Thursday, February 28, 2013

Turbo Fire Prep Schedule Day 4/63

Hello everyone!

Well, today was my fourth day, and sadly, it all went well until the evening.

Workout was what it was- Tone 30 which uses a resistance band (which I have).   It either wasn't that difficult or I was doing it wrong.  Probably #2.  And I very well may be sore in the morning.

Diet... Hoo boy.  This is where it all went to hell in a handbasket.


An order of tater tots from the cafeteria- About the same amount of calories as my usual breakfast.  I just wasn't feeling like the texture of oatmeal today ( I am weird about food texture sometimes ) and opted for friend potatoes.  This wasn't why I feel so guilty.

Snacks at work! 

Here we are~  Where the root of my problem today is. See, my office is full of nice people... And full of nice treats, hahahahaha!

1. Girl Scout Cookies.  I had 5 Do Si Do cookies which are peanut butter sandwich cookies. 267 calorie BOMB.

2. M&Ms fun size- 140 calories

3. Mochi (Japanese rice cakes filled with bean paste, probably the LEAST evil of all of these. If mochi was all I had for a snack, today would have been good)  3 pieces, 195 calories

602 calories in SNACKS.  That's a MEAL.  My breakfast didn't even have that  many, nor did my lunch!


Grilled steak, Japanese pickles, rice and soup. 475 calories. Not bad.


More bombage.

Had a little Japanese curry sauce my roommate made (like 1/2 cup worth) as a snack before class.

I ended up at McDonalds for dinner and ate 2 McDoubles.  I really had no time to cook dinner and I didn't want to eat at 10 pm when I got out of school and all that.

Total calories for today: 2,583 when my goal was in the 1700s.  -sigh-

Well, there's always tomorrow to eat better and make better choices.  I really need to learn to say no thanks to the snacks at work.  I'm aware nobody has a gun to my head, so it's something I need to take care of internally.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday too!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Turbo Fire Prep Schedule Day 3/63

Hello everyone!

Today is my third day, and it's one of the easiest.  Why?

Rest day! 

Yep, it's a rest day today, but it's not TOTALLY easy.  There still comes into play the whole diet thing.  Rest days mean I have to be a little more careful with my eating.

My diet is starting to get repetitive but it works for me this way.  However, I did do something different for lunch (slightly).


Oatmeal with cinnamon and peanut butter


Grilled steak with Fukujinzuke (Japanese pickles- it's a mix of certain vegetables but it slips my mind what they are, this is the part I did different)
Brown rice
Miso Soup

Dinner:  TBA but looking a lot like lunch time and maybe with some vegetables.

See, I don't bring cooked veggies or stir fry to work during the day because they go nasty (at least to me, they start to smell kind of off-putting to me but others I know handle it fine and think I'm crazy) by the time it comes to eat them.  The pickles however stay good and they taste delicious especially with the rice. 

So dinner tonight will likely be rice and soup with something else with it. I'm allowed about 500 calories for dinner so I'm sure I can come up with something. 

Tomorrow back to working out, with Tone 30.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Turbo Fire Prep Schedule Day 2/63

Hello everyone!

As tired as I was, I still completed my second day.

Today was Stretch 40 which is yoga and stretches.  It's pretty easy, although there are a few of the stretches my extra size won't allow me to do- such as bow. (Where you are on your stomach and have to pull both knees up behind you)

We also got a LOVELY snowstorm so I also got an extra bit of movement in by shoveling the stupid snow out of the stupid driveway.  It also made my lower back hurt slightly, and that did not go away with the yoga.

As for eating, it went something like this:


Steel cut oatmeal with 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter


1 cup of brown rice, a decent amount of yakitori and miso soup


Korean ox bone soup and kimchi


A few Mint Meltaways and M&Ms.  My office needs to stop keeping chocolate around. Seriously. 

I only really did yoga today so I lowered the calories a bit.  Total: 1439  calories.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me, so my calorie count will reflect that too.

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Turbo Fire Prep Schedule Day 1/63

Hello everyone!

I completed my first day of 63 (9 weeks including rest days) which was Fire 30 and Stretch 10.

