Saturday, December 17, 2011

Still not feeling that wonderful.

Hello everyone-

After yesterday I am still feeling like a fat, tired, sack of lard that just wants to flop onto the couch and not move.

Pretty much like this: 

I am probably still going to get my butt up and do some exercise. Really not feeling like boot camp today so perhaps I'll do the mat video. We'll see.  As for cardio, not too sure because today my ankles are feeling a little sore.  Blah.

I did go to the store last night and picked up some ground sirloin on sale. If you plan on upping your meat intake (which happens sometimes if you do paleo) I have found that unless pieces of meat are on sale, ground is a good choice to save money.

Also, while they prefer someone to eat grass fed/free range, if you can't afford/get it nearby, eating conventional meat is OK too. It's better than having a plate of fettucine alfredo.   What I do with the meat is I weigh it out into 4 ounce portions, double wrap them (prevents freezerburn that way) so I have them to use whenever I need, for a little more than a dollar a serving. 

Alright, I guess I'll go work out now. Have a great day!

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