Monday, December 31, 2012

First Video Blog Up!

Hello everyone!

A quickie announcement that my first video blog is now UP!

It's very short but it's also a quick intro and a test in a way.  Will make another tomorrow, and each day of my bootcamp at least.

*drumroll* Here it is!  Yes. I am in my pajamas.  I had a sudden urge to record and it felt like the right time at the time.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

T Minus 2 Days

Hello everyone!

As the title suggests, I begin the day after tomorrow.  In that time (and the past few days) I have been honestly eating anything I want until then, to get the junk food eating out of my system. 

Artist's rendition of my pre-bootcamp junk spree!

I also made myself a fun calendar for bootcamp and afterwards.  Some of you  may have noticed that I am a big fan of My Little Pony, so I made a calendar and put pictures on it.  I also entered in for each day what workout I would be doing. For example: Sequence 1, 10 mins ST (step touch for cardio) and go from there, following the absolute beginner plan from the book.

Due to all the garbage I've been eating, I feel pretty cruddy today to be honest.  Really tired, sore, extra bloated.  Tomorrow I might do a little Metamucil cleanse (fiber powder) to help push out the crap (pun intended). 

As for my New Year's Eve plans, I will probably be going to bed early and sleeping.  I don't want to be tired when I start bootcamp.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

T Minus 3 Days

Hello everyone!

I have three days left, and today I am going to discuss what I have planned in terms of cardio for the first month.

In the book there are several approaches to take to dance cardio- Absolute beginner, moderate beginner, intermediate, and advanced, based on fitness level.  As for me, I would have to in theory go along with one of the lower two.  

Here's where it gets tricky.

Absolute Beginner: For people who "never exercise at all".

Moderate Beginner: For those who "walk but don't run".

The major difference is that the moderate beginners begin jumping in their cardio after 3 days, while absolute beginners do not try to jump until day 13.

Taking my extra weight into consideration and how lazy I have been for the last month and a half, I think I may perhaps start out on the absolute beginner's schedule.

Days 1-3: Step touch 10 minutes, no jumping!
Days 4-6: Step touch 20 minutes, no jumping.
Days 7-9: Step touch 30 minutes, no jumping.
Days 10-12: Step touch 40 minutes, no jumping.
Days 13-15: Jump 10 minutes, step touch 30
Days 16-18: Jump 20 minutes, step touch 20
Days 19-21: Jump 30 minutes, step touch 10
Days 22-30: Jump 40 minutes.

I will attempt this schedule, but if it is really too hard, then I will do my best. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

T Minus 4 Days,

Hello everyone!

4 days left, I found out something pretty interesting when it comes to diet. 

Apparently, skipping breakfast may actually be helpful!

I found an article saying this, and here is the part where science comes into it.

"Consider a study published in Nutrition Journal in 2011. Researchers followed the eating habits of 100 normal-weight and 280 obese participants during a two-week period. They found that in both groups, the more calories they ate at breakfast, the more total calories they ate for the rest of the day. And when they ate a smaller breakfast, or none at all, their total calorie intake was less.
Conclusion: Overweight people should "consider the reduction of breakfast calories as a simple option" to lose weight.
In fact, more and more research is proving that not avoiding calories in the morning is the way to stay not only slim, but also strong in both body and mind. In fact, this strategy can completely erase the damage of an otherwise "bad" diet.
In a 2010 study in the Journal of Physiology, researchers fed a group of active men an unhealthy diet composed of 50 percent fat and 30 percent more calories than they normally consumed. They then divided the men into three subgroups: One group didn't exercise at all, another group exercised four times a week after eating breakfast, and the third group exercised four times a week before eating their first meal of the day. The no-exercise group gained six pounds, developed insulin resistance, and began storing extra fat in their muscle cells. The group that exercised after eating breakfast gained about six pounds and also showed signs of insulin resistance and greater fat storage. But the participants who exercised before eating their first meal gained almost no weight and showed no signs of insulin resistance."

The comments underneath the article even say that from personal experience, the individual commenters who skip breakfast also lost weight,

I personally could probably do it easily, I have never really been a breakfast eater most of my life, When I do eat breakfast, I am usually forcing it.

So, maybe, for the new year I may skip breakfast.  Not 100% sure.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

T Minus 5 Days

Hello everyone!

5 days left.  I'm both excited and starting to get nervous.  I am a bit busy today but I did go through sequence 2 at least.  There was only one different move this time.

Move #19- Hand on Ground, Leg Lifts and Straightens

Stance: Kneel on the seat of the chair with your left side next to the back of the chair, and place your left hand on the floor.