30 minutes doesn't seem like much, but oh god, this burned.  When I was finished, (and even now) I am sore all over.  I really went all out to the best of my ability, which is how it should be.

No more cardio until Friday.  Yep. Friday.  So what's next for tomorrow?

Stretch 40.  Stretch 40 (based on reviews from others) is a series of yoga poses with some standing moves and then down to the mat for sitting/floor moves and stretches.

As sore as I feel, I am really looking forward to that.  Then Wednesday is my rest day.

As for food... I am not restricting any groups of food.  It's not realistic for me.  However, I do try to be a cleaner eater.

Here's how my diet went down today.


Pumpkin Pie Spice Oatmeal (steel cut oats/pb/cinnamon) 340 calories


Yakitori (Japanese style chicken,  homemade,made with oil in a pan) 364 calories
1 cup of brown rice 218 calories
Miso soup 30 calories


2 McDoubles from McDonalds (I know, bad but I am on a budget and was out all day and needed quick) 780 Calories


11 Dove Chocolate Squares 474 calories

Okay, I could maybe have done without so much chocolate.  And MAYBE the burgers. However, I reached a total calorie amount of 2,206.

I weigh (officially) 293 pounds (weighed in this morning) and my BMR is 2065 Calories a day based on the calculator in MyFitnessPal.

I allegedly burned 630 calories doing my 30 mins of Turbo Fire. I take that amount with a grain of salt, really.  I am aiming for about 2000 calories a day on my active days.  Tomorrow I will likely eat less.

Speaking of MyFitnessPal, if you want to check on me (I make my diaries readable to friends) add me- asagi722 is my username!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello everyone!

I begin my Turbo Fire attempt tomorrow (it's only 9 weeks, so if it's epic fail then no biggie).  I am making some preparations!

1. Making brown rice. Yes, rice. Which leads to the next thing.
2. Making a batch of grilled chicken. Which leads to-
3. Preparing bento lunches for days I have to go to work- which is Monday-Thursday.  I posted before about this Japanese lunch jar set I have.

It has 3 bowls in it and it keeps food warm or cold  (whatever you put in).   It has a soup bowl, a bowl for rice, and a bowl for something else.  So, I am going to start packing miso soup in the soup bowl, brown rice in the middle rice bowl and my chicken in the top.   Yes, I know this is lacking vegetables. I can have those at dinnertime.  (I usually have a huge plate when I make them so I can TECHNICALLY get all or close to all of my veggies in one meal.)

Also these bowls are NOT big, they're not small, but just right.  I have eaten similar lunches in this thing before and got the right amount of full.  They're based on Japanese portion sizes which are a lot closer to how a lot of Americans SHOULD be eating instead of massive plates of food that we're used to.

4. Bringing quick cooking steel cut oatmeal, a jar of peanut butter and my pumpkin pie spices to work and keeping them at the office with a bowl so I can make breakfast there (I start at 8 am and lately I have been just getting McDonald's food for breakfast. No bueno).  I also have a Brita water bottle with a filter in it so I can always get water that doesn't taste like nasty rusty pipes (I'm looking at YOU, water fountains).

5. I am going to count calories and write everything down but I am not going to be too anal about it either.

6. I have to wake up early tomorrow (since I will be gone from 7 am to 10 pm) and get my Fire 30 done. It's only a half hour and I can shower, throw my food into the jar and leave. 

7. A non food-related preparation- Hanging up the largest pair of jeans I own for trying-on purposes.  I have not worn a pair of jeans in over a year now because I am way too big.  The biggest pair I have is a junior's size 17.  I also have a couple of size 15 jeans and one 13.  After that, I need new jeans.  Once I hit a size 13 in junior's pants, I can start rocking my Juicy Couture tracksuits because their extra large is about a junior's 13.

8. Weigh in on my Nintendo Wii.  Then I can take pictures of the neat little graph it makes as I weigh in each day. 

9. Take body measurements.  Not pictures this time, I have some pics of  me that are pretty close to what I am now.  

After I post this, I will start cooking and what not, lots to do tomorrow. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

TurboFire Prep Schedule

Hello everyone!

