Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sad. Not diet related but fitness related.

Hello everyone!

As you all know, the Olympics are going on right now and I read an article about how some of them train.

There is always that one athlete that is so much better than the other competitors that it's downright scary.

Petra Schneider, who won the gold in 1980 in swimming was one such athlete.

How did she get so much more powerful?

This is where it gets sad.

As a little girl in East Germany, she was removed from school and placed in a training camp where she was not even identified by her name, but as "Sportsperson 137" because she was thought of as a "potential Champion".

She was constantly pushed for years to train in swimming, even getting forced to swim in a vacuum so that she can increase oxygen uptake. She was also injected with steroids so often that now in her older years she has a lot of health problems.

Sharron Davies was not racing against another swimmer that day - she was racing against a different species,’ she told me tearfully in an extraordinary mea culpa which later saw her ask for her world records to be expunged. ‘I was programmed to take the gold.’

This year, the winner was Ye Shiwen, and it's speculated that in China they do similar things to children in hopes of them winning gold medals.

For more reading on this, click here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Want to look like an MMA fighter?

Hello everyone!

I was browsing around and found out that they actually have a home workout system that is based on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training.  

The workout is called Tapout XT

<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/37819311?byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;autoplay=10" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

It looks like P90X but harder!  Also it seems more geared toward men, but of course, women do it as well. 

Have any of you guys seen this, or know someone who owns it?

For more info visit http://www.tapoutxt.com/

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another good recipe!

Hello everyone!

The other day, I decided to try being a bit more frugal (school tuition doesn't pay itself) yet still eating clean, healthy foods.  I got a big bag of Birdseye (a brand of veggies) Oriental Stir Fry.

It comes with sauce packets but I tossed them because they contain wheat and sugars and crap. 

Here's my recipe for a simple vegan stir fry.  It's Vegan and Gluten-Free (if Tamari sauce is used).

Looks very similar- I didn't add sesame seeds on top but you can!

Serves 1

2 cups of vegetables from the bag (any fresh or frozen stir-fry mix will do.  This recipe uses frozen so if you use fresh, cooking time might be different.)
1/4 block of firm tofu cut into bite size pieces
1 teaspoon of canola/coconut oil (olive isn't good for frying)
Tamari Soy Sauce (I use low sodium but that's optional)

Step 1:

Heat oil in a skillet on medium heat until hot.

Step 2:

Add veggies and a couple tablespoons of water then cover.  Cook like this for about 4 minutes.

Step 3:

Add tofu and drizzle Tamari sauce (or regular soy sauce) just enough to get most of the vegetables (about a Tablespoon. Adjust to taste)

Step 4:

Cook for 1-2 minutes or until the vegetables are as done as you'd like. (I like them barely cooked with most of their crunch and nutrients left)

Serve immediately.

Approximate cost per serving is roughly $1-$1.50 per serving. Not bad. (Tofu by me is cheap, if you aren't as fortunate to live near an Asian market then it will cost more)

I think it tastes VERY good and I normally hate veggies!  Give it a try!

Okay, not workout related but...

Hello everyone!

This is totally not workout related but I found this um... Interesting Korean music video.  

The song is called Gangnam Style (Gangnam is an area of Seoul) by PSY. 

Well, I guess it COULD be good dance music. I wonder how many calories doing that weird dance he does burns, haha.

Have a great day!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Since I'm in the Sprit of Demotivation...

Hello everyone!

As of late, I have been feeling very demotivated to exercise. Like really, the thought of even getting up in the morning sounded like a chore, much less doing a workout.

What I'd rather do than exercise. 

So, I looked up ways to motivate myself to perhaps get back to it.

I came across a post by someone called 31 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise.

I won't list all of them but here's a few-

- Do a workout you enjoy. It doesn't matter what, as long as you are moving.
- Read other's success stories. 
- Give yourself rewards (non-food in my case) 
- Stress Relief
- Write it down!

And many more.

What keeps  YOU motivated to work out?  How do you get out of a slump?

Burn 350 calories in 30 minutes

Hello everyone!

I found an article that has exercises you can do to burn 350 calories in 30 minutes.

Moves range from jumping jacks to lunges to running in place and all the equipment you will need is 5-8 pound dumbbells.

I personally would rather do TA work but this could be good for someone who wants to try something a little different.

Friday, July 27, 2012

8 Mistakes that Age

Hello everyone!

