Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So, I've been watching Jersey Shore lately...

Hello everyone!

So, I recently started watching Jersey Shore, and you're probably wondering what in the blue hell this has to do with weight loss.

Well, I found out one of the cast members, Mike 'The Situation' actually has a workout video out. And it looks decent.

A preview here:

While it may not be the kind of workout you would want to do if you're into the Tracy Anderson Method, it does look effective otherwise and I was surprised to see that it got a lot of decent reviews on Amazon.  You can also watch it on demand on Netflix if you have it. That's how I watched.

Also, I recently read that Snooki has been losing weight and is currently endorsing Zantrex-3 diet pills.

Apparently she wasn't always chubby and made the decision to get back into shape. Good for her!

I really can't wait to get back to working out. Seriously.   Have a great day guys!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bootcamp postponed until 2/3/12

Hello everyone!

Sadly, I need to postpone my boot camp workouts until this Friday.  Certain personal issues have come up and they require my time until then.  I TECHNICALLY started on Friday but then I ended up taking the whole weekend off.  I feel weird restarting today and then taking MORE days off.  I find when I take time off from TAM, when I get back to it I have to do it at the level I began at anyway.  Suckage!

If I am able to start sooner, I will post! I am still keeping a food journal so I am not using this time off as an excuse to pig out. :)

Still working on videos. 

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday Again

Hello everyone-

A short post- I am still SUPER sore today, still hobbling when I walk, etc.  Therefore, I am going to again, take care of my muscles and rest.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/28/12- Had to take a rest.

Hello everyone!

As you may have read, yesterday I had a kick ass workout. Perhaps a little TOO kick ass, because today I have been barely able to move in any way without feeling like I got hit by a train.

Thinking about it, I came up with things I could have and SHOULD have done differently.

1. NEVER AGAIN do my cardio without my gel insoles. I took them out because they needed washing, worked out without them and I think that beat up my legs in a no-good way.  My shins were KILLING me and that's never happened with these shoes, even when I was heavier.   So, gel required!

2. Perhaps I should split my cardio into 2 30 minute sessions instead of banging out a whole mediocre hour at once. I made it through 30 minutes pretty well, but the last 30 was just sloppy and painful. 

I had to take a day off of TAM today.  I can barely get up and down the 5 steps to get into my place. There's "I had a good workout" sore and then there's "I waaay overdid it" sore. This was the latter. 

The plan- eat a lot of protein (already done, haha), stretch with the P90X stretch dvd (did it once this morning, going to do it again before bed), take some ibuprofen and hit the hay.  Tomorrow- going to try to hop back on the Tracy horse!

I hope you all had a great Saturday!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method- Day 1 of 30

Hello everyone!

After eons of talking about starting bootcamp, being indecisive about bootcamp, etc, I finally took the plunger and just did it!

Some of you might not know what I mean by bootcamp. That's ok, I'll explain it.

If you don't know already, Tracy came out with a book in 2010 called Tracy Anderson's 30 day method.  It works in a very similar way to Metamorphosis- change your workout every 10 days. However, there are a few differences.

1. In the 30 day method, there are NO rest days. Hence, the term "boot camp" which she uses in the book as well.

2. Unlike Meta, the book actually maps out for you how to begin your TAM journey based on your current fitness level. BIG help!

3. You get a lot of background information, tips/tricks, etc in the book that you do not in Meta.

In short, I believe starting out with the book and THEN heading to meta would be a good choice for most people.  There is a lot more instruction with the movements, and you build up strength enough for the next level. It also makes the dance cardio a lot less intimidating, especially for beginners. 

Now then. How did my first day go?

I did my MS work 20 reps each move (every 1st day of a level you are only supposed to do 20) and I did 60 minutes of step touch cardio.  Mind you, you do not have to do this much. I did it because a) I am technically NOT a beginner with this stuff and b) I just felt up to it.  Remember, never go over an hour with your DC. Tracy says that both in the book and in Meta cardio. 

That wasn't the only movement I did today!  I have started taking my puppy out for 2 one-hour long walks a day to tire his butt out and so he gets the exercise a mini poodle needs. (They need at least an hour a day but he has pent up puppy energy he's gotta let go of) 

So yeah... I did quite a bit today.  I also took my weight and measurements.  I prefer to wait until 10 days have passed so I can give you a before and after(ish). 