I have decided to try and do Turbo Fire with a healthy diet in order to drop some initial weight because I honestly think I am too heavy to do either Tracy Anderson or Addicted to Sweat.  Lately my wrists are also bothering me and I think being on all fours doing Meta at my weight would just make it worse.

So, I decided that I would like to try the prep schedule of Turbo Fire.  I did try it before and it quickly became too much when I was doing the "regular" classes with more and more HIIT.  The prep schedule is 9 weeks of preparation for the real deal.

It involves a lot of strengthening and a lot of cardio, no HIIT workouts (aside from the fire drills) until the last 2 weeks of the prep program. 

I am not looking to be a full-on Turbo fanatic, I figure they burn a LOT of calories (and at my weight bulking isn't really anything I need to worry about and if I do bulk it can be fixed later) and I am looking to knock off about 80-90 pounds before going on to Meta or Addicted to Sweat.  To be completely honest with you, I would rather look like Chalene than how I look now, any day.  If I look bulky when I am lighter, I can approach that if I have to.

As for eating, I am going to suck it up and eat enough calories.  I have it programmed into my head that more calories = bad.  To be completely honest, eating a lot of calories with the goal of losing weight really scares the crap out of me.  I have this nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that it's going to not work if I eat more. Ugh. 

Actually, Turbo Fire has a little calculator that helps you decide how much a day to eat.

It says that at my weight (approx 290 pounds) to lose 2 lb of fat a week (not 2 lb of scale weight, there IS a difference) I need to be eating 2840 calories a day.  Seems EXCESSIVE. I will do more research on this.

I think what I will do is just use MyFitnessPal and have that sort out the calories for me.  It allows more on days that I am active, less on days that I am not.  Less thinking for me, haha. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Special K Cereal Recall

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure if anyone here eats Special K Cereal, but I saw on the news today that there is a recall on the Special K Red Berries cereal.

The recall comes about  because these boxes and packages of cereal may contain pieces of glass.

The following products are included in the recall:
11.2 ounce packages, UPC code 3800059923, Better if Used Before Date of DEC 02 2013 followed by KNC 105 with a time stamp of 00:13-2:30
22.4 ounce packages, UPC code 3800078356, Better if Used Before Date of NOV 30 2013 followed by KNA 105 with a time stamp of 07:00-08:51 or NOV 30 2013 followed by KNB 105 with a time stamp of 15:00-17:05
37 ounce packages, UPC code 3800020940, Better if Used Before Date of NOV 30 2013 followed by KNB 107 with a time stamp of 17:31-20:05

There haven't been any injuries from any glass but if you have any of these boxes, contact Kellogs for a replacement.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Addicted to Sweat and Feelings of Defeat

Hello everyone!

So, as always I am doing some thinking, and lately I have been thinking that I REALLY want to do the Addicted to Sweat program.  I've watched it, reviewed it, got all excited about getting it...

But I can't do it. 

This is how I feel every time I realize that I am too heavy to do that workout, something all the wishing and wanting in the world won't fix.  I feel defeated, hopeless, etc.

I realize I have to lose weight before attempting it, but here's where my pride gets in the way.  I feel "stupid" and "loserly" having to do basic "beginner" workouts.  I am the type of person who likes to do the most advanced stuff (in everything I learn to do) NOW.  And not being able to do that really... well, sucks. 

Has it ever happened to you that you had to start off way lower level of something than you originally wanted?  Did you ever rise up to the level you wanted to?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Info About Calories

Hello everyone!

Lately, I have been reading a blog called GoKaleo and it has been pretty informational.  She used to be overweight and lost weight, through good old fashioned diet and exercise.

There was one article she posted that surprised me.  Okay, it shocked me.  She talks about calories and how most of us are actually eating TOO LITTLE without realizing it and as a result, some of us aren't seeing the weight loss we should.