Action: Raise your right leg, knee bent at a right angle, up to the side.  Then return it to neutral and extend it at an upward diagonal behind you, to the left.  The hand on the ground reaches down into the ground to stabilize you while your right foot reaches way up and to the left, activating the cross-vectors of force.  Bring the leg back in, bending your knee at a right angle. 

The only difference here is that the book says to reach out with the leg, the DVD version shows just lifting the leg up in attitude (bent leg).

I am going to go through sequence 3 this evening and start on tweaking up the cardio schedule.

I hope all of you have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

T Minus 6 Days

Hello everyone!

Today started to get a little busy, but I am still taking some time to review things.

Today I am going through Sequence 1.  There is an editing mistake in which the DVD and book do not match.

In sequence 1 it is the first and last leg move.

#1- Bend and Kick Back-

What the book says and what is pictured:

Stance: Kneel on your hands and knees.  Place both hands firmly on the floor in front of you, shoulders squared to the front of the room.

Action: Shift your weight to your arms and extend your right leg directly behindyour right hip on an upward diagonal, toes pointed, so that your body extends in a long line from your chest back through your leg.  Then your knee travels forward toward your right shoulder.  Keep your leg at hip height even as it bends ninety degrees.

The photos in the book do reflect this action, in the DVD the same written and verbal instructions are given, but she is doing a different exercise.

#7 Attitude Butt Lift

In this  move the DVD and book are very close- 

Stance: Start on your hands and knees.  Cross your right shin over your left calf.

Action: Lift the right leg back in an attitude, kicking your leg straight at the top, then return through an attitude to crossed legs.

In the DVD she does the action as it says, then she does another kick where she remains in attitude *bent leg* position the whole time. 

So that's it, I will go through Sequence 2 for tomorrow. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

T Minus 7 Days- Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!

Seven days from today will be when I start bootcamp, and today is also Christmas day.  So, I would like to take a moment and wish all of you...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Holidays for all of you non-denominationals out there!

I think I might have a seat and map out at least the first week's worth of meals, so when it rolls around I can at least do that much.  Then, I can plan week 2 depending on how week 1 went, in terms of my appetite, etc. 

What I AM doing today is watching through the DVD and I have noticed that the workouts on the DVD do not match all of the workouts in the book.  The DVD provides written instructions for the move, THOSE match the book, but the actual movements in the DVD do not. So, I think I am going to go through and just work out using the book for my MS and use the DVD for dance cardio.

My Christmas plans- not too much, just staying in and trying to keep warm. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

T Minus 8 Days to Boot Camp - 12/24/2012

Hello everyone!

As the title mentions, I am only eight days away from beginning my New Year bootcamp. For each day until then, I will update on where I am in the planning process so you can see how my mind is working and where I'm at.

Today, I am still going through the menus to see things that are easily (and affordably) makeable. 

Here are the dishes from the book I have found so far:

Breakfast Choices

Kefir and Banana
Orange Salad
Pepper Onion Egg Wrap
Mushroom Omelet Roll-up (I remember this one being very tasty when I did this before)
Quinoa Porridge with Apple Compote (I have a tub of quinoa and I have some apples and berries)
Blueberry Smoothie (Used with Kefir but I may also blend with Sun Warrior Protein)
Strawberry Smoothie (See Blueberry Smoothie)

A convenient way to do the smoothies also is to buy a bottle of kefir that is strawberry or blueberry flavored.

Lunch/Dinner Choices

Steamed Veggie Plate 
Baked Chicken with Broccoli
Puree of Broccoli Soup (I remember this being like baby food, but I do like baby food.)
Roasted Root Vegetables
Turkey Burgers
Veggie Burgers (I remember these being good too)
Grilled Flank Steak (when I feel like splurging)
Grilled Tofu
Veggie Stir-fry
Baked Sweet Potato

Snack/Meal Side Dish Choices

Pea Mash (this is literally cooked peas, mashed up and seasoned with black pepper.  Canned and rinsed would work for this and also frozen peas are cheap here.)
Blueberry Applesause (I usually substitute it with no-sugar-added plain applesauce)
Choco Blueberry Pudding (simpler than choco chestnut pudding)
Fresh Pineapple (self explanatory)
Kefir Yogurt (the book says this can be any flavor)

You may have noticed I have omitted a lot of the leafy stuff.  It would be better for me to use whatever salad greens I can get when I go shopping at the time, rather than hunt out stuff that may not be in season.  I personally like those organic spring mix salads (that go on sale a lot too) and just have that on the side of my turkey burgers, etc.