Vlog should be up soon.  I am not sure if I have the energy to do it tonight, I think I might do them with a delay, like do yesterday's vlog today, etc.  Right now I honestly feel like nosediving into bed.

I hope you guys had a great Friday- and let's work for a productive weekend- at least workout wise!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More random thoughts, and some Tracy news!

Hello everyone!

No actual workouts today, aside from me walking for about 2 hours running errands.  The boot camp starts on Friday so that I can take a rest day on the Sunday after ending it, then starting Meta on a Monday.  I made some more copies of my workout tracker, pics to come as well as my first video blog!  I warn  you- it probably won't be very pretty, but I said it was going to happen so I have to make it so.  Also preparing for another video project- a surprise for later! 

Today, the Tracy team put up some more pics of Continuity filming with Stacey and Maria.  

To be honest, this pic has me saying WTF for a couple reasons:

1. Are they going to be working out in these bikinis??
2. Maria's shoes (she's on the left) look more like they should be worn with pants rather than a bikini. 

Stacey again in pants actually sent to them by a fan, I heard!  They say to look for the pants in Continuity 2.  I think they're cute and I also like the sneakers. 

So, how is our pregnant Teeny Tiny Boss doing?  See for yourself!

This is Tracy filming month 4 of her upcoming Pregnancy Workouts. Not post-pregnancy, but DURING.  I think her baby bump is cute, she is probably more than 4 months along herself, but the workouts are still being filmed.  

Hungry for more cardio?  According to Tracy's twitter, (GoTracy) they're working on getting that out to us too.

 Its coming! I just finished an entire collection of new dances!xo

 And the amazing Stacey and Maria are filming the dances FYI don't worry you don't have to work it with my pregnant butt!x

On a last note, lately I have been more active in the Metamorphosis Community on her site (you have to have purchased Meta to get in), and there really are a lot of good people there.  For example, I even found people who are in MY situation with having to lose over 50 pounds, and they are a bunch of very supportive ladies.  So, if you have access and don't use it, I recommend you do. :)  They are the reason I wanted to give meta another go AFTER bootcamp, I heard some great success stories there that really inspired me.

Have a great day and rest of the week! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In a funk- Help!

Hello everyone-

I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but as you know, I have been MEANING to get back on the TAM train, but I still have not.

Mentally I really want to, like, yesterday. Mentally I would probably not have fallen off. 

Physically.... Another story.

Yesterday I had hoped on starting my workouts, all I ended up doing was walking to school (not horrible, it's about 30 mins both ways) feeling sluggish and bad.

Today was MUCH worse! I woke up stiff, sore, sleepy, and in a fog. I have been pretty sedentary lately, but I didn't expect that I would feel like a 80 year old with rusty joints.  I also haven't been eating great (no surprise there) which probably isn't helping.

To be honest I really feel horrible making all these good goals for myself and falling through Every. Single. One. 

Well, remember how I decided not to do boot camp because I didn't have a suitable chair?  Doing some digging in the basement over the weekend, while cleaning up I came across- get this- a perfectly good, lone folding chair away in the corner. How 'bout that?  I am hoping to start boot camp this Saturday, as this week I am pretty  busy with school and errands. 

I also have decided to walk for an hour outside (weather permitting) each day to  build my muscles up for walking to classes.  I haven't walked long distances in a LONG time, by the time I got to class, my  back ached, my feet ached, etc so I think I need to loosen up my rusty hinges not only by walking more but EATING BETTER.  I have been eating a lot of convenience food and I am sure it has been doing me NO favors especially where energy is concerned.

And lastly, the vlogs really are coming. I want to release one on Saturday after my first bootcamp workout.

Also, sorry for my sporadic, haphazard postings. I'm working on getting back on track with that too. :)

Have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I got Dance Central 2!~

Hello everyone!

Today I got a nice surprise- I did a rebate a while back that I had forgotten about and got a $25 gift card to Best Buy. (Electronics store in the US) I posted a while back about wanting the game Dance Central 2, so I went to the store with my gift card to pick it up.  Turns out the game was only $30 on sale, best 5$ spent in a while.

I still have yet to play it but when I do I will post about how it went!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Hello everyone!

