Sunday, April 28, 2013

Too fat for cheerleading?

Hello everyone!

It seems that again, someone made a comment about someone who really isn't all that fat being "too big".  A while back, a blogger claimed that model Kate Upton was too big to model, now this time a cheerleader from the basketball team Oklahoma City Thunder is being talked about as being "too fat".

Cheerleader Kelsey Williams (pictured) is the latest in the "too fat" talk.  However, some people say it was one unflattering picture of her that got people talking.

She was recently criticized for her weight by CBS Houston blogger Claire Crawford.
Crawford caused controversy after she asked readers if Williams was "too chunky" to cheer. "[Williams] has been criticized by some folks in [Oklahoma] for having 'pudginess' around her waistline," she wrote. "Is this chick 'too chunky' to be a cheerleader?"
"But if she's comfortable wearing that tiny outfit and dancing for NBA fans, then good for her," Crawford said. "Besides . . . not every man likes women to be toothpick skinny. I'd say most men prefer a little extra meat on her bones." 

To me, I think she looks fine.  She is able to wear the tiny outfit and nothing on her hangs over or anything.  People actually reacted negatively to the blog post calling it "offensive and disgusting".

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hip Flexors Still Hurting... Another Course of Action

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, my hip flexor muscles are STILL hurting from my workouts.  With that happening, I took a moment to reflect.  Perhaps maybe I am not strong enough to do Abcentric meta yet.  Then the lightbulb went on.


Like my previous plan to start with the Pregnancy Project in reverse, this is slightly different.

Step 1: Begin with the Pregnancy Project in reverse like before. Here's why.

1. LOTS of gentle, modified stretches especially good for bigger people like myself (and pregnant moms)
2. 20 reps per leg is the max.  This is plenty to work on and keep good form for me at this point.
3. No floor abs.  This is how I believe I injured my hip flexors.  Tracy uses a lot of leg movement while on the floor and being as heavy as I am, I think I may have put a little too much strain on those muscles.  The other moves do strengthen the abs without all the pressure on the hips.
4. Nice slow pace and lots of instruction.
5. No dance cardio.  Cardio at this point will be walking ONLY.

Step 2: Teen Meta

1. Still a lot of stretching
2. 30 reps per leg is the max and adds in the resistance band so that it will be challenging.
3. Floor abs but less than Metamorphosis
4. Also a slow pace, but I hear she doesn't instruct much
5. Comes with easier-than-metamorphosis cardio and even a neat little combination

Step 3: Abcentric Metamorphosis and beyond 

1. By this time I should have lost some weight and built up some strength from the other stuff to be able to do Metamorphosis better.

How will I proceed through all these preconditioning exercises?  I'll go to the next one when the one I am working on becomes easy.  When it is no more a challenge, time to move forward. 

I ordered Teen Meta today and I already have the Pregnancy Project; when I  get Teen Meta I will give a detailed review as well as a more detailed review of the Pregnancy Project. 

I also am considering doing videos again. I probably will when time allows. 

I hope everyone has a great Friday!~

Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Rest Day

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, instead of being day 3 like planned, it ended up being a resting day.


Honestly I think I went a little balls-to-the-wall and perhaps pushed myself a LITTLE too hard.

I went from doing zero activity to doing over an hour of cardio and 30 minutes of toning work every day.  Owie.  I was very sore, and I felt especially sore in my hips, butt, and hip flexors (the little muscles that bring your legs toward your body).  Everything was sore, but the hip flexors felt borderline injury.  I was even worse on day 2, I could barely do 10 reps of my leg moves; I think the 20 reps I did on day 1 was me trying to be a hero.  With exercise, heroics get you nowhere but hurt. 

The red circled area is where I was REALLY feeling pain. They were begging me to rest.  They felt like they  were going to tear or something.

I was also feeling generally really drained, I nodded off a few times through the day.

So for now, I think I am going to slow down on the walks and at least get my Metamorphosis stuff in.

Also, the previous night, I got very little sleep.  Maybe about 3 hours.  NOT ideal for a day of intense activity.

So yeah, I listened to my body and gave it a little break and went to bed early.  I was exhausted by 10 pm, which for me, is early.  Midnight is even early for me. 