Tofu is also very inexpensive where I shop so grilled tofu is likely to become a major staple.  

Also, the steamed veggie plate is something I'll likely eat a lot of too (Frozen California vegetable mix has most of the veggies the recipe requires- broccoli and carrots with cauliflower instead of asparagus and all I need to add is sweet potato).

As for sweet potatoes, I MAY use canned sometimes but definitely with all the sugary syrup rinsed away.  I prefer fresh but I do have some cans of them should push come to shove and I HAVE to eat those.  Better canned than junk food.

That's what I have got for now, working on making a meal plan for each week, likely eating the same thing daily for a week so I can make in bulk and save money and time.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Starting to Plan for January- Food

Hello everyone!

As I posted before, I am taking up the Boot Camp (Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method- which most people just call "Boot Camp."

The major thing I always have had issues with in this book is the menus.  Not because the food is too low calorie (It is, but it's filling), but how she wants us to eat exactly as she lists.  For a lot of people, (myself included) it's not really PRACTICAL.  I re-read the book a little and I found an interesting quote in it that somehow I missed (or just don't remember).

"I don't want you to make substitutions. But if you feel you must because of an allergy or strong taste preference, make it a simple swap.  You may not add anything new to the menu, but you may double up on another item from the menu if you really need to."

So, I am allergic to overspending and wasting food and having trouble finding ingredients.  Time in the kitchen (some of these recipes involve a bit of kitchen time) I do not mind.  I did try the menus before and I was spending a LOT of money on food. 50$ or more a week.  As a college student and someone with not a lot of money, this is not something I am really able.

So, I am going to go through the menu, both regular and vegetarian (sticking more to the vegetarian stuff, but the regular menu has stuff that is ALSO vegetarian and did not make it to the other menu) and pick and choose meals from there, repeating my favorites/affordable meals.  Yes. Leftovers.  Something the original plan does NOT allow.  (One exotic ingredient I DO want is Yacon syrup because it tastes like maple syrup without the blood sugar impact.  Sadly it is ridiculously expensive at $20 for an 8 ounce bottle or even smaller)

Also I do want to do the cleanse at the end of the month (and do it for the last five days of every month if possible) but WITHOUT that nasty gazpacho.  I have a very strong taste aversion to it (as does a friend of mine) and I'll just make double the sweet potato corn pudding or Tofu Vegetable soup.  

Also, I will be eating stuff like chicken breast and frozen broccoli (there is a SIMILAR meal in the book) and tofu (also in the book, which is what I allegedly need the Yacon Syrup for).  

When I go on to the Metamorphosis program after this, I am very loosely following the week 2 plan (I don't have it in front of me but this is going to be MY version)


Pick one protein (Examples)
-4 pieces of turkey bacon
- 2 hard boiled eggs
- 2 poached eggs 

Pick a Fruit:
I prefer berries but any piece of fruit will do.


Think Thin Bar (If I have any)


Pick a protein (not to big of an amount)

Pick some vegetables.


See Lunch (aside from the Think Thin bar unless I am out and can't be home to cook.)

I am just using her recipes as guidelines while really trying hard to stick to the workouts.

That's it for now, I am going to make a meal plan for the 30 days and post it soon.  

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hello everyone!

In a little more than a week, the new year is coming.  I was really thinking of starting Tracy's bootcamp today  before having a chat with a friend of mine who has some new year goals of her own and would like to start on January 1, 2013. 

So, I decided to put off bootcamp until New Year's Day so I can start with her (and a couple of other friends I believe) so we can support each other from day one.  It also gives me time to get a list together and go do some food shopping.  I don't have anything really diet-friendly in the house and Christmas is coming up in a few days, so that also means more and more treats, haha.

Speaking of Christmas, (I am aware not all of you celebrate) those of you that are celebrating, got any plans?  Are you going to still be careful and work out, or let loose a bit and indulge a little?  At this point I am actually unsure, I do not have solid plans myself yet.

What kind of New Year plans are you coming up with, workout or otherwise?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Well this was a nice surprise!

Hello everyone!

I have other things to blog about later but this morning I woke up, and to  my surprise I was receiving messages from friends letting me know that I had been mentioned in the news. And not just any news, The New York Times. 

My blog is mentioned in their Fashion & Style section in an article about Tracy Anderson!

Hehe. I WAS pretty shocked. 

