Friday, December 23, 2011

Power 90 Day 2

Hello everyone!!!

Another quickie post- the holiday season is keeping me very busy! 

Day 2 of Power 90- Sweat 1-2

Sweat workouts are cardio, but even though it's the lowest level, it is NOT easy. It's a low impact workout for the most part, and there are modifications where there is jumping involved, but god damn was I sweating like mad within the first few minutes. The workouts are in little intervals, about 10 minutes, stretch, 10 mins, stretch, etc. and I was dripping after that.

But I wasn't done. 

On cardio days, I am also supposed to work my abs. They don't call the workout Ab Ripper for nothing.  It's 10 exercises with 10 reps but when I was done, it hurt to laugh. It really did.

That's it for today- Hope you had a great Friday and not get trampled while Christmas/Hannukah shopping. :) 

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