Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tracy Anderson Gives Body Advice for Glamour Magazine

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, Tracy Anderson is also training Kim Kardashian, who just had her new baby, North West.  With that, she also has some advice for new moms- and anyone really- when it comes to pushing yourself for results.

She says one of the most important things NOT to do to a new mom is to put a timeline on when they will be at their pre-baby weight.  Tracy says "The worst you can do as a new mom is to say, 'I'm not losing it fast enough, I'm ugly now, my body's gone to hell, I'm going to start juice cleansing, I'm going to stop breast-feeding because I don't think the weight's coming off fast enough.' No."

She doesn't mention it for non-moms but I also think more women even without babies and need to lose some weight should also adopt this mentality.  This is a horrible way to think that even I suffer from from time to time- especially thinking I look ugly, gone to hell, etc.

"Stay connected to what you feel is the best path for you and the baby and do the workouts as best you can."  Focus on the baby's needs and yours before forcing yourself to work out. 

"The most important thing is, hopefully you're nursing and you have to make sure your breast milk is healthy."  This means what you put into your mouth even after birth is very important because your new baby is taking in all those nutrients you eat!

 "What matters is that you're smart enough to grab the tools it takes, give yourself the time, and when your doctor releases you to work out, that you actually do work out. And if you're doing that, you can't put a timeline on it— you're doing the best you can do."   This means everyone is different and comes from different lifestyles, so just do your best and put an effort forward. 

"Consistency is key!"  Sad but true, for moms and non-moms alike.  You want results? You need to put in the work and effort to do it as consistently as you can. 

"A pregnancy is not the time to diet, it's not the time to not listen to your body. You're creating a whole other life. I ate Arby's during my pregnancy!"   If you gorged on junk food while pregnant, do not put yourself down for it or make yourself feel bad.  Tracy is right- pregnancy is NOT a time to be dieting at all.

I think this is all very sound, mentally healthy advice.  Do not  beat yourself up for not losing all of your pregnancy weight within a month or so.  If it doesn't happen for you right away despite your best efforts, it will happen, at your body's own pace.  Same goes for other people who want to lose weight.  Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and end up failing in the end and sometimes even worse.  

So relax.  Breathe.  Do your best.  (And I don't mean making minimal effort- really do your absolute best!) and you may see great results sooner than you expect!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bodyweight Exercises and Obesity

Hello everyone!

Lately I have been all about bodyweight exercises, mainly because they are free to do and can be done in a small space.

Now I am thinking (again) of putting my Tracy Anderson on hold (my basement is still out of shape and my ankle and knee are still not quite up to snuff yet) but in the mean time, walk and do bodyweight exercises.


I realized also that I may be pushing myself too hard for being obese, leading to easy injuries.  Bodyweight exercises exist that are gentle, yet effective.  Experts say strength training is highly effective, and what better than throwing and lifting around your own weight- especially when you have a lot extra like me.

Heavy lifting? Sounds scary. Sounds bulky! Help!

Well, from my own experience (watching my brother lose 85 pounds), my brother lost 85 pounds and went from a men's 40 inch pants to a snug 32 inch pants  by doing bodyweight exercises, eating clean, and walking.  And yes, he's a man, men bulk, right?  He didn't bulk at all.  He got slim looking and stronger.  So, I am not worried about bulking from bodyweight exercises.  After all, Tracy Anderson's method also has a lot of bodyweight workouts.

Another great thing about bodyweight training is that there's a very wide variety of moves adjustable and doable for all fitness levels.  Also, walking is great when you can't dance (Even Tracy herself said she always enjoys a good walk from time to time!)

Weather sucks? I can walk with the Walk Away the Pounds DVD I have- the Five Mile Fat Burning Walk.

My goal is to come up with a way to work out and lose weight with as little excuses as possible.

That's it from me today, have a great Saturday!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Soy Sauce and Gluten

Hello everyone!

With more people being aware of gluten intolerance and Celiac disease, a popular question is if soy sauce is safe to eat.

Now, there are wheat-free alternatives in the form of tamari sauce, but you may not need to go that far and spend more money.

