Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I got a Kinect!

Hello everyone!!!

Some of you may have heard of a new accessory you can get for the Xbox 360- the Kinect.  I ended up getting one for a late Christmas gift!

What it does is connects to your TVand like the Nintendo Wii you use your movement to control the games.   Except the Kinect has no remotes, it scans your body and you use your arms and legs themselves.

Additionally (and why I mention it in this blog) it can be a good workout tool.

I also got a game with it called Fighters Uncaged.  It's what it sounds like- a fighting game for the Kinect. 

Yes, you actually do have to punch and kick. And it's harder than it looks. The one bad thing about this game is that the controls are not as responsive as I'd like but trying to do the moves also gives you a workout in itself.

Another game I really want to try- Dance Central 2

Here's a clip of someone actually playing it

I like that you actually have to dance, with  your arms and legs.   I think this will be my next game, I think it would be a fun addition to doing Meta (which I took off today, really wasn't feeling good but I will do it tomorrow) .

Do any of you have Kinect? Do you have any games you'd like to try?

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