The section where I am mentioned reads:

"The engaging Ms. Anderson has succeeded where many have failed, inspiring thousands of disciples to do her hourlong DVD six days a week. Her fans chronicle their efforts on message boards and blogs with titles like Teeny Tiny Quest, a nod to the body type Ms. Anderson is famous for helping to form." 

I am over the moon about this, last time I was mentioned online it was years ago in a Crossfit forum and what they were saying was NOT nice, so this definitely put a smile on my face.

For the link to the full article, click here!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Changing my mind

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, I have not written anything about doing my Tracy Anderson workouts, with good reason- I haven't been doing them, and there are a couple of reasons.  What I would like to do is postpone the workouts until 2013. 

1. Lately, mentally I have not been feeling it.  And it's not just working out.  The majority of stuff happening in my life as of late has done nothing but mentally exhaust me and it is branching out into other unrelated parts of my life, such as working out.  Mentally, I would like to wait until the new year because it will likely give me a notion of a "fresh start" like most people, and most people usually ARE more inclined and excited about working out around the new year.  The only thing is keeping it a habit.

2. Physical pain.   I doubt that it is TAM related,  lately I have been having horrible pain in my lower back, I have had sciatica before (pinched nerve in lower back that can really be crippling for some people) and I am pretty sure this is what it is again.  Also, my right ankle has been really  bugging me in a quite painful way.  I have injured my ankle before several times and it's flaring up something nasty.

So, for the rest of December, I am going to keep doing the morning walking that I have been doing.  This morning was quite awful; when I woke up the pain was pretty bad but I took a walk anyway.   I also wanted to start doing some Bikram Yoga at home.  (With the book, audio, and a couple of space heaters) I read a lot of good things about it helping with sciatica and other pain.  If not the yoga, then stretching every day to help loosen it up.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Took a rest day.

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, which would have been day 5, did not happen as planned, and I think it's actually for the better.

I did get off track with my eating (I was given candy for Christmas. Really fucking good candy.)  and I did end up eating more calories than I wanted.  After the previous night's cardio before toning, I got even HUNGRIER as a result and I am working on dealing with that.

 A friend of mine suggested that maybe I perhaps SHOULD take a rest day, as long as I went back to my normal diet/exercise stuff the next day it would be fine, perhaps even beneficial to have a rest/higher calorie day to remind my body that I am NOT starving it.

It wasn't a completely inactive day, though.  I did get up early and walk for 30 minutes at a fairly brisk pace, then I walked again for about 40 minutes (I had errands to run and I do not drive). 

This morning was a sign that a rest day may very well have been what I needed.  I went to bed at about 10:30 p.m. (Very early for me) and slept until 7:30 am instead of the 5:30 I have been waking up at.  I feel a bit better, still a bit tired.

Today I plan on it being day 5, and instead of taking my rest day tomorrow (Sunday) I plan on working out then too to make up for yesterday.

Friday, December 14, 2012

MS First? DC First? Some answers here!

Hello everyone!

For my fellow Tracy Anderson Method practicioners, you guys probably already know what MS and DC mean. MS= Muscular Structure work (our version of strength training) and DC is dance cardio.

A question I see a lot of people who begin the method asking is which to do first? 

The answer lies in one thing- Your fitness goals.

An answer from one of the TAM team states that if you are someone who is concerned with bulking, do the MS work first and then the DC to release the contractions in your muscles.  If you have loose skin (as in excess body fat) you want to do  your DC first.

But why?  They didn't say, but I decided to do some research on my own- for maximum fat loss, should we do cardio or strength first?  The answer surprised me.

I found several websites that wrote that studies done with people doing their CARDIO first lost the most fat.

In these studies, they found that in those who did cardio first, the "afterburn" effect is actually much more effective than if they finished with strength.  They are not sure (or at least did not state) why this happens.  Also, the people who did cardio first burned more calories total.  The reason for this is not a surprise.  Doing cardio first means that all your energy is ready to be put into the cardio, therefore being able to perform it at a higher intensity (and burning more calories) than if you just finished tiring yourself out lifting weights. 

However, if you want to get muscle and want to become more powerful, etc, do your strength first.  Doing cardio first may make you a little more tired during strength training.  

The moral of the story- choose your workout order based on  your fitness goals.  Do whatever pertains to your goal the most first (so you do it better).  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Metamorphosis Day 3

Hello everyone!

As promised- here is how day 3 went!

I was not feeling too well- I was having PMS symptoms (not QUITE the time of the month but very close) and while I was not feeling emotional or in pain, I was very fatigued.   And I mean FATIGUED. Falling asleep at random times of the day, etc.

I considered skipping my workout.  