I came across an article today called "8 Diet and Exercise Mistakes that Age You".

Here are a few!

1. Eating too much sugar.  What this does is actually destroy the collagen fibers that keep your skin looking young through a process called glycation.  For sweetening, try stevia (all natural plant sweetener that I love) and if you MUST have other carbs, make them low sugar carbs, (like veggies) because they do less damage.

2. Using hard cardio to deal with stress.  Yoga really is better for you when it comes to de-stressing.  Regular yoga practice helps more oxygen flow through you and may even reduce inflammation.

3. Coffee instead of tea.  No tea means less protective things like EGCG and theaflavins (skin cancer preventers)

4. Not doing any toning exercises.  Toning up helps prevent sagging skin as you age on the body.

For the rest, check out the article here


Hello everyone

I have no idea why, but lately I have been really lacking motivation to work out or eat right.

I know I was doing well a couple weeks ago but now... I feel like a lazy fat fuck. 

I also have been eating tons of crap. Like seriously, it's bad.

Just thought I would get it off my chest.  Every morning I wake up with the intention that I will do better today but lately it just doesn't happen.

I've also been under a lot of pressure and stress which is not helping.

Uggghh.  I hope it will get better and get back on that wagon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello everyone!

More stupid people writing comments about someone's weight.

Olympic swimmer Liesel Jones is the latest target, following a previous post about model Kate Upton being a "cow".

Liesel Jones, 2012

Miss Jones in 2008

An Australian newspaper made the comment that her current look is "stark contrast" to how she looked in 2008.  

Sure, she doesn't look how she used to, but the point is she still made it into this Olympics this time, so should it matter if she's a bit softer than she used to be?

The Subway Diet Part 3

Hello everyone!

Last but not least, the exercise portion of the Subway diet. 

So, what did Jared do in terms in exercise?  Simple. Walking. Lots of walking.

Keep in mind that Jared was severely overweight.  He didn't actually start walking until he got below 300 pounds, then started to walk about 1.5 miles per day.

Walking a mile and a half might not be enough for some people, but the moral of the story is calories in < calories out = weight loss.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Subway Diet Part 2

Hello everyone!

Weight loss on a bun?  Not so fast...

Yesterday, I posted about the Subway Diet.  This post will cover the diet portion of it and what it breaks down into. 

Here's a breakdown of the Subway diet (How Jared did it)

Breakfast: Cup of coffee (some dieters eat a small bowl of cereal)

Lunch: 6 inch turkey sub (no mayo or cheese) and baked chips

Dinner: Footlong veggie delight sub (no mayo/cheese/etc)

That's it.  Usually in a day you are taking in less than 1000 calories a day.  For him, it worked.


1. Convenient (especially if you are on the road a lot, there's Subways everywhere)
2. Planning is minimal since you are eating the same thing every day
3. Probably won't be hungry as these sandwiches are pretty filling.


1. Expensive. If you do this diet as he did, expect to spend about 10$ or less per day on food.  For some people that can be pricey.
2. Not suitable for people who can't eat gluten
3. Not suitable for vegans (As far as I know, the bread is not even vegan)

Technically you could do this at home in a cheaper way, by making sandwiches at home but making sure you are in the right calorie ranges and following similar guidelines.

I believe he had his sandwiches on whole wheat bread and only used yellow mustard as a condiment. No cheese, no oil, etc.

So to me, the diet is mostly common sense. It's basically just another way to eat sensibly.  

Turbo, Turbo, Everywhere!

Hello everyone!

If you're like me and always reading about different exercises and stuff, you may have heard of Turbo Jam. And Turbo Kick. And Turbo Fire.

So many Turbos- What is the difference?

I found a video in which the creator herself, Chalene Johnson, explains.

After watching this video, I have made the informed decision to go back to Turbo Jam instead of Turbo Fire (I am still severely overweight) and do Tracy's Mat Workout as my strength training. (Chalene says if there is a toning workout we like, Go for it! You do not have to do Turbo Sculpt.)

She also mentions that in many gyms around the country, they teach Turbo Kick.  I searched for myself and sure enough- I found a Turbo Kick class! Several, in fact!

Have you tried any Turbos?  Which do you like best?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Subway Diet Part 1

Hello everyone!

Weight loss on a bun?  There's a catch.

I am pretty sure everyone (or at least most people) in America know of Subway sandwiches and the infamous "Subway Diet". 