Quick post again, took another day off today (feeling a little better than yesterday at least) to get some major cleaning done and to prepare for school coming up in the next week.  Thankfully, my classes are in the evenings so that I have more time in the day to get my workout done beforehand, come home from class and just rest for the remainder of the night.  Also, my classes are only twice a week.   Taking a light load this semester because I am *finally* preparing for admission into my nursing program at school.  I missed the deadline for last semester by JUST a little bit. So, I am really hoping this time does it. If not, keep on trying. (Very competitive, unfortunately)

Also- (I forget if I posted about this before)  I have been weighing in on my wii fit, and sadly, I gained some weight (yesterday was horrendous on the dieting level).  

I still have not forgotten about the video blogs.  I am still working out technical issues, and if I am lucky, tomorrow I will at least have something recorded for editing. 

I hope you all had a  great weekend. Let's hope this week is a good one! Boot camp for me, how about you?

Saturday, January 14, 2012



I had originally planned for today to be a workout day, but unfortunately it didn't happen that way.  At first my mind wanted to work out and my body didn't, then it changed to both of them not wanting to.  

I also didn't eat right either. That didn't help for sure.  I feel bloated, heavy, tired and downright disgusting.

 Lately also, I have been under a lot of stress from (seemingly) everyone about my weight.   Friends, family, etc always have something to say and it really is starting to get on my nerves.  I thought it wouldn't because I dealt with it for a long time.  Do any of you guys have that pressure on you? How do you deal with it?  I'm getting a bit personal here because it's been really getting me down lately and, to be honest, NOT want to do something about it out of pure spite (I know it's not good for me.).  

My apologies for the negative posting today but I felt like I really just had to vent a little.  Hoping tomorrow is better!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 2?

Hello everyone!

Short post today- Today was SUPPOSED to be my 2nd day of bootcamp, with 25 reps and everything. Sadly, I only got part of it done and I feel bad about it.  Where I live, we got hit with a snowstorm, and I ended up having to shovel all of my sidewalks several times, among other things that just got in the way.

I was only able to work my right leg with Tracy and I feel guilty about it. So, what was going to be day 3 I am just going to start over. Then, when I start meta, I start right on a Monday if all goes well. I did, at least, eat properly.

Breakfast- eggs and blackberries
Lunch- Think thin bar (I was really busy)
Snack- celery and hummus (yum!) and a half can of diet coke (bad, I know)
Dinner- Korean pork barbecue (only a little) making little sandwiches out of it with lettuce leaves

So, I am just going to do day 1 over too. I think I could have done more with the cardio also.  I am starting to think I am a moderate beginner as opposed to an absolute beginner. So, we'll see!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Le Boot Camp Day 1!

Hello everyone!!!!!

Today was my first day of boot camp! Today I took it a little slow- I did 20 reps of each move (per Tracy's instructions for every 1st day of new level) and I felt it but I kinda felt like I could have done MORE.  Cardio I follow the "absolute beginner" which is 10 minutes today for the next 3 days, and so on. Lately I have been feeling my ankles act up (probably not TAM related but weather related) and I don't want to risk more injury.  Also I was never really good at jumping around so I think it's a much better idea to take it slow.  My goal during bootcamp is to do a solid 40 minutes or so of jumping and in meta I want to get up to an hour.

As for eating- I did pretty good! Here's what I had.


2 eggs cooked in fat free spray
1 cup of strawberries
Green tea


Chicken/broccoli stir fry made with chicken, broccoli, onions, garlic and tamari soy sauce. (Gluten free)


a tiny amount of mixed walnuts and almonds
An 11 oz plain Vita Coco (coconut water) post workout


My leftover stir fry somehow became a disgusting mess between 12-7 pm, so I had to toss it and eat a Creamy Peanut Butter Think Thin Bar.   I want to try to eat real food as much as I can but the bars and my shakes are good to have around for emergencies or when I am plain pressed for time.  Personally I LOVE the fudge ones but I am trying to get rid of my peanut butters (the creamys are good too but fudge is like the real thing- if I am not careful I could eat the entire box. :)

Tomorrow I am supposed to up my MS reps to 25 and do 10 minutes of cardio again.   Looking forward to it! :)

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sorry for the video delay!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I'm sorry I've been somewhat of an absentee. I have been working on how to use my webcam, how to angle it for best effects, etc.  I was having some sound issues but they appear to  be fixed now.  I am going to re-record my first introductory video, and try to make it pretty for all of you.