That only half- happened.  While I DID skip my cardio (the last thing I need to be doing is flopping around clumsily and falling and hurting myself), I made sure to get the MS in.  I did level 1 day 3 with 22 reps per leg, a boost from 20 the previous day.

Why was MS so important to me?  I do not want to hold back my progression, I have done level 1 sooooooooooo many times that this time I want it over with as fast as possible!  I want to progress!

I did eat a little more than I would have liked (by about 300 calories) but I did take care not to overdo it too badly.  I do feel like I am slimming down even eating carbs.  I am eliminating no foods or specific food groups (although I am trying to keep gluten to a minimum), merely calorie counting for now.  I cannot wait to be done with level 1 so I can measure.

Just a random rant

Hello everyone!

This post is NOT about my meta progress (I did do it yesterday, the post IS coming) but I am just in the mood to talk about (slightly) non-related stuff for a minute.

First off, I saw a video with a producer from E! News who worked with Tracy Anderson for six months and lost 100 pounds.  He went from 382 pounds to 282.  I can't find the link to the video (it was on facebook and I don't think I can really share it) but it really made me realize I can't really use my weight as an excuse not to work out.

Next, while on the subject of motivation, (here's the "rant" part) there is one quote that annoys the living hell out of me when it comes to working out and keeping at it.

Ok, I get how it's trying to make people stick to their workout program.  But, if you can't see ANY improvement, even a little, BEFORE 4 weeks is up, you're doing something wrong. (Just my opinion)  If you don't even feel a little tighter in the first week, you may need to tweak some things.  That is unless you have a legit medical condition or something abnormal.  I, personally, 3 days doing Metamorphosis (Not cutting out any foods or "dieting", merely keeping my calories at a reasonable amount), I already see and feel changes, mostly in my belly right now.  My skin looks a little more deflated, looks a bit flatter, and I feel tighter all over.  If it would have taken FOUR WEEKS to see or even feel even this much happening.... I would STILL be quite discouraged!  That and the fact that people keep posting this EVERYWHERE annoys the shit out of me.  

(Don't get offended, this is just me ranting, remember!  Also it doesn't apply to everyone) 

Okay, rant over.  Day 3 report coming, day 4 in progress. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 2

Hello everyone!

Today was my second day, and I admit, it was kind of harder than the first. 

In the morning, I took another light 30 minute walk, and took a 40 minute walk in the afternoon.  Then I did my MS for Level 1 Day 2 with 20 reps instead of 15.  Cardio.... almost didn't happen.

But I made it happen.

It was 9:00 pm and I was THIS close to saying "fuck it, I'll do it tomorrow." But no, I got my butt up, put the DVD in and danced around.  Tired, yes. No excuse. I did the best I could, again and in that I am proud.

I am feeling more tired and achy, some people report feeling "flu-like symptoms" after beginning working with Tracy, and I am feeling it.  That means it's working.  I hate that with working out, it always feels worse before it gets better.

So, I am very proud of myself, and according to myfitnesspal, I ate 1410 calories, pretty much right on target.

So, onward to day 3! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 1

Hello everyone!

Today was my first day back (for real this time) and it went pretty well.

I took my measurements and weight (not really relying on what my scale says since it never seems to be able to say the same number, sometimes even varying by like 8 pounds), and got my daily calorie amount figured out.

5:30 am- grudgingly woke up, dragged my tired, cranky ass out of bed and had a 20 minute walk, grumbling all the way. 

I pretty much looked like this the entire walk.

Later in the day- Abcentric Metamorphosis level 1 day 1, all of arms and abs, 15 reps of each leg (done carefully, it still hurts at this number for me).  And- AND- I did do my cardio. 30 minutes of step touching with the occasional jump.  Those flu-like symptoms some people claim happen to them after doing TAM hit me last night.  I did a good cardio workout, so my lungs burned a little (I'm an asthmatic so for me that's pretty good).  

Eating wise I also stayed under my calorie limit (about 1500 a day). Not bad. Not bad at all. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting a friend involved

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow I am re-beginning my Metamorphosis journey.  However, I am adding a little extra to it- I have a workout buddy!

My workout buddy isn't going to be doing Metamorphosis with me, but we are going to do something else in addition- they are also doing their own other workout program.  We are going to start taking walks together in the morning for an hour or so every day.

I think the walking will help, doing it early in the morning may help loosen me up physically and get me in a less cranky mood towards exercising.

Also, since I have time, I would like to also incorporate (as I said before) Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds 5 mile fat burning walk.  I know I  may not be able to bang out the entire DVD at once, but I want to start trying and building up.