I found this part relevant:

"If you’re obese or overweight, you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Not too many more, I generally recommend keeping a 500 calorie deficit to keep your metabolism healthy. Alternately, you can use a calorie calculator to figure out how many calories your body will need to maintain your goal weight (including your activity), and eat that many calories. Your body will take care of the rest (that’s how I did it). If you keep your deficit relatively small and lift weights and get regular exercise, your body will tag your muscles as ‘in use’ and preserve them, burning stored fat to make up the deficit in energy in vs energy out. If you’re sedentary, your body will burn lean mass as well as fat to make up for that deficit."

She gives 2 links to calorie calculators and the results shocked me.

This is the one that I use because it's simpler.

I plugged in that my goal weight (for now) is 140 pounds  and I am 5'5" tall and inactive.  Here's how it defines activity levels.

INACTIVE: You participate in no regular exercise or physical activity.
LIGHT: You participate in no regular physical activity, however incorporate 3-4 hours of walking or standing per day as part of your normal daily life activities.
MODERATE: You participate in occasional physical activity such as jogging, swimming, or bike riding during the week and some recreational fitness activity such as golf or tennis on the weekend.
HEAVY: You participate regularly in recreational and fitness activity at least 3-4 times per week for 30-60 minutes per session.
VIGOROUS: You participate regularly in fitness activity for 60 or more minutes at least 4 times a week.
EXERCISE TO GAIN WEIGHT: For those who are underweight.

Now if I were to be doing my Meta or Turbofire on a regular basis then my activity level would be "heavy".

Inactive calories needed: 1735 per day

Heavy calories needed: 2603 per day

And apparently if I eat those levels with those activity levels, my body will lose fat and normalize at 140 pounds approximately.  My goal weight is actually more around 130.

So that means:

On days I don't work out: 1683 calories
On days I do work out: 2525 calories.

Yes, at work I do move around but not enough to really justify a "workout".  On days I just go to work or do housework, I am using that as an inactive day.

Now, GoKaleo also says that both the number AND kind of calories matter when it comes to how to spend these calories.

"Aim for, at minimum, .5 – 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight a day. Fat should make up at roughly 20-35% of your calories (some people do well on lower or higher fat percentages, but 20-35% is a healthy range for most of us). The rest of your calories can come from whatever macronutrient you prefer (macronutrients = protein, fat and carbs). If you’re doing a lot of endurance exercise, go for more carb dense foods. More and more it’s looking like the only true dietary bad guys are man-made, refined fats: trans and seed oils, and by reducing processed food consumption you will be reducing your intake of those."

So for protein, I would need 65 grams of protein a day at 130 pounds.

I also do more endurance type stuff when I work out (dance cardio or turbo fire) so I guess it would be wise to add more carbs like oatmeal and rice.

"Build your diet on a base of vegetables and protein. Whether you go with plant or animal protein, make sure it’s quality. Organic, sprouted (in the case of legumes), pastured (in the case of meat, dairy and eggs), wild caught (in the case of fish). Reduce your consumption of grains, especially refined grains, I don’t believe they’re poison (and I still eat oatmeal and brown rice), but they’re very calorie dense for the nutrition they provide. Carbs are not the devil, but get them from real whole foods like fruits and starchy vegetables for the most part. Fat is your friend, it fills you up and makes food taste good, and your body needs it for proper nutrient absorption and hormonal function. Make a habit of tracking your diet on a website like, or (there are many others as well). It’s not just about calories, regular tracking will help you learn to meet your energy requirements with foods that also provide the vitamins, minerals and adequate amounts of fat and protein to support good health and weight management. It can be a pain at first, but over time it helps build good eating habits and gives you control over your weight and health. Calories DO matter, but most of us can eat a lot more than we think we can if we’re making good food choices and getting regular exercise. Tracking calories is NOT about restriction, and reaching/maintaining a healthy weight is NOT about being hungry and denying ourselves proper nutrition. Quite the contrary, it is about feeding ourselves adequate amounts of nutritious foods that support health, energy and vitality. "

So, I will begin tracking these calories and seeing how it goes.  I often eat way less calories than I  need and so far that has gotten me nowhere fast. Last week I was hitting about 7-900 a day and while my appetite WAS lowered by medication, I still could have eaten higher calories when I DID eat.

All quotes have been taken from here:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 3 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my THIRD day of Meta, and still going strong!