Diet- I didn't eat anything crazy- kept it kind of low calorie which probably served me well considering I took a break.  Mainly beans, vegetables, and eggs for breakfast. Total calories around 1,100.

Today, I will get my day 4 workout in, hopefully earlier in the day too.

Ideally, I won't have a rest day until not this Sunday, but the next.  Will it happen like that? Only my body will be able to tell me that.

Despite having had a rest already, I am seeing a little tightness happening, and a little fat loss too.  My roommate even noticed I look a little leaner. 

So, today, let's see how I feel and allons-y! (French for let's go!) 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 2

Hello everyone!

Another day complete!

Yesterday was day 2 (These posts are all going to be about the previous day), and it went alright but a little different.

My eating was different today in the sense that it was all homecooked food. Day 1 was a weird day for eating. 


1 cup of rice
1 egg

(I usually mix the two together to make a Japanese breakfast called Tamago Kake Gohan. It's a raw egg beaten and mixed into the rice)


100 grams of steak (all the fat cut off)
Steamed veggies
1 cup of rice

In fact, I have a picture of my lunch.

All served on small, pretty dishes too. 


Same as day 1- 1 cup of rice and 1 cup of curry sauce I made, with some pickles on the side. (Leftovers, I made a batch of the stuff so I wouldn't have to cook so much every day)

Total calories eaten for day 2: 1430

Now, on to exercise, this is where it got a little different.

I had the infamous TAM flu- that feeling of all over soreness and tired.  It did affect me a little bit.

1. I still walked, 40 minutes.  However, I woke up later than I had planned because I was tired.
2. I got my DC in no problem. 30  minutes of step touching but with a jump when I could muster it.
3. MS- had to decrease my reps!

Yeah, I decreased them! I had to. Doing 5 reps felt like hell, but I managed ten.  Ten good quality, good form reps, which is better than a bunch of reps done shoddily out of tiredness (and likely causing injury).

As someone mentioned to me in a comment, I am not going to aim for a set amount of reps and stop, but rather do as many as I can.  I did that for day 1 (20 were HELL) and today (10 happened to be hell this time).  I get that every day will be different.  There may be days when I can crank out 20-30 reps on my leg moves, and days where I can barely eke out 5. It happens; the fact remains I pushed myself to my limit for the day.

Looking forward to making day 3 a good day too!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 1

Hello everyone!!!

Yesterday was my first day of Metamorphosis and it went really well.

I took my measurements and weight yesterday (I'll post them every 10 days or so).  As for diet, I am not following any kind of strict, restrictive thing because to be honest, it doesn't fit my lifestyle.  Instead, I am watching portions and eating sensibly when possible.

Here's what I ate yesterday:


1 cup of white rice
1 egg
Green tea


Premium Sweet Chili Chicken wrap from McDonalds


1 cup of rice
1 cup of homemade beef curry
1/2 of individual size Kentucky Fried Chicken Potato Wedges
1 piece of boneless chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken

Total calories eaten: 1,626

Sounds like a lot, but I moved around a lot (well, a lot more than my usual).

In the morning, I went outside and took a 40 minute brisk walk.

Later that afternoon, I did my first day of Metamorphosis.  I did my cardio first (That seems to work a lot better for me since I am less tired) then the muscular structure work.

Normally I'd have done 10 reps, but I decided to push it.

10 reps was comfortable.

15 was a little bit of a burn

20 was the sweet spot

So, I did the 20 reps and for day 2 I am going to raise it by 2, and so on. Every day 2 more reps.  In a 10 day sequence that would add up to 38 by the end of the 10 days (instead of Tracy's 40) but hey, for me, that's still something!

I'm getting ready to cook my lunch and get moving myself for day 2.  

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Haven't Got Addicted to Sweat Yet?

Hello everyone!

Before, I posted about how I got Madonna's new workout DVDs, the Addicted to Sweat series.  Before, you could only buy them online at

What if you can't (or don't like to) order online?  Now there's a solution for that excuse.

It was announced today on Hard Candy Fitness's Facebook page that these DVDs are now available at Target. 