I also want to start re-learning the choreographed Tracy Anderson cardio so that I can eventually pop in some music (set length) turn it on and have at it.  For now, I will work on mastering the Beginner Dance Cardio DVD (I know 3 of 4 of the dances) and make my goal to learn them without forgetting.  Then, work on learning 1 new dance from Tracy's old Dance Cardio DVD (which I am fortunate enough to have a copy of and is a slightly bit harder than the Beginner one) or the "Original" Dance Cardio DVD a week when I get better at jumping around.

^ This is the Beginner Dance video (Labeled as the Cardio Workout in the UK), less jumping and simpler steps.

^ This is the 2008 original "Dance Cardio Workout".  A bit more complicated and involving a lot more jumping.

After learning the 2008 video, I want to tackle the Dance Cardio II DVD which is the most advanced choreographed stuff she has out.

As you can see, this is way more complex, and a LOT more jumping. I'll get there, in due time.

These walking workouts will be in addition to getting better at dance cardio.  My goal is to do one hour of dance cardio a day.

All of these dance-learning things and extra walking will, of course, come after I finish both my MS and DC that came with Metamorphosis just so I can have had that 30 minutes of non-stop cardio and build my endurance while dancing.  I may not even do all of these every day.  The main goal is to get my Meta done.  The rest comes as it comes.  The main point is that I would like to add a little oomph to my cardio by doing a little extra since I am not yet at the point where I can blast through an hour of jumping dance cardio.

Tonight I will be taking measurements and weighing in the morning.  As much as I like that little tracker that comes with Metamorphosis, I think that is helping me get in trouble.  I feel like if I do not follow it to the T, I have to start over.  So, I am instead going to write my workouts in a notebook rather than stick to a pre-printed pre-scheduled thing.  That way there is no particular designated days for stuff that I have to worry about messing up.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

In response to some comments

Hello everyone!

I saw the comments on my last post, I wasn't near the computer until today to read them.  Yesterday I had a lot going on and today I feel like I am coming down with a cold.

However, I would like to address those comments- all of which I think are very good points.

The general gist is that I always feel like I have to "start on Monday".  Why is this?  The OCD part of my brain (which everyone has in their own unique way) keeps thinking that if I don't do it just right, forget it.  Also starting on a different day feels somewhat weird to me. (Type A personality)

Also I have the (erroneous) mentality that I MUST work out six days a week or I failed.  Missing a day is a fail. And so on.  

So, I am going to start on Monday (only because it's Saturday night and I have a horrid sinus infection/tummyache) and missed days are okay- as long as I don't make it a habit and keep going.  

Also, if I do not work out the full six days a week I need to accept that it's OKAY.  Better than zero.

I also need to really work on my diet, but as a friend told me (who is struggling with the same issue) that once I start working out regularly, the eating will fall into place. (It eventually did with her) 

I was also linked to a blog that talk about thinking why you're REALLY working out/losing weight besides the obvious "I want to be thin".  For example, wanting to be around to have kids and stay alive longer, etc.

I took some time to think and yes, I also would like to have a baby or two someday, and yes, I would like to be able to live as long as I can for them. Even if I do not have human children, I have a puppy (who is currently 1 and a half years old) and I would at the very least like to live for him too and be able to take care of him.

So, I am going to give my cold another day to end, get some good rest (and some tea) and- as one of my commentors said- wake up and get the workout done first thing.  She said that she gets hers done first thing or else the list of excuses will go on forever (don't I know it!).

So, that's it for now, posting again soon and I am trying to get my webcam to work/get set up for video blogs.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sorry about my quietness

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted much recently, and I haven't worked out or eaten too good this week.

Yesterday was my last day of school, and my final paper was due.  This threw a big monkey wrench into my plan.  All weekend I was working on it, even on Monday and Tuesday (and a little more on Wednesday to be sure) and I had to focus on it for most of my time. 

I will kick off my winter break with Metamorphosis on Monday, the rest of this week, I am trying to get my mind and body caught up, getting some sleep, etc.  I may add in yoga to my routine (as recommended by a friend) and go from there.

I will also be blogging more and I still haven't decided if I will video blog.  I might. Why not?

Again, sorry for the quiet as of late and I look forward to start!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 1 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I finished my first day of Metamorphosis by Tracy, and dieted my way. 

