Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taking a break from TAM for now... but hear me out!

Hello everyone~

Yes, the title is true. I am putting TAM on the backburner now after careful thought. (I have also posted thoughts of holding off on it before)

I am not saying that TAM doesn't work. It does. It's just not working FAST enough for what I need it to do.  I want to lose the initial 80-90 pounds relatively fast and when I am lighter, THEN go back to TAM to refine the work I have done on my body. If my starting weight was around 160-170 pounds then it would be fine. 

I am doing Beachbody's Power 90 program right now, and MAY go on to P90X to lose more (I am too out of shape to do P90X at the moment). It all depends on the kind of results I get with Power 90.

Yes, these programs require a lot of weight training and stuff, but bulking up right now is not really on my list of problems. My main goal right now is just to burn off a good portion of the fat I have.  Worry about bulking/toning up/refining my shape later. 

But that's not to say that TAM will totally be out. I still want to do the cardio portion for a few reasons.

1. The Power 90 workouts are not very long. Especially the strength training days. I want to add some extra cardio if possible. Nothing wrong with doing cardio every day, now is there?

2. I want to be able to have learned all of the dance cardio (or most of them) by the time I am back to doing TAM.   Meta and Boot Camp cardio is boring and by then I want to be able to dance around.  The choreographed stuff is not just more mentally challenging but physically as well. 

I do not doubt that TAM will make you lose weight. I just want the initial flab off faster even if it means doing "traditional" exercise. 

Have a great day and I will post my first workout day shortly.


  1. Hey Roxy, that sounds like a great plan! I just saw this new program on the Dr Phil show called the P.I.N.K. Method. It looks really good! In fact one of the women on there said she found this program to be more doable than p90X which she had attempted before. IT's a A very comprehensive, doable program w/both exercise and diet that are reasonable for whatever weight a person is starting at, AND it's designed specifically for women by women. Their meals plans are also customizable for gluten-free dairy free etc. If you check it out, I'd love to hear what you think about it :) Good luck darlin'! (It's only $70.00 for the program which is pretty decent too)

  2. p.s. there's clips on youtube as well of the PINK Method creators on "dr. phil" and "the doctors"

  3. i say do whatever you keeps you motivated!