What is the subway diet?  A college student named Jared Fogle lost 245 pounds eating Subway every day.  However, he pretty much ate the same thing every day.

Have you ever done the Subway Diet, or known anyone who did?

Monday, July 23, 2012

A question for all my veggie/vegan/health conscious friends

Hello everyone!

I recently got into an argument with someone (Okay more like "debate") about if having almond milk every day is bad for you.

She tried to tell me that almond milk increases breast cancer risk in women.  To my knowledge, that's soy milk.  I have heard nothing really "bad" like that about almond milk.

I drink 1 cup every morning in a smoothie for breakfast.  Am I really drinking "too much"? Discuss!

What a way to ring in my new year of being alive...

Hello everyone!

This weekend has really been a pig-out from hell and today I am suffering quite badly.  

Dramatization: Everything that went into my mouth this weekend.


Pizza buffet (didn't do too bad here, but still)
Korean Barbecue Buffet
A scoop of birthday cake ice cream


Hot dog
Movie popcorn (what I really think messed up my stomach)
Spicy Italian Subway sandwich (lots of hot peppers but those usually do not upset my stomach)

I went to bed last night feeling miserable and I still feel pretty bad today. Ugh.  I think today I am going to take it very, very easy on the eating and the kinds of foods I eat.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another year older, another goal.

Hello everyone!

I have just turned 27, and I want to use this as a mini clean slate.

I have been thinking of some goals to try to meet by the time I turn 28.

Here's what I'd LIKE to happen by then (in a perfect world):

Be at my ideal weight by then (or close to it)

Fully adopt healthy eating habits (almost no slip ups)

Make exercise a habit, not a chore.  I still think of it as a pain in the ass.

I also still think dieting is a pain in the ass.  I still sometimes crave certain tastes of food.  Not necessarily carbs but certain tastes, like Taco Bell, Hamburgers, etc that I should not be eating.  Coincidentally most of the food tastes I crave, the foods that contain them have carbs. Poop.

I don't think I am going to be 100% healthy today, it's still my birthday and I don't want things like impromptu meals with others to throw my mindset off today. 

Tomorrow- back to business!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello everyone!

Today is the day I finally turn 27!!!!!! 

Sailor Moon! ^_^

I had a really good time last night with my brother, Dark Knight Rises was great! (NO SPOILERS!) I also ate Korean BBQ Buffet and decided F*** the Police, I'll eat what I want!!!

So I came home with a nice full tummy.

New year older is like a fresh start for me. Hoping by next birthday I can have made more progress. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday dinner part 2

Hello everyone!

Tonight is part 2 of birthday fun for me.

Tonight is Korean barbecue buffet night with my brother!  I do not have to be so careful here because basically all they HAVE is protein. If I really want to watch my carbs then there are unseasoned meats as well.

Then, I am going to go see the new Batman movie. (RIP those who were killed on the opening night :(  )

I will let you all know how it goes!

The result of my buffet experience

Hello everyone!

As you may have read, I went to a Chinese buffet last night.  

I didn't cause too much damage- here's what I ended up eating!

I had 2 plates.

Plate 1

1 small scoop of roasted oven potatoes 
A few pieces of beef and peppers
Mongolian beef (stirfried meat and onion) 

Plate 2

1 small scoop of potatoes again
Mongolian beef
1 small pork egg roll (ate half)
1 piece of sweet and sour chicken (just one little nugget of it, no sauce)

So, in the end, I did end up meeting my goals. Fried stuff was had, but in VERY limited quantities and nothing sweet.  Could have done a little better than the potatoes, but at least the potatoes were not fried (like fried rice) or loaded with gluten (like noodles, even though I am sure the other stuff has hidden wheat in it).

Friday, July 20, 2012

Birthday dinner part 1

Hello everyone!

My birthday is this Sunday- I will be 27!~ (oh goddddd, LOL)

So this evening, I will be going to a Chinese buffet with a friend.  Normally I wouldn't go near a buffet with a 50 foot pole, but it's my birthday.

What will I have?  I am not sure exactly everything they will be serving but here is what I am going to aim for.

1. Avoiding rice/noodles
2. Avoiding anything deep fried
3. Avoiding thick, sweet sauces
4. Try to find meats that are more stir-fried/grilled 
5. Load up on the veggies

I'm sure I will not be 100% perfect.  If I want an egg roll or something, I'll get one. ONE. And take one bite at first to see how I feel. If I finish it, then that's okay too. Not ideal, but okay.

