Friday, August 19, 2011

Doing Meta again. Excitement!

Hello everyone!

The past couple of days haven't been the best diet wise. I didn't count my points well yesterday or the day before.

I did do some exercise.  I did the biggest loser DVD on both days.

I have started my preparations for Monday- I have made up my Metamorphosis calendar and I plan to be a bit more stringent on my eating.  I have learned that eating higher point value foods means I will often be hungry even when my points for the day are all eaten up. 

Diet goal #1- eat more vegetables/oatmeal to fill up on less points and not to drink so many of my points.

I am doing Abcentric starting Monday, I might add on Omnicentric as well and just do all the moves with less reps, like 10-15 instead of 20-30 so I don't burn out. I do not plan on doing 2 centrics forever. Just for the first 90 days then hitting the mat for Abcentric continuity.

For those of you new to my blog, this is Metamorphosis- 

Also- not sure if I mentioned this but I am going to approach dance cardio in the following way- 

Level 1- 10 minutes step touching cardio 
Level 2- 20 minutes step touching cardio
Level 3- 30 minutes step touching cardio
Level 4- 40 minutes step touching cardio
Level 5- 10 minutes high impact, 30 minutes step touch
Level 6- 20 minutes high impact, 20 minutes step touch
Level 7- 30 minutes high impact, 10 minutes step touch
Level 8- 40 minutes high impact
Level 9- 50 minutes high impact
Continuity 1- One hour high impact

This is tentative, it depends on how I feel. Last time I did metamorphosis I was able to do 30 minutes of step touching from the get go. I have gained weight since then so this is why I am taking it slow.  Also I will be walking to supplement this. 

Have a great Friday!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meh. Short post.

Hello everyone!!

Day 2 went like shit. Total shit.  

I totally went WAY over my points yesterday (eating most of my flex points too) and really had no excuse for this.  I am going to cut myself a little slack because I am getting used to the amounts of food I can have on weight watchers.

Also a lovely friend of mine sent me this book:  The Eat Clean Diet Recharged!

I want to start implementing her rules of eating (except maybe the 6 small meals thing, which to be honest is a little impractical to me. I want to train myself to eat when actually hungry.) while keeping within my weight watchers points and exercising.

As for exercising, I did go for another painful walk last night. No DVD this time, just a brisk walk.  But what matters is my heart rate did go up and I did sweat. 

That's it for today (gotta head to work). Hoping the next day is better!

Monday, August 15, 2011

It starts today! But first, some articles.

Hello everyone!

Beginning weight watchers today, I will post more about my diet and exercises tonight (can't blog about what hasn't happened yet).  I did however come across this interesting article about protein.

It seems that most Americans get WAY more protein than we need a day mainly because of all the beef we eat.  The article also goes on to give a short list of types of proteins, the impact on the environment, etc. 

I also came up with this article when I was searching for strength training for losing weight

I will blog again later tonight after I eat all my food and do all my exercise.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New plan- short version!

Hello everyone!

I have come up with a system to get myself in fighting shape for Tracy.  I really am starting to think that it's not QUITE what I need to lose this massive amount of weight I'm carrying.   I am breaking this down into 2 phases.

Phase 1:
Weight watchers
Chalean Extreme

Why Chalean Extreme?  Yes, I am afraid of bulky muscles. However at this point, building more muscle will help get the majority of my excess fat off so that I can do TAM more effectively. 

Phase 2: Metamorphosis by Tracy, continuity, etc. to burn off lard and slim down any bulky muscles I may have built with Chalene. When I am lighter I will be able to do the workout a lot better, and not be too heavy for dance cardio. 

I plan on getting back to TAM when I hit around 200 pounds. Chalean Extreme is a 90 day program also.

I am really excited to be starting this. I will take new before pics (I do look different, at least I think so) and measurements. 

Starting this on Monday, have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Plan... Perhaps.

Hello everyone!

Over my time away from blogging, I have been to the doctor and have sorted out the medical problem that I have. A main cure/reduction of the symptoms is losing weight. I have also found out that I am what they call “morbidly obese” and my doc recommended I go on weight watchers.

On another note about being so heavy, it has come to my attention that perhaps maybe. JUST maybe, Tracy's method isn't quite appropriate for someone with as much weight to lose as I have. When I get down to around 200 pounds, then I would be DEFINITELY coming back to TAM. Again, this is tentative right now. Still coming up with a plan of attack but that is one of the options.

Tonight, I am going out with a friend of mine to discuss weight watchers, which she is also going to begin on Monday with me. I am also going to head to Bed Bath and Beyond (for those of you outside the US, that's a houseware/kitchenware store) and pick up the following:

A digital food scale
Good measuring cups (liquid and dry)
Measuring spoons (because a tablespoon from your silverware might not really be a true tablespoon)

I was on WW back in 2007, was VERY diligent and lost a lot of weight, as did my friend. So, we decided we are going to do it again.

As for working out, I am mainly going to focus on walking off the weight, perhaps adding in some jogs.

More to come, have a great day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hello everyone,

This is going to  be a short post, but due to a current health issue (which I would like to keep private at this time), I will be putting off exercise and my cleanse until at least next week when I go see my doctor.  However I will still be blogging and sharing interesting stuff while waiting. I hope to be back in good condition to get back on the right path to get my health in order. As always I do thank you all for your love and support.