Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Hello everyone!

Today I was really super busy with work and class, my workout consisted of only a 30 minute walk.

I did, however, get to the grocery store this evening after class.  I bought enough food to last me through tomorrow, since I get paid tomorrow and can get more.  I came across something interesting- a packet of seasoning mix to make tofu burgers with. I bought that and a bunch of tofu (88 cents a package, got about 8) and a bag of salad for tomorrow. New grocery sales also start tomorrow so I am hoping for some good salad/veggie sales.

I am also going to squeeze in a workout- Meta again.  I am not going to count my walks to and from work as part of my "workout". Walking should really be something I do every day, regardless of my fitness level. 

So, the goal starting tomorrow is to get a TAM workout in at least 4x a week, eat clean, and NOT EAT MY RESULTS.

What is "eating your results"? Doing a kick ass workout, then going to McDonald's for a super sized giant meal with a big old greasy burger and regular soda.  I really need to STOP. I have been eating mostly good foods for the past few days but I have ruined it a couple times.  No more. I really have to stop treating my body like a trash can.   I haven't been too happy these past few days and that's why sometimes I felt like I just didn't care anymore. :( 

I'm hoping tomorrow brings a brighter day, at least emotionally.  I hope all of you had a nice Leap Day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello everyone!

How is everyone? I've been pretty  busy today, work has been needing me there more this week because we have a big event coming up.  Despite this, I was able to bring healthy food to work- a baked sweet potato and half a can of chicken breast.  I also got an hour of walking in- the weather today here is not too bad- pretty warm for a winter's day but not warm enough to ditch the jacket.   I might get a TA workout in today but maybe not, depending on how busy I am tonight. 

Some fun photos posted up on her official Facebook page!

Maria finishing up Continuity 2.3- 2 years completed!

Tracy filming month 7 of her pregnancy workout series. I can't wait for this to come out.  She is filming these as she progresses through the pregnancy so my guess is she is now about 7 months pregnant. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I have been giving things some thought, and it occurred to me that I should re-word what I am calling my diet.  What I am doing is technically NOT true paleo because I am not eating grass fed/organic food. I also am willing to eat potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes (often argued as NOT paleo since it is a starch). So, I think the more appropriate way to call my new eating habits would be more along the lines of- "Grain free, Gluten Free, Clean Eating".  So if a food meets those criteria, I am willing to eat it.  Also, unlike Paleo, I am going to be watching my calories because too much of anything will still fatten you up.  I am avoiding dairy (Unless it's a small amount in coffee or something) not because I fear dairy but because I am lactose intolerant.

I also am not going out of my way to find grass fed/organic meat solely because I do not live anywhere near a place that sells it and when I have seen it, it's pretty damn expensive ($9.99 a pound for ground beef!) and I'm a broke college student.  I have seen natural "no hormones/no antibiotics" beef but the fat ratio was a bit high for me- 85% lean and I prefer at least 90% lean if I am going to pay a premium.

Sure, this isn't the 100% best way to eat, but it is a long way from how I have been eating.  I will be also going grocery shopping every 3 days.  I will also be taking some recipes from Tracy's book because there were some on the vegetarian plan that were actually pretty delicious. 

I will be going over what foods I will be eating and post them here. I won't be able to get to the store until Thursday anyway. 

Have a great day everyone! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello everyone!

Another decent day dietwise. No slip ups this time.  However, I do need to get used to eating Paleo. I am still craving processed junk, and I am not used to the taste of real vegetables and stuff yet.  Also, (TMI alert) my stomach is not reacting happily right now. Very gassy and bloated, and all kinds of stuff.  I do know this will pass but right now it's not pleasant.

I did move today- I played Dance Central 2 for about an hour and took the dog for a walk.  I will do TAM Meta tomorrow after work. I haven't taken my vitamins yet but I will after dinner.  I prefer taking my vitamins before bed and after a meal because they often upset my stomach.

I have also been doing more research on how to keep my costs down while eating well. 

Here's some helpful links:

I really hope I can do this on the cheap- if you guys have any other tips/tricks- post in the comments below!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Off to a decent start.

Hello everyone!!!

Day 1 of taking better care of myself has gone ok so far.

I didn't do my TA workout today, but I did take the pup for a nice half hour walk.  I also went to the mall today and walked around for a bit, also picked up a new body spray at Victoria's Secret. 

As I promised myself, I did also take my vitamins today and I plan on doing some treatments to my face tonight. 

Diet was about 80% paleo today, when I was out I did have 2 crunchy tacos from Taco Bell- I searched before hand and they do not have wheat in them, so I figured that was a decent choice. 