Do you have strategies for dining at buffets?

Nutrisystem- Worth it or waste?

Hello everyone!

When I browse the internet, I keep coming across ads about something called Nutrisystem.  So, I decided to see what it is and what it's about.

Above: A commercial with Janet Jackson, who apparently used this system herself.

Basically Nutrisystem is a weight loss program involving meals delivered to your home.  

They have 3 plans that vary in price: Women's, Men's, Diabetic.

What the plans basically include are 28 days worth of preportioned meals (breakfast lunch dinner) delivered to your house, optional protein shakes, web support, personalized activity plans, and even personalized plans for seniors and vegetarians. 

How much does this all cost?  For women and diabetics, $229 a month.  For men, $259 a month.

For a full month of meals made for you and delivered, the price is not too bad.  It costs about the same as going to the grocery store for a month.  This could be good for someone who is new to dieting, cooking healthy meals, and doing portions because the food they send can give you an idea.

Potential cons (potential since I have not actually ordered)- Possibility of having processed foods, foods with chemicals in it, etc.  Also the food could be expensive for some people.

Have you or anyone you know tried Nutrisystem before?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Slipped up.

Hello everyone!

Today I slipped up (or at least it feels like it to me).

1. I did my MS work, but no cardio aside from my morning walk.

2. I ruined my diet by eating a big heavy dinner.

My day went normally, smoothies and salads abound.  Then dinner hit.  I bought a meal from my local middle eastern place, which comes with rice, various grilled meats and a salad. 

The original plan: Eat the meats and salad.

What ended up happening: I ate the whole goddammned thing. 

And I feel guilty. Really guilty.  I know I shouldn't, I know it was a pretty normal amount of food, but knowing that I ate the rice made me feel bad (since I am watching my carbs). 

I also didn't do my cardio because I felt like there was a rock in my stomach after eating that  meal.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hello everyone!

Remember that post about how happy I was that I lost so much weight?  

Turns out my scale is broken. 

Now I am using my Wii Fit board as a scale. While the number isn't as low as I'd like, it's still LOWER. Meaning, the stuff I have been doing is working.

I took my official pre-hipcentric weight on Monday night, forgot, so I posted about the weight reality here. 

Starting weight and measurements coming around the 26th.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So far, so good.

Hello everyone!

So far, I have been back to Hipcentric Metamorphosis for 2 days now and I am really glad to be back!

I am not striving for perfection this time, I am using hip as a foundation for the following:

1. Build strength and lose some weight for Abcentric meta afterwards

2. (Probably the most important) As a learning tool to help get me to this being a HABIT.  Every day, do something. If I only do 5 reps a leg, fine. 40, fine, just GET IT DONE.

As I write this, my butt, thighs, abs and sides are sore, which is how I want it. 

Will put up measurements and weights after my first 10 days.

I'm moving!

Hello everyone!

A quick heads up- I am working on moving this site to a new host!

If posts are missing, the site looks weird, etc, pardon my dust! I am working to get my blog up and running and pretty as soon as possible.

I will no longer be based on blogspot after that is done.  Until it's finalized, my posts still SHOULD be here at the blogspot address.

Please change your bookmarks to www.teenytinyquest.com.

Have a great day~!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A simple but tasty (and healthy) smoothie recipe!

Hello everyone!

I decided to try out a recipe for a smoothie that I came up with, but I am pretty sure others have made similar.

I call it a Berry Muffin Smoothie.

Not the exact smoothie but the end result looks almost identical. 

Ingredients (serves one person)

1 cup of almond milk (I use unsweetened plain)
1/2 cup of mixed frozen berries (I have a mix of strawberry/blueberry/raspberry)
2 tablespoons of ground flax
Stevia to taste (optional)

Pour all ingredients in blender and blend on liquefy until liquid or desired consistency.  Serve immediately, this will thicken on its own relatively fast.

I had it for breakfast this morning and it was yummy and more satisfying than the smoothies that I have been making (flaxless).

Do you have a good smoothie recipe? Post below!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hello everyone!

This isn't good.  I have been doing Turbo Fire lately and to be honest... It's boring me.

I never got bored with Tracy (I miss doing it a LOT), but with Turbo Fire, I am starting to get bored. I never really was a big fan of kickboxing and I think that's why.