Soy sauce containing wheat may not be that bad for most people.  A study was done on various brands of soy sauce and 22 brands were tested for gluten content.  In the United States, a food can be called gluten free if the gluten content is under 20 parts per million.

The end results of the tests: 21 of the brands contained less than 20 ppm, one had 22.8 ppm.

 Soy Sauce: Safe to eat or poison in a bottle?

Of course, I am not telling people to go start using soy sauce like it's going out of style.  However, a small amount likely will not hurt you unless you are extremely sensitive to gluten. (I am not a doctor, or any such expert, mind you.) These gluten amounts are based on fermented soy sauces ONLY.  It's thought that the fermentation process breaks down the wheat and lowers the gluten content.

I personally do not get reactions when I eat Kikkoman soy sauce. Yes, it contains wheat, but it is also fermented.  Kikkoman also does make a wheat free version now, which for me is unnecessary I think.

Of course, if you want to be 100% sure then of course buy the gluten free version (often costs more).

Are you gluten sensitive/intolerant? How does soy sauce affect you?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Another Video- Tracy Anderson Shows Us Five Ways to Tone Abs!

Hello everyone!

While I know there is no such thing as spot training (working out one body part to lose fat in that particular place) we are always on the lookout for more ways to tone up the tummy.

Tracy made a video with Elle Canada that is a bit different than her usual videos.

Click here for the video!

The way these new ab exercise look remind me of Madonna's Addicted To Sweat Towel Workout.  I'm not so good with this kind of workout yet, but I do know these types of exercises really  hit the core.

Have you ever done towel workouts? How did they go?

Tracy Anderson Tips to Stay Fit on Vacation!

Hello everyone!

Tracy Anderson was on TV recently to show us some moves to do when we don't have a lot of time to work out.

It's not a very long video, but again, she emphasizes the idea of no excuses, haha.

On vacation? Do it anyway!

Click here for the video!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Iodine and Weight Loss?

Hello everyone!

Have you tried dieting, tried exercising,and anything else to lose weight but you simply just can't seem to?

You may be iodine deficient.

Iodine is crucial for good thyroid function, which is the gland that regulates metabolism.  If you are not consuming enough iodine, you could be doing major damage to your thyroid which may result in problems such as hypothyroidism.

According to articles I read online, approximately 74% of healthy adults are iodine deficient.

"But isn't that stuff in table salt?" you  may wonder? (I thought it was too.)

In 2008, tests were run on 88 samples of "iodized salt" and less than half of them contained enough iodine.

How does one know if they are or could be iodine deficient?  Well, there is no test to see if you are or not, but these are the symptoms of deficiency.

- Weight gain
- Low energy

- Depression
- Heart disease
- Cognitive decline (brain fog)

These are almost the same symptoms of hypothyroidism.  If you feel like this, try to eat more iodine-containing foods.  If it's not the reason, it can't hurt anyway!  Also, please go to your doctor to have your thyroid checked- it's important that if you are hypothyroid that you know the cause before doing anything to treat it. 

The foods containing the most iodine are kelp and bladderwrack.  Other sources are eggs, dairy, and meat (although these foods have a lot less.)  Sea salt actually does not have very much iodine in it.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello everyone!

Over the weekend, I was shopping and I found something called Kumatoes on sale. 

What the hell is a Kumato anyway?  

Basically, it's a brown tomato.

It's a hybrid tomato from Europe that is brown- and supposed to be that way.  They are not colored, GMO, etc but bred by combining different breeds of tomato.

What do they taste like? I do not know myself yet, but I read that they taste sweeter than a conventional tomato. 

I did buy a pack (they came in packs of six and they are not very big- about twice the size of a golf ball.  I haven't tried them yet (looking for good recipes to put them in. Perhaps I might try them in a ratatouille or caprese salad) but when I taste them I will let you know.

I do not like the taste of regular raw tomatoes, I hope these taste better!

Now I am getting back to my final essay (exams done! Yay!)

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tracy Anderson's Weight Loss Advice for Brides

Hello everyone!

I came across an interesting article-

In it, Tracy Anderson discusses various tips about shaping up before a wedding or other special event.

