Monday, December 5, 2011

For Sale- 14 Day Supply Wellness Shake

Hello everyone!!!

Before, as you may know, I ordered a month's supply of Tracy's shake to review it.  It came with 2 jars for a month, I only finished one so far.

While I do like the taste of the shake and how it makes me feel, I am selling the remaining jar for someone else who would like to try it without paying full price for it. 

I am selling an unopened, still sealed jar of the chocolate shake for 55$ plus shipping (which shouldn't be much, I will let the purchaser know how much it costs to send it and charge what the post office or UPS would. I am not profiting off of this.) Retail price on Tracy's site is 68.99 plus shipping so you save a little buying it through me.  If interested, comment below!

I am still laid up with a busted ankle. I have been doing some thinking about stuff too and I am realizing I might be being a little mentally hard on myself.  Making too rigid of workout plans and all that. Lately I have been thinking of taking a break from meta and do some old school stuff- bootcamp, Mat, Perfect Design, etc. I feel like I want to do a cycle of each of these for 10 days each and then return to meta hopefully stronger. Also I want to learn the combination dances because quite frankly, the meta cardio is kinda boring to me. :P

I hope to be back working out soon. I feel a little better today so that's a good sign.

Have a great day!

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