Also I find that in the Turbo workouts I've done (Turbo Jam included a few years back) it's mostly the arms that are moving.  What I liked about Tracy's dance and every other dance workout I have done is that my WHOLE body was always moving. I also saw inches and weight come off better with Metamorphosis than what I am doing now. (Turbo Fire and Walking)  Also when I do the muscular structure work, I drip buckets of sweat, same with the dance cardio.

Here's a more detailed comparison with how I feel doing Turbo Fire versus when I did Tracy.


1. After every workout, I had a bit of trouble walking around, sitting down, going up stairs.  Not in an injury kind of way, but an "I worked my ass off" way.

2. After I did TA for a while before, people have noticed me looking better and walking better much more quickly than now.

Turbo Fire:

1. I also sweat buckets and get tired, but mostly tired in my arms.

2. My thighs/hips/butt do not have that "I worked hard today/can't walk well" feeling that dancing always gave me. 

I said before I felt somewhat uncomfortable doing TA moves, but only ones with the chair (that appears in the 30 day  method).  I may give Meta another go tomorrow, but I am planning to do whatever workout makes me feel good at the time.  At least, I want to start practicing the choreographed dancing again. Those workouts REALLY made my butt cry.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kate Upton called Fat by Blogger

Hello everyone!

I came across something that I found a bit disturbing.

A blogger who calls herself "Skinny Gurl" made a post about how model Kate Upton is "fat".

Yep. THAT Kate Upton. Look at all those rippling fat rolls. 

This blogger (who claims to be 5'7" and 100 pounds) runs a website glorifying being skinny. Not pro-ana, but skinny.  

She also called Kate Upton a "piggie", "looks like a squishy brick" and a bunch of other nasty things, even comparing her to cows. 

This post got a lot of negative feedback and the blogger even received rape and death threats for her words. Kate is also not the only celeb she deems "fat".  This post has her saying that Hayden Panettiere needs to "lay off the cupcakes" and has "Mommy arms" and "big fat thighs". 

What is your view on this?

What's up with me?

Hello everyone!

More updates on how I've been doing-

1. I have been getting up at 5:30 am (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!) to go for a one hour walk every day for the past two weeks almost.
2. Around the house I am more active, less time by the computer.
3. I have also been doing a lot more other exercise, I have been doing turbo fire for 30 minutes a day, but this week I think I am going to up it to an hour. 
4. The diet is still a struggle, I honestly still do miss fast food.  I know it's bad for me but I still miss it for now.

I will let you all know how Turbo Fire went, after I go out and run errands.

Have a great day!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Atkins Diet

Hello everyone!

Who remembers the Atkins diet?  It is very similar to the Ketogenic diet in the sense that it is low carb and that you also aim to get into Ketosis.

Last thing I read about it, Dr. Atkins passed away and the diet fell out of favor.  

However, it's still going, I went on their site www.atkins.com, and I am now receiving a free sample of 3 Atkins bars. What flavors, I do not know. When I get them, I will post about how they taste and stuff. 

Have a great day!!!

Sensa Weight Loss System

Hello everyone-

Here is a product that I have seen advertised around- SENSA Weight loss system.

Apparently what it is is something you sprinkle on food that works with your sense of smell and switches your "hunger switch" in  your brain, which is supposed to make you eat less, and lose weight with no dietary changes or exercise needed.

They divulge a few of the ingredients as being corn maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, and silica among other things.  It also claims that it is sugar, gluten, sodium, calorie, MSG, stimulant, and diuretic-free and that there are no fat burners or anything that toys with your bloodstream.

Does it work?

According to the clinical trials, the average person lost 30 pounds but there are stories of people losing more (105 pounds in 27 months, which to me is a bit on the slow side) 

Would I try it? Probably not for me, but would you?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I finally tasted my Arctic Zero

Hello everyone!

Previously, I posted about this ice cream I found called Arctic Zero, which has less than 150 calories per pint. 

I got the vanilla maple flavor, thinking nothing can go wrong with maple, I like maple/caramel everything.

It does taste like they say, although to me it's not so strong tasting as I expected.

The texture is more like a sorbet than an ice cream, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

My verdict- try it, I would try other flavors, but at $5 a pint it wont be often that I do.

Pomegranate Vinegar

Hello everyone!