I was feeling a bit worse than day 2 in regards to the period cramps and stuff, I even fell asleep a few times during the day because the fatigue was that bad. 

However, the workout DID get done with a little modification.

I took advil, that's one of them, and I had to dial down my MS back to 10 reps. It was all my legs could do. 

Also even though I have my lady friend now, I still have yet to touch junk food.  Still no carbs, still no dairy, still no soda pop.  Tea, yes.

I have also noticed another thing- My skin has improved a lot for it only having been three days.  Younger, I had perfect skin.  Never any pimples even as a teen.  Then I got older and fatter and my skin on my face went to a cratery hell.

Now I have pretty clear skin, my main issue was blackheads on my chin and nose and now those are visibly reduced already.  Also  my skin feels slightly softer. 

Also, I was able to jump a little MORE during cardio today (at least it felt that way).

I am learning that doing cardio first is really the best thing for me.  I am pretty weak, so doing MS takes everything out of me that I've got energy-wise.  Then (IF I even DID the cardio after) I would slop through it and just "go through the motions" as they say.

Tracy also has said if you have a weak build, do the cardio first.  Yes I have weight to lose (which usually the MS WOULD come first) but underneath and in the past when I wasn't heavy, I have always been a little on the weak side.

So today is day 4, and Happy Valentine's Day by the way! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meta Days 1-2

Hello everyone!

Sorry to be late in posting, but the first two days so far have been going fabulously and I am really excited.

1. 2 days without grains/starches/dairy/soda (even DIET) 
2. 2 days of doing BOTH cardio and MS.

Let me just start off by saying by eliminating those from my diet, I feel physically already SO MUCH BETTER.  Not tired, not sleepy, a lot of energy, and NO CRAVINGS (yet)~!

As for my workouts- I used to barely be able to shuffle through step touching my cardio but now I find it easier to jump along.  First day I did very little, second day a bit more.  As for the MS I started at 10 reps and went up to 12.  I have a LOT of body weight I'm lifting so I'm not letting the low reps hurt my motivation.  They burn just the same.

Day 2 also came along with major PMS fatigue.  Where I would normally be like "Oh I can't workout... Pooor meeee" I actually sucked it up and worked out.

They say you  never regret a workout, and so far they are right. 

Day 3 post on the way!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Teen Meta Preview Now on Amazon!

Hello everyone!

I just found out that you can now preview Tracy Anderson's Teen Meta (Finally!).

There is a video on and I am really curious about it now.

I really like how she uses the bands and stuff, and she does go step by step with the cardio it seems. 

It can be bought now for $25 on her website, or if you want to wait until April, on Amazon for $19.

If anything, I would want to buy it for the cardio and perhaps do the band work in addition to my current Meta journey (which I will talk about in another post!).

I actually want to buy this for a friend's sister for a birthday gift.  She's 12 and would like to get in shape (she's a bit heavy so I can totally understand that). 

Monday, February 11, 2013

More Video Blogs to Come

Hello everyone!

I have been on a short hiatus with the video blogging, but I am going to be back with that.

I am also starting Metamorphosis again, but I am trying to keep it more on the down low. (I am not sure if this will be totally possible) The reason for that is so I don't work up such a hype, and stress myself out more.

I took my weight but not my inches yet, I'll do that before I work out and post them after one week.

I will weight WEEKLY because my scale is a crazy piece of shit, and with the fluctuations it does, I don't want to discourage myself right off the bat.

So far today, I have been good with eating.  I am wrapping up homework right now before I work out but here's the plan.

Breakfast: (Done- 8:30 am)

2 poached eggs
1/2 cup berries blended with 1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1 cup Naked Green Machine juice

Lunch/Dinner- (the plan)

Steak stir fry- make enough for 2 meals and take half to school (or eat it quick before I go) since my classes are 6-9:30 pm tonight.

Trying to give up dairy and soda and limit my soy to non gmo tofu/miso/tamari sauce.

I will do Meta level 1 day 1 and see how it goes.  Starting with 10 reps a leg, I gained a lot of weight and I don't want to push too hard that I can't improve tomorrow.