They are not up on Target's website yet, and I have not visited a Target yet to get a price for these.  I do know, however, that on the Addicted to Sweat website, the set is $29.99 for all four.

Also at Target:  (Which has been around a while and that I blogged about before) Metamorphosis by Tracy. So, if you haven't picked up either, stop over at Target and check it out!

A minor yet important detail about the Metamorphosis they sell at Target:  In store, they will only have the Omnicentric option.  If you want to get Abcentric, Glutecentric or Hipcentric, you will have to buy it online at Target or

Not sure which to get?  Well, to be completely honest, if you are significantly overweight and are very out of shape, I would go with Tracy.  If you are fit and looking for a bit more of a challenge, or even a seasoned TAMer, give Addicted to Sweat a try.

Today I am going back on my own Metamorphosis journey, but more about that in a later post!

I know a lot of my readers likely have Metamorphosis already, but how about Addicted to Sweat?  Write about your experiences with either or both in the comments!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dance Like Psy and Burn Fat?

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know, Psy's new video, Gentleman, is now up on YouTube with a new song and of course, a new dance.

Before, when Gangnam Style gained popularity, people said they tried to do his horse dance as part of their cardio.  In fact, blogger Cassey Ho of PopPilates/Blogilates even  made her own workout based on Gangnam Style.

There haven't been any new workouts featuring Gentleman - yet!  Like Gangnam Style, Gentleman is also a very danceable song, so whether you do the actual dance or freestyle, it's a good song to work out to. 

Have you tried Psy's new Gentleman dance?  How about the Gangnam Style dance?  Do you like the songs?

I hope you had a  great weekend, and tomorrow I start Metamorphosis.  

I will likely be able to do it tomorrow because where I live has had lots of rain and flooding, and where I work/go to school (same building) is all flooded over and inaccessible.  So, I may be home tomorrow and who knows how much longer, so why not work out?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Feeling Inspired to Get Back Into Exercise

Hello everyone!~

I've been out of the working out thing for a while (TOO long) and I finally decided to man up and kick it in the ass. 

Exercise: Often hard, but necessary.

Partly what inspired me was a post I read from a friend who is a personal trainer.  Here's the post and here's his answer.

""I'm trying really hard to get to the gym to meet my goals. But I can't seem to get motivated. I feel like it's going on 3 years that I'm procrastinating and putting it on and off. I'll start, and I'll stop, and the cycle continues. What can I do?" 


This is a common occurrence in many people aspiring to meet their weight goals or a physique goal. But find themselves straying off track. I'll give you a NO BULLSHIT answer. You need to stop being a little punk bitch and ask yourself "Is this Whatever it Takes." By that I mean, is this the TOP priority in your life. Is this the do all, end all. If it isn't, you might as well go on the fuck home. Because you're never gonna get it done.

Once you get that out of the way, there are no excuses. I don't want to hear the most common "I have no time." That's a straight up bitch answer. Everyone's got work, family, and a life. You can't handle life? You want a damn pity party? You want me to tell you "Oh boo hoo, that's okay. I understand, it's hard to make it to the gym when you have no time." Brotha you better sit your fucking ass down. There's no mercy for you. When you start rationalizing why it's fine to miss a workout or stray off your diet plan, you're bending over with your pants down inviting FAILURE to fuck you in the ass. If you have the time to go to the movies, chat on Facebook, go to the mall, then you have an hour a day to get to a damn gym.

Meeting your physical goals helps you in ALL aspects in life. Not only does it make you extremely attractive to females that see a JACKED as FUARK body, it generates respect through our peers. A man that can Discipline himself in his very own Temple of a body, shows he can take on other tasks in life. It stimulates VIRILITY. MANLINESS. SEXUAL PROWESS. A MAN that seizes what he wants in life, and is not afraid to grab it. To GROWL and Take what is rightfully his. This is the CORE of what transforms a mere boy into a MAN.

Remember, There is no Substitute for What's in Our Core, so Bare Witness to the Fitness of the Modern Day Samurai WARRIOR !"

While this is very male-oriented (and a bit strongly worded), but this is relevant to me because I am the queen- no, GODDESS of the start-stop cycle, especially with my weight loss, and the tough-love approach really resonated with me today.