1. Start Early

Basically, as soon as you start planning for the wedding or event, plan out your workout and fitness regimen.  Don't be one of those  people who waits until the last minute and needs to lose 30 pounds in a month, because you will be sadly disappointed.

2. Diet

Do not deprive yourself severely while trying to lose the weight. Tracy suggests eating cleaner- use lemon juice on salads instead of dressing, eat lots of vegetables and lean protein, and exchange the occasional meal with a protein shake or a bar.

3. Exercise!

Your body will  not look its best no matter how you diet if you don't exercise as well.  "If you want to look like you and a healthy version of you and the best version of you for your husband-to-be, then you need to start sweating and exercising and designing your body to look like a woman," Tracy says. 

For more info- the link to the article is here:


Friday, September 19, 2014

Tracy Anderson Releases New Edition 01 Workout Clothes

Hello everyone!

Last year, Tracy Anderson released a few pairs of leggings with clothing company Edition 01 each individually tailored to her four body types (Abcentric, Omnicentric, Hipcentric, and Glutecentric).

Remember these?

Now, she has more pieces with Edition 01, expanding a bit from the plain black leggings from before.

I think the clothes are cute, but overpriced, of course. (Nothing new there!)  Well, actually they are priced about on par with brands like Juicy Couture (which I do own some pieces from).



Capri sweatpants (I love these!!!)


Grey Tank Top


Black Leggings (Only $60, half the price of the original)


There are more like these, these are just some examples of her new stuff.  She is also still selling the older leggings.

Would you buy any of these?  To be honest, I would be more likely to buy the newer (and cuter/cheaper) clothes when I am small enough to fit them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why exercise when you can Prancercise?

Hello everyone!

Across the internet, I keep hearing about this new exercise video, and some people are unsure if it's a joke or not.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with Prancercise.

Yes, this is 100% real.  Prancercise is a workout method developed by a woman named Joanna Rohrback and she even copyrighted the name.

This video has also spawned some parodies, like this one.

How did you react to this?  Do you think it could be a decent workout, or just plain silly or weird?

Comment below!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Metabolic Syndrome

Hello everyone!

Lately, in recent years, I keep hearing a term being thrown around when it comes to dieting and obesity: Metabolic Syndrome.

But what is it?  How do I get it? How do I fix it?

Metabolic syndrome is actually a combination of several conditions (hence the term "syndrome") that increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Do you possibly have it?  Here are some things to look for.  

-Apple shaped body (mostly torso fat)
- High blood pressure
- Fasting glucose of 100 or more
- High cholesterol

If you have 3 or more of these problems, chances are you may have it. (I'm not a doctor, nor am I diagnosing you.)

If I do have it,  how do I get rid of it?

Simple.  It can be reduced or cured from healthy diet, exercise, and weight loss, in most people.

Even though I am obese myself, obesity is thankfully the only symptom I have.  Some people think all fat people have MS but that is also a myth.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Disgusting stuff found in seafood

Hello everyone!

I found an article that may be of concern to my seafood-eating readers.

Love eating these?  Be aware and conscious of where it came from.

According to the article, the United States imports a lot of farmed fish and seafood. 

"In Vietnam, shrimp is stored in dirty plastic tubs, covered in ice made from tap water that could be contaminated with bacteria. Vietnam ships more than 100 million pounds of shrimp to the United States each year or about 8 percent of all the shrimp we eat.  
In China, many fish farms reportedly use pig manure as feed, which contains salmonella and makes tilapia more susceptible to disease."
What the article says to do is try to get eco-labeled or wild fish, these have not been raised in such an environment.  Also ask your seafood provider questions about where the food came from and use seafood guides.

I personally do not eat fish or seafood (allergy and I don't like the smell or taste) but I thought this would be useful to my friends and readers that do.

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Opinions- Old Exercises "No Longer Effective"

Hello everyone!

So last time, I wrote about my opinions on how people are often too quick to judge poor people who do not "eat right".

Today, I will discuss something just as fallacious that I hear a lot- workouts from the 1980s are "no longer effective".

What kind of bullshit is that?

