Friday, March 6, 2015

You May Be Holding Your Weights Wrong!

Hello everyone!

Another small update.  I posted before (I think) about having an issue with my right knee (needing it aspirated and physical therapy). Last week, my LEFT knee swelled. (When it rains it pours) throwing another wrench in my workouts.  I went to the doctor today and had it drained, and told to be easy on it until Monday.

I think the coast can finally be clear for me to resume TAMing.

Speaking of TAM, I saw an interesting article about holding weights, and it really made me rethink my workout.

The article says when working out with small hand weights, gripping them with all four fingers is NOT correct and effective.  In fact, holding them with just your thumb against your palm is the right way. Go figure.  Also I did notice that is how Tracy always held her weights. I did it the "wrong" way.  The reasoning behind it is that it hits the muscles more effectively when holding them that way. 
The right way to do things. 

It's an older article but very thought provoking: Click here for the article!

Now my rule of thumb will be to even pay attention to how she holds the weights from now on, down to how to place my fingers on the weight.

Did any of you know this?  If yes and you changed, did you see a change in results?