So, I always say I have no time. YEAH RIGHT.  I am on the computer a lot.  That time on facebook could EASILY turn into my Metamorphosis hour.  There really IS no excuse, unless I really AM busy (like being at school and work one right after the next, that's different.)

So, I am feeling really motivated right now, and just need to stick to it. Easier said than done.  So, when is this going to start happening? I'm hoping tomorrow.  *nods* I do have things to do but I'm sure I'll be able to spare an hour.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tracy Anderson Leggings Review (sort of)

Hello Everyone- 

I think I have reported about this before, but I have more information about the new leggings and clothes Tracy Anderson is selling on her site~

These are actually 3 designs- these two and a black sparkly design.  She also sells sports bras and tank tops that cost between 30-40$ and the leggings cost 60$ 

As for sizing, everything is one size fits most- and how big that goes I am not sure.  I also know that the clothes are made by Phat Buddha but these designs are exclusive to Tracy's site. 

She still is also selling the other leggings for Edition01 that go for $125 that are styled according to body type.

Would I buy these new leggings? Yes.  I may  not be able to fit in them now, but the good thing is that once I do fit, and continue to lose more weight, the top and leggings will still fit because of the one size fits most sizing.

Would you buy these leggings?  I think they are reasonably priced enough compared to like, Nike and etc and I do know someone who bought them and they said they were of good quality and comfortable.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Dillemma... Keeping Cooked Food Fresh

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, I have been in the habit of bringing my own lunch and dinner with me to school and work.

I keep my lunch (which I obviously eat sooner) in my Japanese bento (lunch) jar which keeps it toasty warm and good.

These and one more bowl (which I would put steamed vegetables in) go in a thermos-like jar thing and keep it warm.

The jar keeps it all nice and fresh~ And still tasting decent when it's lunch time.  Dinner... Is another story.

Even if i take the same kinds of foods, they go kinda bad, namely the vegetables, which I steam or boil.  I leave my house at 7 am and do not eat dinner until about 5:30.  By that time... The veggies are soggy, smell weird (especially broccoli) and are highly unappetizing.  

I also do not carry a second lunch jar for dinner- I see no real sense owning two right  now, and they cost about 30-50$.

If I bring the vegetables cold (they come frozen) and take them to school for later, then they're even MORE gross after microwaving.

Any tips on keeping veggies fresher/more edible?

Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Until then... I guess I am stuck with nasty vegetables for dinner.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tracy Anderson's New Brentwood Studio Opens!

Hello everyone!

For those not in the know, Tracy Anderson just opened a new studio in Brentwood, California and the grand opening party was on Friday April 5.

Gwyneth Paltrow of course attended the party, among other celebrities (I believe Kim Kardashian went too.) 

What does the new studio offer?

A blow-dry bar, 5 studio rooms, the newest apparatuses (even including a G - floor but I am not sure what that is) diet plans.  All this can be yours for $500.  I'm not sure if it is monthly or what.

Would I sign up to be a member? Sure, if I had the money and if there was a studio in Chicago.

Where would you like to have Tracy open a studio?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ate Carbs... But Didn't Fall Off the Wagon

Hello everyone!

Today I broke my Keto lifestyle.  Why?  It wasn't temptation, or me quitting, but it was more of a special occasion.  I met up with a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while, and we ended up at this Asian food court place.  Sadly, most of the more affordable choices had- you guessed it - carbs.

So, I ended up eating pork with rice (which was breaded).  It tasted alright, but I am feeling somewhat bloated, sleepy and sick after eating it.  However, it was worth it because other than eating carbs, I had fun.

I do not consider this falling off the wagon because sometimes meals like this WILL happen.  I plan on getting right back on the keto horse and going forward.  I do not feel guilty or anything, as long as I go right back to eating properly.

I also am considering sucking it up and getting up early in the morning to work out 6 days a week.  I have many friends who have funky schedules like mine and they still do it anyway, even if it's before the sun rises. 

How do you guys deal with meals that are almost impossible to have within your style of eating?  Do you suck it up and eat what you're offered, or go hungry until  you can get something later?

Friday, April 5, 2013

10 Days! Woot!

Hello everyone!