Here's how I ate (modified Keto- aiming for no more than 50 carbs a day, gluten free)

1 sausage patty
Scrambled eggs
1 small hashbrown (the only starch to go in my mouth today)


Caramel Fudge Think Thin bar
1 bottle of Neuro Sonic 
(I had class today, no time to sit and have a real meal)


1/2 cup Greek nonfat yogurt
1 Tbsp of raw coconut oil
Spring mix salad lettuce
A drizzling of balsamic vinegar
4 string cheese sticks

Total came to be about 1350 calories, 45 carbs (before factoring net carbs)

As for my workout, I did do my level 1 day 1 MS work, I am not counting reps, just doing as much as I can until failure.  No dance cardio today but I did walk for one hour (burns about the same amount of calories)

So, yesterday was very good, let's move on to today!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Metamorphosis Day 1 (morning)

Hello everyone!

Today is the day I start back on Metamorphosis. I took my measurements and weight (I'll share them after 10 workouts so we have a before and after) and had breakfast.

I am trying to gluten-free/low carb it so here's how breakfast went down.

From McDonald's one sausage patty and scrambled eggs- 250 calories with 3 grams of carbs

Lunch I will have a think thin bar because I am about to run out the door and go to class until 3 pm.

Workout tonight will be Metamorphosis Abcentric Day 1 Level 1 and maybe my walk away the pounds DVD.

Will update tonight, after all is said and done. 

Have a great day!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Change of Plan~!

Hello everyone!

After careful thought (and dieting a few days and feeling a lot better), I think I will be changing to doing Metamorphosis starting December 3.

I actually wrote an email to the Tracy Anderson team and one of their people, Laurie (who I am familiar with and have corresponded before) wrote back:


We really recommend that you start with the Meta program and do as much as you can each day. You'll build up your strength and endurance so you can work up to keeping up with Tracy. It's really the best way to get started on your journey. 

Please reach out to us with any questions. Have a great day! 

So, I am going to do that- work on building my strength with Metamorphosis and go from there while eating healthier.   Started dieting today and will continue through the weekend to get my body used to it before jumping into working out.

I also have a final paper to work on for next week so I am going to try to bang that out over the weekend as well (one less excuse to not work out on Monday).

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project Review

Hello everyone!

I decided to just watch the entire Pregnancy Project and write a review here, for people who want to know how it all goes. 

Each of the workouts IS different, but they do have a lot in common.

What they have in common:

All workouts have a short warm up and cool down stretch, along with Tracy explaining what you may be going through through that specific month. 

The chair is used, but mostly for balance during standing work or some stretching work. 

She is always instructing- she does talk through the whole videos to keep reminding you to keep good form and some words of encouragement. 

There are weighted arms, unweighted arms and leg/butt work in each workout.  There is no floor ab work or standing ab work in any of the workouts.

The workouts are only done in sets of 20, sometimes 10 but it is not common and she will tell you when that will be. She counts all reps aloud most of the time. 

Very nice backdrop, and gentle calm music. Very nice, at least to me. 

I have not watched the advice from the doctors, etc, only the workouts. 

No cardio is included. 

Where they differ- in difficulty and complexity of the moves. Month 1 is a bit more complex than Month 9. It does not get easier, just simpler.  Simpler moves are still effective as the complex ones. 

Do I recommend this? Absolutely.  For the price (49.95) you get 9 workouts. Not bad. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pregnancy Project Month 9 Review

Hello everyone!

As promised, I did go ahead and do my first Pregnancy Project workout, which was the month 9 workout.

I'm actually pretty impressed.

She starts out with a gentle but good-feeling stretch session.  Hamstrings get stretched, sides get stretched, and she does a modified (doable) version of one of my least favorite stretches to do- the stretch that involves crouching on one leg and having the other stretched out straight.  In this move, she is kneeling instead of crouching, and using a chair for balance stretches into the straight leg.

Next, she moves on to arms. She does about 10-15 minutes of weighed arms, done slowly and they do burn.  Next comes the standing leg workouts, which are actually very simple but very effective.

The gist of the standing legs is to open the hips even more and get the butt worked. Next, is on to the floor on hands and knees.  She doesn't do much here, she says at this point in the pregnancy (or in my case obesity) you should not be doing too much on hands and knees.  Most of the floor legs involve leaning on an elbow for support as opposed to the hand.  Tracy, my wrists thank you (this was a big complaint I had with Meta- my weight was too much to bear on my wrists).  The floor legs were a bit more challenging for me, Tracy does 20 of each move (standing and floor) but some of the legs on the floor I could barely do ten.  The ones I could do twenty of were very, very challenging and I was really pushing, so no, I am not ready to move down to month 8 yet.  That's not until I get good at this and lose a little more belly.