Anyone who knows me well knows that not only is exercise an interest to me, but Asian cultures are as well.  This is a time when both combine.

I have been watching a show called Diet War 6, which is basically the Korean version of the Biggest Loser.  In it, they are often seen drinking some red juice looking stuff.  Turns out, this is pomegranate vinegar mixed in water.

This is the Japanese packaging but the bottle looks pretty much the same, my bottle (Yes, I bought it) is in Korean.

Apparently drinking this stuff helps improve the skin, help digestion, help metabolism, help weight loss and lastly, detoxes.

I bought a bottle of my own and made myself a little of the drink. It tastes pretty good, actually. It has that sour vinegar taste but also the sweetness of pomegranate.

I want to start drinking a cup in the morning and a cup at night.

Have any of you tried this, or the apple cider drinking?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weight loss!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!

Just a quickie post!

Ok, so I haven't weighed in a while.  Last time I used my bathroom scale I was teetering between 280-283 pounds.  Lately I notice I've been looking flatter in the butt and tummy, and my lower legs also looked more leaned out so I decided to check on it.

Well, today I was floored.

I got on the scale...

258.6 pounds. No fucking lie.  I kept weighing and the numbers all stayed about the same. I even put other heavy weights on it (about 50 pounds, it reported it perfectly), another person (weight also correct).  

So... yeah. Quite a bit of loss! Let's hope it keeps going down. 

What my workouts should be like (according to me)

Hello everyone!

A while back I posted about how I've been changing my eating habits and what a day generally looks like for me.

And while I said I will continue with turbo fire, here's what I want my day (workoutwise) to start looking like.

This may be a bit much but this is only until I get to around 160-175 pounds.

During this summer, I'd like each day to have the following included-

1. At least an hour of walking.
2. Goal- 60 minutes of Turbo Fire (Not the HIIT DVDs yet- not ready!) but 30 when I am pressed for time.
3. Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy/Mat Dvds. (Not both on the same day, I want to start on PP since it's shorter and easier on the legs (NOT on the abs and that is where my real trouble spot is) and move on to the full on Mat workout. Neither of these have funky circus moves or balancing on chairs, or anything else that my current weight makes me feel uncomfortable about.) 
4. P90X X Stretch. A very thorough, full body guided stretch workout. Prefer to do this before bed, so I go to bed with less soreness.

I also am trying to move more in general around the house, today I scrubbed down my  basement floor and basement bathroom. 

The only reason I am doing so much exercise is to get the inital weight off. I thought about doing Chalean Extreme (which is weight lifting) but I do not eat enough protein whatsoever for any weight training program.  Also, at this time, strength is not so much a goal as fat loss. 

Also on the subject of protein- instead of just one serving of protein at dinner, I plan on working it into lunch as well.  I think it would be better to keep me on track and not go on a cheat-spree.  I tend to crave protein a lot, so I think this will be helpful. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shiseido Advanced Body Creator

Hello everyone!

As it is that I have to lose over 100 pounds, one thing is set in my mind- the worry of saggy, wrinkly body skin.

I have my own product preference for preventing it. I have used it in the past and really liked how it made my skin feel.  

This is the old bottle I used to have, it was hard plastic and difficult to squeeze product out.  Here's the newer packaging:

This package is more squeeze-friendly. They also changed the name to "Advanced" Body Creator.

Well, what's the deal with this stuff?

This is a gel meant for firming the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.  It does have caffeine, which I have read does wonders for cellulite on a visual aspect.

It also feels tingly when you rub it on the skin.  I like the feeling but some people may find it something to get used to.  It also has a nice spicy grapefruity smell (I like it, some may not).  There is a reason it smells like grapefruit and not, say, flowers.

Research shows smelling grapefruit serves as an appetite suppressant and reduced food intake helps weight loss as well. 

When I bought it before, I was told that the best time to put this stuff on was after my workout and after a shower when the pores are nice and open. 

Keep in mind that this is NOT supposed to make you actually slimmer. Applying this and not dieting/exercising will not make your thighs smaller.  They'll be smoother, but not smaller.  I am using it to moisturize and tighten up my skin (which it did a great job of last time I used it). 

The one downside is that it's a little expensive. For a 6.7 oz bottle, it costs $57.50 at most high end department stores or online.

Have you guys ever used this stuff, or a similar cream/lotion for skin firmness?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Got a pool? You got a workout.

Hello everyone!