My first thought when I hear that is "did we evolve as a species that quickly that in a mere 30 years (hardly a drop in the ocean that is the history of man) that what we used to do back then will no longer work today?"  Ridiculous, right?  Also, a broken argument that "old" workouts do not work.  Here are some examples:

1. Yoga.  Yoga has been around for a VERY long time. People still do it, and claim that it is effective. 
2. Running.  Humans have been running pretty much as long as we have existed as a species.
3. Dance.  Humans have been dancing for a very long time too.

Sure, THOSE still work, but workout videos from yesteryear (that people did lose a LOT of weight doing- I have read reviews for Jane Fonda's old stuff in which the user lost 70+ pounds in a short period of time doing her workout 5 times a week) no longer work.  Because fuck logic. 

To  me, it's a ploy from the people making up new workouts now to make more money selling you their "innovations."  Current workout videos actually seem LESS effective than the old stuff!  And I am leary of stuff with silly, gimmicky names like Yoga Booty Ballet, Turbo Jam, Brazil Butt Lift, etc. (I am not saying these workouts suck, I have never done them, but I am using them as examples of workouts with silly ass names) 

As for me, I am going to start doing some old school Jane Fonda stuff.

So, just me blowing off a little steam with my opinion again.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Being Poor and Eating Well (A Rant)

Hello everyone!

I have been doing some thinking, I have been reading countless diet articles and books saying that to lose weight, we have to be eating whole, healthy, unprocessed foods.

Sounds easy enough, but what if you can't afford it? Then what?

In most cases, buying fresh vegetables, fresh meat, etc, is actually more expensive than a lot of people (including me) can afford.  At my local grocery store, the produce is actually pretty expensive.  I put together a shopping list of foods as a test to see how much everything would cost me and for myself alone to eat, I was looking at a ballpark of around 75-$100 a week.  That's with no family to feed aside from myself. For those who can afford it, great!  Keep it up!

What really gets me angry is when people make the kind of comments they do about low income people who don't eat healthy because they can't.  Poor people who live on ramen noodles get labeled as "lazy"(because they don't want to cook), "uneducated" (because everyone with a college degree can afford to eat right), and a bunch of other mean names.  I'm poor, but I am neither lazy nor uneducated.  I am almost a full time student and the main reason I am so poor is because I am paying out of pocket for school, rent, basic necessities, etc.  It adds up.  Food prices in general are higher than they used to be too!

Another thing I have read is that "poor people don't like fresh food." That is far from true.  If I COULD eat fresh healthy food every day, I would leap at the chance.  I actually enjoy cooking, and I have made a lot of yummy stuff when I am able to. 

So, you very well may see me post about how I ate something like ramen, instant oatmeal, or something else inexpensive and healthy, but I am really trying to do what I can to eat the best I can with what I have.

Also, as the Twinkie Diet guy showed us, you can eat processed foods and lose weight as long as you keep your calories in check.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Just a Few Opinions.

Hi everyone!

Still waiting to heal up and get my workout done, but this post isn't really about me this time. 

I have lately (and previously) read both a lot of hate and praise for Tracy Anderson and her method. Just thought I would write things that are commonly said and state my opinions on the subject as intelligently as possible.

1. Tracy's diet is dangerous/unhealthy/etc.

Well, in a lot of ways, yes it is, especially for the long term.  In her defense, she does say that this is not how to eat for life.  However, I disagree with her saying how her way of eating is the only way.  MANY people have done her method eating healthfully making their own choices and had great results. On Tracy's Facebook page recently, someone asked if the diet plan was absolutely necessary and they replied that it is optional and that many have achieved results with their own eating plans. (This was said after people came out of the woodwork and shared results)

2. Her method injures people.

In my opinion, I think this is a fairly weak statement against the method IF you are paying attention to your body and doing the moves correctly in the sense that ANY exercise can result in injury. Even walking can cause injury (look at me and my poor ankle for example).   You hear about athletes getting hurt ALL the time. Any exercise done in bad form can also cause injury. It's not TAM specific, it's common sense and fact.

