Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Videos

Hello Everyone!!!

Yesterday I failed in getting back on the train like I wanted to.  I ended up not doing my metamorphosis but instead stretching for an hour again.  I think I fell into a funk that I really have to get out of. 

On another note, for those of you who do not already know, Tracy is now pregnant! However, this does not mean she is stopping/holding off on putting out more content for us.  In fact, she is in the process of filming workouts to do while pregnant- one workout per month.

She even took a minute to announce it on set-

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Workout Message

Also, she is going to have her two master trainers, Stacey and Maria help out and film parts of continuity. 

For fun, some videos of Maria practicing moves for the Hipcentric continuity series.

I'm excited to know what the second year of continuity will be like- I am not near that point yet but I hope one day I do, haha.  (It seems so far away even though usually the months just fly by)

Also, due to popular demand, I heard that the rebounder workout that is included with the second year of continuity will also be sold on its own starting in February 2012. I'll keep updating you on these things as I learn more. 

Have a great weekend and keep up all of your good work too!


  1. Hi Roxy! I really hope they keep to their word this time and release that rebounder workout. It's so amazing to me that even though Tracy is pregnant she wanted to not let us down and keep the material coming through Stacy and Maria.

    Girly, if you can do it, I encourage you to get back in the game since you've only missed a couple days worth of workouts. If you can only do toning and no cardio, or vice versa go for it.

    I have this analogy about climbing over a wall in regards to my workouts. For years, I climbed up and down the wall wondering why I could never make it over (lose weight). The thing with climbing a wall is you have to keep putting one foot in front of the other in a forward motion (exercise consistenly). If you get off the wall, you have to start all over and all that hard work doesn't pay off. Keep climbing up. You know, it's okay to slow down, but please if you're able to don't stop. Keep going to get through this funk. Don't worry if you can't even do as many reps as you did yesterday. The most important thing is just to do the workout.

    I want to reach out and help you so badly get through this so that you can keep moving toward your goal this time and don't have to start over again. But we are all on our own journey, on our own timeline. We can't do this for anyone but ourselves.

    Please forgive me if a single word of this sounded preachy, as that is not my intention in the least. I would be happy to be a workout buddy with you if you'l like. You know we can send each other a quick email a day to let each other know we did the workout, or reach out to each other on days we can't seem to get ourselves to workout. I'm here if you would like that kind of support.

    However your journey unfolds, I wish you continued success and am proud of you every time you dust yourself off and try again :)


  2. Hello- You didn't sound preachy at all. I would love to be your workout buddy too. If you like, please send emails to Also I hope they do come out with a rebounder DVD on its own,they are supposed to be selling a rebounder also but no word on that yet. Also I think it is great that she is having Stacey and Maria help out- not letting us down while she is down for the count for a while.