I wish I had a swimming pool.  Other than using it for fun, you can also use it for working out.  All you need is a pool and a floating pool noodle. 

I found an article from Self Magazine called "Slim in a Splash"

It contains a slideshow of several different moves you can do in a swimming pool.  No sweating, no stickiness. 

I think it would probably be better if you had your own pool for this only because many public pools do not allow floaty toys like pool noodles. 

Other than these moves (and swimming, obviously) have you ever done anything fitness in the pool?  When I was younger and in ballet class, I would practice stretches and going on pointe in the pool. (Easier on my toes too, haha).

Flat abs fast?

Hello everyone!

I came across an article that actually made me wonder what people think the word " fast" means.

It's an article called "How to Get Flat Abs Fast"

It starts off by saying for flat abs quickly, eat your protein and fiber. Sounds sensible enough. Then came this line: "A study from Wake Forest found that for every 10-gram increase in soluble fiber people ate daily (about two small apples, a serving of oatmeal, a half cup of pinto beans, and a half cup of peas), their belly fat decreased by almost 4% over five years."

Four percent over five years.  Not weeks. YEARS. How in the hell is that "fast"????

The article goes on to give a couple examples of exercises for flat abs (planks, etc) which is fine, except for one small detail SO  many people (even me at one point) usually don't know.


It doesn't matter what body parts you're moving, your body is the one deciding where the fat comes off of first. NOT you.  I even had a friend who was trying to lose belly fat by doing various ab exercises, and she lost fat off her arms instead. 

So yeah, my opinion is that while this article gives relatively sound advice (it advises eating beans as well, which actually make me bloat like a blimp), I wouldn't count on it giving you flat abs unless your body happens to want to release that fat first.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lemon Water!

Hello everyone!

Another thing I want to start drinking more is lemon water.

Lemon water has many many benefits!

Here are 10 health benefits of lemon water that you may not have known!
  1. Good for stomach
    Lemon can help relieve many digestion problems when mixed with hot water. These include nausea, heartburn and parasites. Due to the digestive qualities of lemon juice, symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, bloating and belching are relieved. By drinking lemon juice regularly, the bowels are aided in eliminating waste more efficiently. Lemon acts as a blood purifier and as a cleansing agent. The intake of lemon juice can cure constipation. It is even known to help relieve hiccups when consumed as a juice. Lemon juice acts as a liver tonic and helps you digest your food by helping your liver produce more bile. It decreases the amount of phlegm produced by your body. It is also thought to help dissolve gallstones.
  2. Excellent for Skin Care
    Lemon, being a natural antiseptic medicine, can participate to cure problems related to skin. Lemon is a vitamin C rich citrus fruit that enhances your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within and thus bringing a glow on your face. Daily consumption of lemon water can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. It acts as an anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles and blackheads. Lemon water if applied on the areas of burns can fade the scars. As lemon is a cooling agent, it reduces the burning sensation on the skin.
  3. Aids in Dental Care
    Lemon water is used in dental care also. If fresh lemon juice is applied on the areas of toothache, it can assist in getting rid of the pain. The massages of lemon juice on gums can stop gum bleeding. It gives relief from bad smell and other problems related to gums.
  4. Cures Throat Infections
    Lemon is an excellent fruit that aids in fighting problems related to throat infections, sore throat and tonsillitis as it has an antibacterial property. For sore throat, dilute one-half lemon juice with one-half water and gargle frequently.
  5. Good for Weight Loss
    One of the major health benefits of drinking lemon water is that it paves way for losing weight faster, thus acting as a great weight loss remedy. If a person takes lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and honey, it can reduce the body weight as well.
  6. Controls High Blood Pressure
    Lemon water works wonders for people having heart problem, owing to its high potassium content. It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea as well as provides relaxation to mind and body. It also reduces mental stress and depression.
  7. Assist in curing Respiratory Disorders
    Lemon water assists in curing respiratory problems, along with breathing problems and revives a person suffering from asthma.
  8. Good for treating Rheumatism
    Lemon is also a diuretic and hence lemon water can treat rheumatism and arthritis. It helps to flush out bacteria and toxins out of the body.
  9. Reduces Fever
    Lemon water can treat a person who is suffering from cold, flu or fever. It helps to break fever by increasing perspiration.
  10. Acts as a blood purifier
    The diseases like cholera or malaria can be treated with lemon water as it can act as a blood purifier.