3. Her method is not for people with a lot to lose.

Are you kidding me? I know people who have lost 60-70 pounds doing the method and eating reasonably.  ANY type of movement, when done consistently will cause weight loss especially in conjunction with eating right. However, everyone's body IS different and responds to different workouts accordingly. Which leads me to my next one...

4. Tracy's claims that other workouts make us bulk up are bullshit.

Well, back to the whole "everyone is different" statement, I can attest to the contrary- I have tried a lot of workouts in the past.  Notably, I tried to do P90X at one point. Guess what happened? NO weight loss, seemingly NO fat loss, I was just a heavier, more "solid" version of my previously and still obese self.   Some of us DO bulk from certain exercises, some of us do not.  To quote one of my professors, there are no rules, recipes, or regulations when it comes to human beings.

5. Tracy's fans are all a bunch of crazy cult people who are brainwashed by her "teeny tiny" decree.

Well, I do know a lot of people who are big fans of the method and I have yet to meet a "brainwashed" one in the bunch.  Hell, some of you may even think I'M brainwashed too. Your opinion.   Most of the people I know who do TAM do not fully buy into her "teeny tiny" and "perfection" claims, myself included. I call this blog my Teeny Tiny Quest as a play on her words, and perhaps maybe one day I will be close to teeny tiny with hard work and dedication.   As always, I am sure there ARE some who are brainwashed. 

6. Tracy should not be making videos, she is not a certified personal trainer.

Yeah, Tracy and SO many other "trainers" you may be familiar with- to my knowledge, Tony Horton (p90x), Jillian Michaels (Yep, THAT Jillan from the Biggest Loser), Possibly Billy Blanks (the Tae Bo guy) and many more (Kim Kardashian, anyone?)  ARE NOT CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINERS!!!! Shocker!  (If I am incorrect in saying that any of these people are not certified, I apologize. I searched and found no evidence that they have any certs) And yet, people still trust in them to change their bodies and their lives. 

In short, I believe Tracy can do things for ME, but as far as everyone else, they need to make that choice on their own.  I, for one find it difficult for me to stick with anything that I do not enjoy, ESPECIALLY working out.  I finally feel like I have found something I actually do not want to curl into the fetal position and die at the thought of doing. 

Disclaimer- these are MY opinions. If you read this and think I'm an idiot, cool. If you think I'm brilliant, why thank you.  I am not a certified trainer/dietician/etc, just a girl with an opinion.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Diet Drug- Repackaged Fen-Phen?

Hello everyone!

I just saw an article that interested me- they are releasing a new diet drug named Qsymia (Don't ask how to pronounce it) approved by the FDA for obesity.

Here is what the article says-

"Qsymia Nothing More than Repackaged Fen-Phen
The new anti-obesity drug Qsymia was created using two older drugs:  topiramate and phentermine.   If phentermine sounds vaguely familiar, let me jog your memory.
Fen-phen, the popular weight loss drug tied to heart valve damage and yanked from the market in 1997 was, you guessed it, one half phentermine!
In a nutshell, this new anti-obesity drug Qsymia is fen-phen repackaged as …  top-phen.
Thousands of lawsuits resulted from the damage caused by fen-phen with billions in settlements paid out to victims and their families.
That’s the standard business model in the pharmaceutical industry though.  Simply repackage a drug removed from the market by changing it up a bit, get it approved, make a fortune fast and when it is yanked off the market for harming people, simply settle the lawsuits and chalk it up as a normal cost of doing business.
In the end, Vivus will likely make much much more than will ever be paid out in future lawsuits from Qsymia, so it is a sound business decision for shareholders to get it out there and get the revenue flowing quickly.
This strategy is, of course, unethical, but it is perfectly legal and a proven way to generate huge profits for the drug industry in a short period of time.

Qsymia Side Effects

Acknowledged side effects of Qsymia include tingling in the hands and feet, constipation, dry mouth, dizziness, and insomnia.
Wait a minute – insomnia?  Isn’t lack of sleep a recognized and very big cause for overweight problems in the first place?
What Obesity Medicine Specialists (yes, they have a special name now) in their right minds would prescribe this for a patient?
It is important to note that the FDA rejected Qsymia, then known as Qnexa, in 2010 because it was associated with elevated heart rate, psychiatric problems and birth defects.  No worries, Vivus submitted additional “safety data”, and the drug application was approved.