There are no floor abs or standing abs, but the leg movements and even the arm movements do engage the abs anyway.  Because of my fat belly, floor abs are very difficult for me anyway.

She ends the workout with weightless arms and some more stretching, and then you're done!

The total workout is about 40 minutes long, and while the moves LOOKED easy, I was sweating quite a bit when I was done. 

I wouldn't be surprised if I felt this tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project

Hello everyone!

I was very fortunate to be able to get my hands on Tracy's Pregnancy Project!

Why did I get it? I'm not pregnant. However, I have a different idea in mind.

I posted pics last time of my body from about 60 pounds ago, since then I had gained a lot of weight, ESPECIALLY in my belly.  In fact, people often think I am pregnant rather than obese.  That  being said, doing TAM was hard for me because that belly kept getting in my way of doing the moves with proper, effective form.

I want to start doing these workouts in reverse- starting with month 9.  Why? The moves get easier as the months progress, and I want to use these workouts as a build up, to ease back into TAM.  Also, the 7-9th months (especially 9th) make it easier for those with bigger stomachs to do the workouts with good form.

Obese and pregnant people also have some common exercise needs.

1. Neither should do high impact anything. (Obese at least at first)
2. They both need to be careful with their joints
3. They both need to be aware of overheating/heart rate.
4. They both eventually have pretty limited mobility.

While TA's Pregnancy Project does NOT come with cardio, I will be doing low impact cardio- mostly walking and doing Walk Away The Pounds.

These DVDs I have heard are VERY effective and low impact.  

Here's how I plan on progressing with the Tracy Pregnancy workouts.

Start with month 9, when the workout gets easier/I lose some belly, I move to the next month down. 

So, I am going to do my first workout today and I will post how it went and review month 9.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Year's Resolutions, a Month Early

Hello everyone!

I have started thinking about my new workout plan, etc. and I think I am going to go back to doing the Tracy Anderson Method, starting with the 30 day method book.

I would like to start the boot camp on December 1, 2012.  I have 2 more days of class after that and then I am finito until February.  (By then I would be well into abcentric metamorphosis)

I will not be doing her diet.  Instead, I will be doing the following.

1. Eating the appropriate amount of calories for my body weight/sedentary activity level.
2. Not eliminating any food groups or any of that- with two exceptions.
3. Lactose- free (I am lactose intolerant)
4. Gluten free (I am very gluten sensitive)
5. Making gluten free grains a sometimes food (or a bowl of steel cut oats every morning, they have a lot of protein and they fill me up for a while)
6. Making the healthiest choices I can with what's available. I can't afford to be on her specific diet or do a lot of stuff I've been advised to, so I am going to make do and post about it.

Then, my new years resolution is to complete an entire year of Metamorphosis Abcentric.

Speaking of abcentric, I came across some old pics I took of myself about 80 pounds lighter.


Side View

4-14 before front

Front View

As you can see, even lighter, I had a belly more than anything (people always thought I was pregnant instead of overweight) and always had a straighter waist.  My recent thinking I am hourglass shaped is likely because all that excess weight had to go SOMEWHERE.

I would have started my 30 day method tomorrow but this weekend I will be able to go food shopping and I am working on a BIG research paper this week. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I am excited!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

20 habits keeping you fat part 2

Hello everyone~!

A continuation of the previous blog- reasons 11-20 why you may have trouble losing weight!

11. Eating off of large plates.  A study shows that 98.6 percent of obese people (when given the choice) would go for eating off a larger plate. Large plate = more food = more calories

12. Having serving bowls at the table.  Try serving all food from the kitchen instead of on the dinner table.

13. Eating white bread.  People who changed form white grains to whole grains lost more belly fat.

14. Taking big bites.  People who take big bites eat about 50% more food in one sitting than people who chew slowly with smaller bites.

15. Not drinking enough water. In a study, one group of dieters was told to drink 2 glasses of water before eating and they lost 30% more weight than t he non drinkers.

16. Having overweight friends. Research shows that having overweight friends increases the chance of obesity by 57%.

17. Eating late.  People who eat late tend to eat more calories per day without realizing it.

18. Not using the scale.  Researchers had a group of dieters weigh themselves daily, they lost twice as much weight as the group that weighed less frequently.  It could be because seeing your weight reinforces goals.

19. Drinking fruity drinks.  Most fruity drinks are made with sugar syrup rather than actual fresh fruit.

20. Eating when emotional.  A study found that emotional eaters were 13% more likely to be obese.  If you get stressed, try chewing gum or taking a walk instead.