I decided I am going to be starting with boot camp and then meta.  Most of you know how the program works but in my intro I will be talking about it for those who don't.   Please bear with me, this is actually going to be my first video with me talking, ever. I'm pretty nervous to be honest!

I did,  however, run into a horrifying wakeup call yesterday.  For the past couple years, I have been living in elastic- meaning all my pants and tops are stretchy, loose fitting, etc.  I haven't worn jeans or real slacks in a long time.  So, out of curiosity, I was wondering what  my dress size would be right now based on my measurements.  Maybe a size 18-20 I thought. No. Wrong, so very wrong.  24-26. Not inches. SIZE. And plus size in the US starts at a 14!  The last time I wore jeans, they were a 16. This really got me emotional.  I can't believe I had let myself get so big.  I also took some real "before" pictures, as naked as possible- sports bra and little shorts. Looking in the mirror at yourself and looking at photographs are TOTALLY different.   In the photos, especially with nothing to cover your "imperfections" really opens your eyes to your problem areas.  And yes, I DID cry. Yes, it DID upset me how far gone this has become. UNACCEPTABLE.  So, for 2012, my goal is to hit under 200 pounds and hopefully be out of the plus sizes. My first goal is a size 14. If I get smaller than this, great!

Again, I apologize for my short absence but keep posted for videos!!!! Also, if you're interested, I am going to start up my  beauty blog again in the near future- check it out at www.obeybeauty.blogspot.com.  I already have some posts up!

Have a great evening!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello everyone!

I am finally getting my webcam delivered tomorrow- meaning I will start making vlogs ASAP!

If you haven't already, please subscribe to my youtube channel, teenytinyquest.

That's it for today, I can't wait to start filming!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tried Zumba...

Hello everyone!!!!

Well, remember the Zumba DVDs I borrowed? Turns out, I gave it a shot today and I have um... Mixed feelings about it.

It is a fun workout, and fairly low impact. Low impact actually literally means to always have one foot on the ground, it has nothing to do with intensity.  However, despite the low impact, the leg movements involve a lot of twisting of my legs which my knees really did not like!

So now I sit here, with sore knee joints, which did NOT happen when I did Tracy dance. Even though that involves jumping all over like a fairy on catnip, I never had knee issues (probably because of the shoes, but I used the SAME shoes on Zumba!).

I guess I will try Zumba again tomorrow, just to see if today was just a fluke or if my  knees really aren't into it.  If that's the case I will just stick with TAM dancing.

Any Zumba-doing readers- any tips for the knees to not hurt so much? Have any of you experienced this yourself? Tell me about it!

I hope you all had a great day- the weekend is almost here!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hitting a slump

Hello everyone.

I will not be starting my meta until next Monday.  Lately I have really been feeling blah about working out.  However, I did get up and move today playing Fighters Uncaged.

On the subject of video games, I saw on sale at Best Buy today that they have a Zumba game for the Kinect too.

I am really interested because they even have 20 minute classes and it's made by Zumba Fitness.

Speaking of Zumba Fitness, I am borrowing this set from a friend:

It looks like it pretty much covers all the moves and stuff for a beginner like me.  I kind of want to mix it up a little bit, do TA toning work and mix up the dance part a little with something a little less impact. I know some people who did the same and saw good results so I'm hoping for the best.

Have any of you tried Zumba?  How was it?

Hope you guys also have a good day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello everyone!!!!

I hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve!  I was less than good dietwise.  I ended up having some cheese pizza to ring in the new year.

New Year's Day-  Today I just kind of relaxed and didn't do much, and indulged a little again.  This time I had some Burger King. (I know, I know.)  I took my "before" weight and measurements and was pleasantly surprised when I compared these befores to other befores.  It seems I lost a couple inches in the bust and waist. Not bad.

Also I did do SOME physical movement. I did what I will be doing every Sunday- X Stretch from P90X which is an hour long of stretches. And boy did it feel good.  

Tomorrow I will start my Abcentric meta along with  better eating. :)

Happy New Year!!!