taste?

Hello everyone!

A while back I posted about how I bought some of those brown Kumato tomatoes. Well, I tried one!

I tasted one raw (cooking some tomorrow) and as someone who usually despises raw tomatoes, these were actually pretty decent tasting! More sweet, less nasty by far!

I am going to try to make some pasta topping with the remainder of my kumatoes (or ratatouille) and see if they are yummy cooked as well.

Today I came across uncured, nitrate-free Angus beef hot dogs. Will taste and review soon!

Have a good night everyone!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I was nice and lazy, and didn't eat the best (gluten free doesn't mean it's not junk... heheh.) but it was a nice weekend nonetheless. 

Now it's back to business!

I will be posting my stats in the sidebar to the right and updating every time I do a full body measuring.

By now, I have already eaten breakfast and walked my dog for 30 minutes this morning.  I am making a goal to walk more and be more active outside of my workouts. I am actually going to be walking to the bank today instead of driving.  It's a 20 minute walk each way, so it is doable. I am also making it a goal to take the stairs when possible instead of elevators/escalators.   All this on top of my Tracy work.

I actually didn't have the best breakfast- you'll see why in a moment.

For breakfast I had a cup of coffee (with a little sugar- 18 grams of carbs), a lowfat strawberry yogurt (36 grams!!! WTF was I thinking?) and 2 eggs.  I want to ideally eat less than 50 grams of carbs (even more ideally less than 20) per day and cut out artificial sweeteners aside from stevia, honey, real sugar, etc.  I feel actually pretty bad especially about that yogurt. I do still have the rest of the day to be good, though so it's alright. 

Have a great Monday!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Everyone!

I would like to wish a happy Mother's day to all my readers!  

Last year, Tracy put up a blog post about Mother's day and tips for busy moms to stick to the method better.

The blog post can be found here:

Sometimes I do like to go back and look at old blog posts by Tracy.  Some of them are kinda interesting. 

Have a happy, healthy, safe Mother's Day!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blisters AGAIN!

Hello everyone!

I've been walking a lot lately, going to and from work and even just for exercise. To my horror, last night after a walk, I had not one, but FOUR blisters on one foot and one on the other.

Apparently I have very blister-prone feet.  What can be done to help prevent more and treat the ones I have?

I did some research and found the following:

Blisters are caused by friction on the skin usually caused by socks.  The best way to prevent them is to wear socks and shoes that fit properly.  If you still get blisters from doing that, it's suggested to put a little petroleum jelly on the parts where you get them most, but not too much!  You could also tape up the problem areas before putting your socks on to prevent skin rubbing.

What if you already have blisters? Then what?

Not all blisters hurt, if the blister isn't causing any pain, leaving it alone is okay.  However, if you have one that hurts, poke a sterilized pin into it to gently break the skin and gently squeeze out the liquid. Keep the skin intact, put antibacterial ointment on it and bandage it up to avoid infection.

I had to pop all of mine, they were causing me not to be able to even walk properly.  Now I sit here with bandaged feet hoping for the best.

Have a good night!

Gluten Free Pizza Tasting!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I treated myself a little (okay, maybe a lot!) and tasted two different gluten free pizzas available in my area.  Here's how it went!

Pizza #1- Domino's

My coworker and I ordered this for lunch, since the cafeteria at work was closed.

It only comes in a small 10 inch size and the crust is very thin.  However, despite this the pizza ended up tasting pretty good, almost like regular thin crust.  The pizza we got looked a tiny bit overcooked but that didn't seem to affect the taste in a negative way. The price for one with pepperoni on it was $12.99 plus tax/tip/delivery fees.  The con is that it only comes in a small, so if you are trying to feed a family on gluten free pizza, you will end up spending quite a bit.  Also if you aren't a big thin crust pizza fan, you are out of luck.

Pros: Tasty, convenient  Cons: Expensive for what you get, still high carb, not filling- very easy to eat a whole pizza for one adult

Pizza #2- Lou  Malnati's

Yes. The crust is 100% meat and 100% yummy.

My friend and I went here for dinner, she is also on a gluten free diet but not for the same reasons I am.  Lou's does something a little different for their pizza crust- they use a thin yet sturdy layer of lean sausage as the crust, meaning it is also suitable for low carb dieters in general.  You can get this pizza in a small, medium or large and a large pepperoni pizza like this costs around $25.00.  Considering that a lot of meat went into this pizza, the price is not too bad and you can feed a family on one easily, as this pizza is very filling. 1-2 slices and most people would feel pretty content.

Pros: Delicious, better value, filling  Cons: high fat, not suitable for vegetarians

On a last note, as far as I know, while Domino's is nationwide, Lou Malnati's is only available in Chicago. However, I believe they also ship their pizzas anywhere (frozen) including the crustless kind.  For more information about getting it sent to you, visit here:

While both were very delicious, I do not think I will be eating them often, since they are both a bit on the high calorie side.  Also, I am more likely to use the Domino's pizza as an occasional treat as opposed to Lou's. (Lou's doesn't deliver to my place, we actually dined in.)