I'll try to get the video done tonight but at least the writing blog should  be up tonight if I am not too tired.  Really in the mindset to step it up. 

Have a great Monday!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Teen Meta Review Video

Hello everyone!

As I have posted before, Tracy Anderson just released her new workout for teens- Teen Meta.  What is it like?  I have found a video with a brief review.  I do not have the DVDs yet, but she just got hers.

The summary- the DVDs come with a band, which is something new from Tracy.  Her studios have always had bands at them but never in a DVD before.

Also the cardio is in two parts.  One part is more freestyle for about 20 minutes, then the second part is choreographed with a dance troupe.

Do I want it? Of course I do, I also (like her) want all of Tracy's stuff just because, but I also want to see for myself what the workouts really are like.

Have you ordered it?  Do you want to? If you have, what do you think?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fans Concerned- Has Tracy Anderson Gone Too Far?

Hello everyone!

Lately, Tracy Anderson has been in the news a lot, and her appearance is a bit... Different.  So much so, that it has people talking-  Is she taking the "hollywood" look too far?

People are now speculating that she's had some kind of plastic surgery, overdoing the spray tans and the bleached hair.  

Before: Tracy with her baby Penelope


To me she DOES look different. I wouldn't say it's "unhealthy" for her to have done the things she has cosmetically, but they really don't look good on her personally.  I prefer her before look and her look in her older DVDs.  However, having said that, it is her choice how she wants to look, and maybe this look was an idea that sounded good at the time.  We all make bad fashion/looks choices and perhaps this is just one of those for her.

Do I think this needed to make news, as in an article on the Daily Mail, etc? No.  A pic with a short comment maybe but not an entire article.  Give the woman a break. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Workout

Hello everyone!

As most people know, Kim Kardashian is now pregnant.  She's working with Tracy Anderson right now during her pregnancy to keep herself looking her best during her pregnancy.

Watch More News Videos at ABC | Technology News | Celebrity News

There is an interview with Tracy in the video where she talks about how women were complaining about how they wished they had Tracy to work with DURING their pregnancy to help them along.

Then, she demonstrates some moves along with a group of pregnant women from her Pregnancy Project,  She explains why she didn't use cardio during pregnancy and only used muscular structure to keep in shape.

I also found out that the reason there are no laying-down abs in the pregnancy project is because pregnant women should not lay on their back, at risk of cutting blood flow to the uterus. 

Also, the pregnancy project is going to be sold on Amazon, for cheaper than on her main page along with teen meta.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Damage Control

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, and that usually means parties with tons of fattening snacks, alcohol, and fun.  And it also means (mostly) overeating.

Did you overindulge?  It's okay.  Today, take it easy and get back on your normal routine.  Don't try to kill yourself by overdoing the exercise. 

As long as you don't eat like this daily, once in a while won't kill you.  

I read an article with more tips on post-game debauchery!

Here's some tips from the article.

While drinking sodas and alcohol, drink water in between so you drink a little less of the bad stuff.

Eat a small meal before the game so you're not so hungry to eat the snacks and calories

Start the next day with a sensible diet and moderate intensity exercise

As for me, I didn't do anything like this for the game, I am not into American football.  Did any of you guys party it up last night?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tracy Anderson DVDs at Walmart

Hello everyone~

Have you wanted to buy Tracy Anderson's older DVDs but don't want to pay $30 per disc?  Now you can.

Now, Tracy is as close as your local Wal Mart. 

I was there the other night, and I was browsing the sporting equipment section and lo and behold- I found her Dance Cardio DVD from 2008 and Dance Cardio 2. 

Both of these DVDs USED to be about $30!  I got them for $9.97.   Each.  Not all Wal Marts have them though,  I went to a different  location last night and they didn't have these.

Also, her older videos (Post Preg, Mat) are being released on Amazon for 9.99 and Teen Meta is available for preorder for only $18!

I am annoyed with one thing- They are not selling her Beginner Dance Cardio DVD ANYWHERE anymore!  I  need to replace mine and I can't find it anywhere but eBay.  It's a shame, it's a really great workout and easy to learn!