Sunday, May 24, 2015

At Long Last, I'm Back! Also With a Review!

Hello everyone!

Long time, no see!  I have been dealing with a lot of things (no worries, I am okay) and today, I dipped my toe back into the Tracy Anderson Method!

This morning I weighed myself and was horrified. I haven't been kind to myself body

wise and that needs to stop.

So, I had the Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for Beginners and popped them in the DVD player.

I did workout 1 of the Mat Workout, and I can say I was very pleased.  It requires no equipment for this one but a mat.  The arms were weightless but burned like hell (especially for someone like me who's been out of the workout game way too long) and the legs are all done on the floor, NO KNEES.  As in, you are not on all fours. This first workout really focuses on the hips and getting those strong.  No circus moves here, but your butt and hips will DEFINITELY feel the floor work.  There is no standalone ab work, but the other stuff involves your abs as well.

After that, I did the Cardio Dance for Beginners DVD.  It's set up in 15 minute sections, each getting a little more difficult. I did the first one, naturally.  Hardly any jumping, challenging yet relatively easy to keep up (at least for me).  HIGHLY recommend it even if you're not a beginner but you only have fifteen minutes for cardio at any given time.

That said, I feel slightly sore in all the right places and oddly energized. Tracy, I've missed you. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

You May Be Holding Your Weights Wrong!

Hello everyone!

Another small update.  I posted before (I think) about having an issue with my right knee (needing it aspirated and physical therapy). Last week, my LEFT knee swelled. (When it rains it pours) throwing another wrench in my workouts.  I went to the doctor today and had it drained, and told to be easy on it until Monday.

I think the coast can finally be clear for me to resume TAMing.

Speaking of TAM, I saw an interesting article about holding weights, and it really made me rethink my workout.

The article says when working out with small hand weights, gripping them with all four fingers is NOT correct and effective.  In fact, holding them with just your thumb against your palm is the right way. Go figure.  Also I did notice that is how Tracy always held her weights. I did it the "wrong" way.  The reasoning behind it is that it hits the muscles more effectively when holding them that way. 
The right way to do things. 

It's an older article but very thought provoking: Click here for the article!

Now my rule of thumb will be to even pay attention to how she holds the weights from now on, down to how to place my fingers on the weight.

Did any of you know this?  If yes and you changed, did you see a change in results?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming and The Method Express

Hello everyone!

It seems that with the new year upon us, Tracy Anderson is bringing out some new things of her own.

First, and probably the most awaited is that she now has the option for clients at home to purchase her workouts for streaming, with a new video each week.

Now if you have an internet connection, you can work out with Tracy in her studio with a new workout each week.  

This is how it's described on the website:

Access: granted. Tracy Anderson is inviting you inside her state-of-the-art studios to experience the Tracy Anderson Method in an unprecedented way. Regardless of where you live, worldwide, you can begin your transformation with weekly real-time workout videos directly from Tracy, working out alongside her classroom clients.

Get real with Tracy. Find balance. And join us on this weekly journey towards achieving your most empowered self.

The next wave in fitness STARTS NOW.

Reserve your spot with a 6 month membership and save $65 by making a one time payment of $475. You may cancel anytime after the 6 month period by contacting Customer Service at (866) 518-6138.

Every Workout Wednesday, will include: An intro video from Tracy, the real in-class experience from that day, and a tutorial from the trainer that queued Tracy while she created the routine just for you!

PLEASE NOTE: Tracy wants this experience to be unedited and real with you, just like taking a live class with Tracy in one of her studios.

We’re excited to get you moving with Tracy! You can actually get started today!

The only problem I have with her streaming is the cost.   $90 a month is a bit high for streaming videos that (from what I hear) clients cannot even keep.    I think that if the price were cheaper (about $20-30 a month) more people would sign up for this, including me. 

Next, I saw on a new DVD coming out called The Method Express.  Not much is known about it except that it is a pre-order at this point, and as of this posting, not on Amazon yet either.

About this item

Fitness icon Tracy Anderson has transformed the bodies of countless people across the globe. She has rocked the bodies of many of your favorite celebrities and, now she wants to move with you. Now is your time to connect with Tracy and experience the life changing results you deserve! Tracy will guide you through 6 super-efficient, effective 10-minute workouts. Some of the workouts target one specific area like arms and shoulders, legs, abs or butt. Others will help tighten and tone multiple muscle zones like the upper body and lower body. The workouts can be used individually or combined - it is up to you! Start today - and let Tracy help you achieve your best body! Optional equipment: a set of 3-5 pound dumbbells, a set of 1.5-2.5 pound ankle weights and a yoga mat.