Lately I have been noticing that I am not feeling so much of a weight loss now that I am in ketosis.  Instead of freaking out, quitting, and whatever nonsense I normally do, I decided to take a look AGAIN at what I have been eating.

Fats, yes. Proteins, yes, Carbs, no.  But one thing stood out- WAY TOO  MANY CALORIES.

I admit, I am new to this and I am adjusting my way of eating just by getting rid of the carbs.  Now I have to focus on balancing out my calories too.

Speaking of carbs....

Remember that thing they say about keto and low carb diets, and how you eventually stop wanting carbs?  Well it  happened.   I can look at bread and have absolutely NO desire to eat it.

Ehh...  No thanks.  There were a couple of times when the smell of bread made me slightly nauseous.

I used to be horribly addicted to carbs too.  My friend came up with a good analogy for it.  Carbs are like cigarettes.  Addicting, despite not tasting all that great or being good for you.  Once you stop, in a lot of cases the idea of eating them again is well, not appealing at all.

Today is my ten-day anniversary of being carb-free.  In fact, the croissants my roommate bought sent me this e-card.

Cry me a river, carbs.

So from now on, I will try to be more mindful in my calories and add more vegetables (yes, veggies are allowed but only starch-free ones like broccoli) and activity.

Have a happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Still doing good on keto... But gaining????

Hello everyone!

This is my eighth day on keto I think, but I stepped on the scale and...

I am UP TWO POUNDS. (About 1 kg)

But Why??????

I haven't touched a single crumb of starch since I started, and I have no plans on it any time soon.

But why the weight gain?

Well, I have taken some time and looked back and saw two t hings that really stand out on my diet that I am feleing that I am doing WRONG.

1. Low amount of vegetables and a LOT of meat


So I think I am just bloated and need more fiber involved. Okay, also a major lack of activity.

So the new things to try:

1. More veggies (starch free!)

2. Less salty stuff! 

3. Get off my ass and move!

Tomorrow I am going to do Meta if I'm not too tired.

I hope everyone else had a good day today with their dieting. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello everyone!

I made it an entire week!

Today is my seventh day, but I am not going to keep writing Day 1, Day 2, etc in regards to my diet because I really hope this becomes more of a lifestyle.

As for today, I haven't FINISHED all of my eating for the day, but I do have it planned.

Here's what I had today, I kinda had to just bring whatever was in the house (I am going grocery shopping this evening)


Corned beef and some cheddar cheese (natural)


Same as breakfast.


I plan on making some steamed vegetables, with butter on top, served with some fried tofu and soup. (Like I was taking to work last week- I really like this meal, it's filling and tastes really good to me.)

Lately I have been skimping on the veggies but it's not my fault! I haven't been out to do my shopping but I am doing that today!   I do know veggies are also very important on keto.

As for working out, I may do day 1 of Metamorphosis since I get out earlier today. The next few weeks are going to be weird but it will die down in May.   Like Keto, the Tracy Anderson method stuff should be a lifestyle thing too, meaning if I can't do it perfectly 6x a week EVERY WEEK, I cannot allow that to irk me too much. A little annoyed yes, but full on OCD? No.

Now I am off to go shopping, but I hope everyone else has a great day too!  Hoping I get time to do my workout (I have a pile of homework tonight... Ughhh)

Monday, April 1, 2013

4/1/13 Day 6 on Keto

Hello everyone!

I survived an entire weekend and almost an entire week!

I also hit a weight loss milestone.

I lost 10.1 lb / 4.6 kg since 3/27/13~!

Nope, not April Fool's either. 

Last night I ended up doing Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy workout before bed.  Today I had a long day and did not work out.  However, here is what I ate.


Whopper with no cheese/ketchup/onion/bun


Double cheeseburger with pepperjack cheese, pickles

Dinner: same as Lunch

Snack: 6 strawberries.

Also, I think my desire to have anything to do with carbs is almost GONE.  My roommate was eating pizza this evening and I didn't even eat the toppings.


It's a trigger.  If I eat the toppings and see the bare crust laying there, I will be WAY tempted to eat that too.  So, I ate a few strawberries. Only 6 carbs as opposed to the truckload I could have eaten with the pizza.

How were all of your days??