Thursday, December 8, 2011

Still sick but I have another article!

Hello everyone!

No workout to really speak of this time.  I am very sick, both my nose and lungs are filled with snot and I generally feel like crap. 

Remember before how I talked about giving up wheat, and mentioned the book "Wheat Belly"?  I came across an article with an interview with the author.  It is a concise version of why we shouldn't be eating wheat.

This past week I haven't been very good about dieting either, but I did buy some foods for when I get better- I picked up some organic grass fed ground beef, some organic salad, some eggs, balsamic vinegar, and some blackberries. I hope the salad doesn't go bad before I get better.  However my weight hasn't changed much. I did gain a little back but not all of it.

I want to get back into the book workouts and eat this way again. I felt so much better being grain and starch free. Now I feel like shit in other ways all over again. Gotta get back on the horse, as they say.

I might go to the doctor tomorrow and get looked at for this cold and my ankle while I am at it. That's still hurting from time to time too.  Hope you guys are doing well- also I am DONE with school for this semester after Tuesday. I might wait to work out til then. Not sure.

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