I am definitely interested in the quick 10 minute workouts, how about you?

For info on ordering/subscribing for the streaming:

For info on ordering the Method Express DVD:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Frozen berries vs Fresh

Hello everyone!

As you know, I have been making smoothies every morning out of fresh berries.  I have decided to start using frozen instead.

Why?  Isn't frozen produce less nutritious?

Actually, it can be MORE nutritious because the freezing process is done right after picking and locks all the nutrients in.  Fresh produce loses nutrients as it sits.

Here's why I decided to change to frozen.

1. Cost.  $9 for 3 pounds of mixed berries (strawberry, blackberry and raspberry) is cheaper than buying fresh counterpart, considering how 1/4 of a pound of raspberries can be 2$ or more.

2. Freshness.  Fresh berries rot. Really quickly, and that rot infects the whole package very fast.  Frozen berries are frozen, I have never seen properly frozen berries (or any food for that matter) rot, so with frozen I will have fresh berries whenever I want.

3. Efficiency.  No washing, no rinsing. Just scoop out some berries and put them right in the blender from the bag.  Also a bonus is since the berries are frozen, they make my smoothies colder. 

Frozen isn't appropriate for EVERYTHING berries are needed for, but for what I need them for (smoothie making) they are perfect!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Carbs Make Us Fat- a Visual!

Hello everyone!

You hear it all the time- don't eat carbs! They make you fat! But how? For us visual learners out there, I came across this nifty picture which explains it all- why fat doesn't really make you fat and carbs do.

A direct link to this photo so you can see it better: Bigger version!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thinner in the City?

Hello everyone!

I recently went to downtown Chicago, right in the busiest part of the city, and something struck me.  I noticed that there were hardly ANY overweight people there.  Why is that?  The answer may not be what you think.

While it is GENERALLY true that poorer people are fatter, income is likely NOT the reason that city people are thinner than others.  Studies have shown that people of the same income level living in different areas of the country vary in weight, the rich in the city are thinner than the rich of the suburbs. 

More likely to see this in the city than the suburbs, but why?

Maybe it's the food these people are eating.  Wrong again.  Surveys taken show that city dwellers actually eat LESS fruits and vegetables than those in the suburbs, or about the same - between 74-79% of Manhattan residents and neighboring suburbanites do not eat enough vegetables.

So if it's not income or nutrition, then what?

Here's my guess:  People in the city drive less in general than those in the suburbs.  People who live in the city don't really NEED a car. I should know, I used to live in the city myself and yes, I was considerably thinner then.  I walked everywhere. Walked to the grocery store, walked to the train, walked from the train to work, oh- and did I mention that not all train stations had escalators and elevators? That means stairs.  Climbing 2 floors worth of stairs to catch a train, for example. 

So, this further motivates me to keep up my walking program.  It's the most natural exercise humans can do, and apparently, it works!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Hello everyone!

First, I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy New Year!  2014 seemed to be a rough year for so many people, myself included.   Here's to making 2015 better than last year!

With the new year here, I have a new plan for my workouts and 2 new DVDs. I got the 2 latest Tracy Anderson DVDs - Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for Beginners.  I will review them in the next post. 

As for my plan - I am starting the new year in not so great shape.  I tried to do PiYo last month, and it irritated my knee really bad - something TAM has never done - so I decided to go back to what worked without knee injuries. 

My first phase of workouts is going to be doing the very introductory Method For Beginners DVD (Includes both MS and Cardio, very basic and focuses on building strength to go forward) and then move on to the Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for beginners.

Here's a little preview of what Mat and Cardio Dance for beginners are: Mat is 3 workouts, a beginner mat routine, then a chair routine, then finally an intermediate mat routine.  Cardio Dance is 4 15 minute segments, each one getting more progressively intense.

As for now, I want to build my strength back up with the Method for Beginners DVD, and when I master that, when I can do all of the reps of the mat work (20) easily, then move on.  After the Mat/Dance Cardio for Beginners I am going to do one of the following (not sure which is best)

1. Precision Toning > Perfect Design Series > Metamorphosis

2. Precision Toning > Metamorphosis

I did do a review on Precision Toning a few months ago ( that can be read here: Precision Toning Review ) 

As for my cardio progression, I am thinking starting out with just one fifteen minute segment, then when that gets easy, add another, and build up until I can do the whole DVD.  At this time I have not watched all four segments, so I do not know how hard it actually gets.   

So, I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year Holiday, there will be more to come from me too.