Are there any pizza places in your area that offer gluten free options? Post in the comments below!

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 1 down, Day 2 to go!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday ended up going *almost* perfectly clean eating wise.


1/2 pound (1/4 kg) of fresh strawberries with Greek yogurt


Green salad with 3 ounces of buffalo meat

Snacks: (Here's where it got bad)
A few pieces of hard candy
Peanut butter
A couple slices of cheese


Same as lunch.

I did the first day of the first level of Tracy's bootcamp with 20 reps of each exercise and 10 minutes of step touch cardio, and I am a little sore this morning.  Goal for day 2 is to do 25 reps. I have also been taking my dog on long walks for more exercise. 

Speaking of walking the dog, I am about to go do it now. Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to it for the summer!

Hello everyone!

I am finally done with school for the semester!  I am back to working out today and trying to be more active.  

Today, I would like to fit in some workout time as well as take my dog for a nice long walk.  Taking time off of exercise and not eating the best these past few days has taken a toll.  I weighed myself and saw that I had gained!  But now, I have about a month between now and my summer school starting so I think I should get off my butt and do what I can workout wise before restarting school.

Began eating clean again today- taking it one day at a time.  I will make a list of foods I ate and workouts I did today.  Getting back into it is always the hardest part for me.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saw the Avengers!

Hello everyone!

Last night I took a study break and went to go see the Avengers movie.  It was the opening night so it was very crowded, but the movie was very good

While I knew Iron Man was in the movie before I saw it, I didn't know Gwyneth was going to be in it too (even if it was for just a short time!) back in her role as Pepper Potts.

I normally don't think most movies are all that great but this one was actually worth seeing in the theaters and in 3-D.  I had also seen a couple other movies in 3-D and they weren't that great either.

And of course, Gwyneth and Scarlett looked great in the movie. Not sure if Tracy (or one of her trainers) was training Scarlett as well.

The movie just opened last night, so if you want to see it without the crowds, see it a while later.  This was actually my first opening night to see a movie ever, and it wasn't that bad of an experience as I thought it was going to be.  Sure, a lot of showings were sold out but I still got in.

Off to do some more homework- Have a great Saturday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Finals Time

Hello everyone-

Just a short update- this weekend and next week my blog posting might be sparser because I am doing my final exams/paper stuff.  I will be done with this stuff after May 9 and I really can't wait!

I only have a month off between Spring and Summer semesters but I will try to make the most of it.

Have a great day and see you soon!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cravings!!! Ugh!

Hello everyone!

Well, long story short for yesterday, I did get both parts of Metamorphosis done- MS and DC.  Still just 10 reps and 30 minutes of dance.

Today will be day 3- I will have walked for one hour (had class today) and DC is a maybe.  I will do my MS work for sure when I get home.

I have noticed a couple of things about my eating.

1. While better,  I still do not think my habits are as they should be.
2. I am craving, but not craving the same stuff I used to.
3. I am feeling much more tired, faster. 

1. One of the major things wrong with my current diet is that I don't think I eat enough vegetables. I only eat them once a day lately and I would like to up my intake to at least lunch and dinner.  I also think I need to be drinking more.  I don't seem to drink very much (tea or water) and while I think I feel okay, when I go to the bathroom my urine is dark- a sign of dehydration (which could explain #3 too)

2. Since I gave up grain- I do not crave them as of late. In fact, I have been craving protein foods (I always have had the occasional protein craving but this is a whole new level). I am pretty sure I am getting enough but I think what I am really craving is the iron.  I have a history of being anemic and I think this is part of it.  I had today 2 small cups of Fage 2% Greek Yogurt (I'll touch on this later in the post), I ate one but still had that craving so I had another. However, there is no iron in yogurt.  Then I started craving beef jerky and picked up a pack of it (wheat free- usually Peppered flavor and Hot Sauce like flavors do not have wheat) drank a liter of Smartwater and wouldn't you know it- I feel a lot better.

3. I am feeling tired as hell, probably from a) not enough to drink, b) not enough sleep and c) mild anemia symptoms.

So, my new goal is to have a protein at every meal- Yogurt for breakfast, nuts or meat for lunch and meat for dinner.  I may even start using my Tracy shake powder (I have some left over) and Clean program shakes (I also have some leftover) as a dessert for that little extra boost of vitamins and such. 

Last but not least- I have said that for a fat free yogurt, Fage Total 0% tastes pretty good. That was until I bought some Fage Total 2% last night.  Oh. My. God. I had a tastegasm.  I like plain yogurt, and this was so creamy and rich that it almost resembled a very soft cheese with that tanginess I love.  I think I ate two today also because to me it just tasted so damn good. (The last bite I mixed with a drop of honey- PERFECTION)

Ok, enough out of me for now- Have a great day!