Qsymia Doesn’t Help You Lose That Much Weight

Here’s the kicker.   A patient prescribed Qsymia will take on all this unknown health risk from taking a drug that was previously removed from the market over 10 years ago and whoops, not even lose that much weight.
Documentation submitted to the FDA indicated that nearly 70% of patients taking Qsymia for an entire year lost only 5% of their body weight compared with 20 percent of patients taking a placebo.
This means that a 250 lb person would only lose 12.5 lbs after taking Qsymia for a full year.  
This insignificant weight loss certainly wouldn’t reduce the long term health risk of anything weight related!
An overweight or obese person would be much better off simply switching to grassfed meat than taking Qsymia.  A typical 6 oz grassfed steak has approximately 100 fewer calories than a conventional 6 oz steak from grain fed cattle and since it is considerably more nutrient dense, fills you up better and you stay full longer.   Since the average American consumes 66.5 lbs of beef per year, this simple change would cause a person to lose about 6 lbs per year with all else remaining the same.
Eat grassfed beef or take a new anti-obesity drug with many side effects that will no doubt be prescribed for children as well?"

So the main thing is that it's becoming the new Fen-Phen, has a ton of potential side effects, and doesn't even work all that great anyway.  To me- just another diet drug.  They all have a ton of side effects, potentially dangerous garbage in them, and they hardly do anything ANYWAY except make you waste money for minimal result. 
I used to take diet pills (Phentermine, Zantrex-3, etc) and guess what? I am still obese. No magic happened and a lot of money I didn't even have got wasted.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tracy Anderson Method Rated By Elle Editors and More!

Hello everyone!

Tracy Anderson has been mentioned in two magazines that I am aware of- Redbook and Elle.

First, in Redbook, she is actually on the cover with Gwyneth and they have an interview and photoshoot.  

One of the pictures in the interview.

Some of the article is also available online.  Here it is:

"Tracy: "Gwyneth had extra weight she couldn't drop from her pregnancy with Moses, and she needed to get in shape for her first action film, Iron Man."
Gwyneth: "With my daughter it had been easier, but this time, no matter what I did, I felt stuck. I couldn't shift the weight. But I met Tracy and she was this force from the second I met her. She pulled my pants off. I'll never forget it. She was like, 'Oh, my God, wow, I just am so surprised, because you look so good in clothes. I wasn't expecting this.'

On how Gwyneth marked her 40th birthday

"The morning of my 40th birthday, my children and husband woke me up with hugs and gifts, and I proceeded to have the best week of my life. I feel really happy being 40, now that I'm on the other side of it. There was definitely some uncomfortable anticipation. But I'm amazed at what I've been able to accomplish, that I've maintained my important relationships and have such incredible women friends, that I have two funny, beautiful children who can give me a real life. In a way, I feel like no one should make big life decisions until 40. It's when it all starts to settle and become clear."

Gwyneth, on the significance of her 40th birthday

"I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I have the good fortune of knowing what they are. I can recognize my limitations, forgive myself, and celebrate the fact that I have made it to this important birthday with the information I need to keep making corrections."

On the surprising perk of Tracy's method

Gwyneth: "It did such wonders for my life, my confidence, my sex life, everything."
Tracy: "When you feel your best, you're more confident in bed, It's not lights-out, under-the-covers sex. It's more like, 'Take a look at this!'"
There is or course, more, but you have to get the actual magazine which is on sale now.  (I was at Walgreens last night and sadly they did NOT have Redbook.)

Online, they also had a little clip from Tracy from after the photo shoot where she shows some of her moves.

Now a magazine they DID have at the store was Elle, and in this issue of Elle, they reviewed several workout programs: P90X, Crossfit, Ballet Beautiful, Tracy Anderson Method and some other ones.  They actually gave TA a good review- the editor went to the studios but after a while she was able to go less, but was still seeing results.  She also mentioned that after the first month or so, "It became less of a time-suck and more of something to look forward to."  They also rated the intensity as pretty high. (I do not have a picture of this but it is in the December issue of Elle.)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Twitter Helps with Weight Loss?

Hello everyone!

I read something interesting today, that they are now finding that social media may help with weight loss.

"A recent study shows that dieters who use Twitter as part of a mobile weight-loss program are more likely to shed pounds than those who don’t use social media.
The study, conducted by the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health, is one of the first to examine the use of Twitter in a behavioral weight-loss intervention, said Brie Turner-McGrievy of the Arnold School’s Department of Health Promotion, Education and Behavior.
The study followed 96 overweight and obese men and women who participated in a weight-loss program using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Half of the group received biweekly podcasts about nutrition, exercise  and goal setting, while the other half, in addition to receiving the podcasts, downloaded a diet-monitoring app and a Twitter app to their mobile devices.
While both groups lost weight over the six-month study, those in the second group, who were actively posting to Twitter and getting feedback from a weight-loss counselor and fellow participants, dropped even more weight. In fact, researchers found that every 10 posts to Twitter corresponded to a 0.5 percent weight loss."

A big reason this may have happened is very much like going to meetings, posting to twitter helps to keep people accountable and reach out for support as opposed to doing it alone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Smoothie Recipes From Tracy Anderson

Hello everyone!

For those of you who are into smoothies, Tracy Anderson has given 3 recipes to ABC News.  They are all nutrient-filled and great for pregnancy.

Not the actual smoothies, but these look pretty good too!

Orange Smoothie
1.5 cups baby spinach (Pregnant women can also take Folic acid supplements, if they don’t like spinach)
3 oranges
1 dried pitted date
Cinnamon (great for nausea, indigestion, etc. during pregnancy, but use in moderation)
1/2 cup coconut milk, or one fresh coconut with meat and water used.
Blend ingredients.
*1 cup of spinach provides a pregnant woman’s daily intake of folate by 65 percent.  Folate is pertinent in the development of a baby’s brain and spinal cord.

Green Smoothie
3 cups spinach
1 banana
Ice or water
1 dried pitted date
1 apple
1.5 cups blueberries
(you can also add milk, but banana will give it “smoothie/milk” effect)
Blend ingredients.

3/4 cup Greek yogurt for calcium (and it has twice the protein that other yogurts have, helping to keep your bone structure strong as well as aiding in a baby’s growing bone structure.)
1/4 cup Oat Groats (it’s loaded with vitamins and fiber, and helps stabilize your blood sugar. You can substitute flax seeds.)
1 dried pitted date
1 cup raspberries
1 cup orange juice
Blend ingredients.

Want to read more? Here's the link!  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2013/02/3-smoothie-recipes-from-celebrity-fitness-trainer-tracy-anderson/

Monday, September 1, 2014

Beyonce is a Vegan- Well, Partially.

Hello everyone!

I read an article saying that Beyonce follows a partially vegan diet.  She gained 60 pounds while pregnant with her baby, and has lost it all (as do most celebrity moms).  She supposedly now eats at least one vegan meal a day and has vegan stuff for snacks, like edamame beans.

Is it really beneficial?  The author of the article has her own testimony about veganism.   She went on a plant-based diet for a month, after 10 days she only added back fish and has since not eaten meat or dairy.  She claims that she feels better, her skin clearer, etc. 

They also consulted an expert:

"Healthy Hollywood relied on the expertise of vegan expert, Brendan Brazier; who wrote the best-selling "Thrive" book series and created the plant-based "Vega" nutritional products. He advised me on how to put together a nutritious vegan meal plan. Even though I plan to eat fish going forward, Brendan says nixing the meat and dairy is a healthy change, adding, "It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. There are tremendous benefits to simply making progress, as opposed to 100%. The elimination of meat and dairy will be significant and you will benefit.""

To be honest, dairy isn't so much the problem for me as giving up meat and eggs.  I don't  think I could really do it forever.  Reduce, yes. Eliminate? No.

Dairy, however, is something I don't eat or drink so much, so eliminating that is a lot easier.  I have no qualms with almond milk or soy milk (as long as it's not GMO)

How many of you are vegan, or mostly vegan?