Tomorrow I will attempt to have a 100% paleo day.  I plan on getting a TAM workout in there too. Since I missed a few days I am starting level 1 early but I do not have a set rest day or anything. I would LIKE to get at least 6 TAM workouts in a week, with extra walks. 

So today wasn't a total bust, looking forward to tomorrow! (sorry for today's boring post!)

Friday, February 24, 2012

No More F****ing Around.

Hello everyone!

I have really decided to make some changes to my life. Before, I had my mind in the right place, the right intentions but I just didn't have the push to do it. I have been feeling sluggish and tired all the time (again) and I am very certain that my diet is primarily to blame.

FIRST off- I want to just stop fucking around with weight watchers and "diets" and go paleo again.  More later in the post.

SECOND- My goal is to get movement in every day. It doesn't have to be TA, it can be so simple as walking to and from school. No more elevators, escalators, etc unless there is no other way up or down.

THIRD- My skin is in APPALLING shape. I have hordes of under-the-skin acne all over my face and BLACKHEADS.  Anyone who knows me in person knows that I had wonderful skin my whole life... and now this.  I have been super lazy in doing my skincare these days, and I strongly believe diet is a big player here too.

FOURTH- I MUST start moisturizing daily. As in my body.  I have been also super lazy here and all I get is I end up suffering by clawing myself raw every  night.  It's not eczema right now, but I am ashier than a dirty chimney.  Flakes everywhere. Sick, right?

FIFTH- Taking a Multivitamin will probably do nothing for me but help. I want to start taking them daily. I have one with extra biotin in it, which is good for skin, hair, and nails, all of which need work.

So, these things really need to change. A talk with a friend of mine yesterday really made me realize I need to shape it up. She is also trying to do the same.

So every day, my goal is to make all of these things habit and not a chore.

Now, I want to start paleo tomorrow, but I cannot get to the grocery store until March 1 after I get paid.  Determined, I went foraging in my kitchen and found the following:

6 eggs
6 pounds of fresh sweet potatoes
1/2 bag of frozen organic broccoli
2-3 bags of frozen organic spinach
3 lb bag of raw walnuts
3 big cans of canned chicken breast
A plethora of various teas (green, black, lipton, cookie-flavored, strawberry, etc)
A bag of oranges
1 snack cup of organic applesauce

So, I will be trying to make this paleo-friendly food last until I can shop. Waste not, want not. 

Looking to get a good kick start this weekend- how about you?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still feeling like poop.

Hello everyone,

I am really sick of this horrid PMS/period I am having. It's convincing me all over again that I should go back to simple- STOP EATING GRAINS. When I was grainless my period wasn't quite this bad and in general I felt loads better.

I'm still going to follow weight watchers but kick the wheat and grains out. I really am asking for it  by continuing to eat grains. Ick.

I'm still not feeling up to my TAM work, but today I did walk for an hour, to and from work. 

If I am feeling better tomorrow, then I will do my TAM.  If I have time tonight I will go to the store and get some healthy fresh food. If not, I will go tomorrow and see what I can dig up out of my fridge.

Hope you guys are feeling better than me!  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 1 Redone.

Hello everyone!

 I. Am. Sore.

This is what happens when I get a real workout in. Last night I kicked ass at my MS- I did level 1 day 1 with 20 reps a leg (upping to 25 today) and I did 30 minutes of cardio.  Today will be my real day 1 since Monday just plain old sucked. 

There is something I have noticed about TAM workouts and me.

I can get sore from MS alone, but the real kicker that leaves me unable to climb/descend stairs/get up from a sitting position is when I do that PLUS cardio. And I don't even really jump- Just step touching and breaking a sweat to the best of your ability will kick your ass. Whatever fitness level you are at, you have to push yourself during both. You don't want to be SO sore that you can't work out the next day, but sore enough that you feel like you did something. 

My diet went well too- stayed within my points range and everything. Also- I had NO soda yesterday! Just tea and water. Trying to kick the diet coke, or at least just have less of it. 

Getting ready to start my day- Upping those reps is gonna kill me one day, hahaha

Have a great day and check back soon!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 2 (with part 2 of day 1)

Hello everyone!

As promised- here is part 2 of yesterday- my workout. I did level 1 day 1 and only got my MS in.

Today- I decided that I am going to try weight watchers again. Not the current plan, (I hear it doesn't work nearly as well) but the 2007 Turnaround plan.  I unearthed my old material and I remember being a lot lighter before and losing about 20 pounds on it.  Yesterday, the nutrient boost food made me feel ick. BIG headache, sleepy all day, and feeling like all around shit.

Today, I have been eating the old weight watchers way and I feel normal again. Not bogged down, not sleepy/light headed.

I have to go work out but I will update you when I finish! Have a happy Fat Tuesday! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 1, Part 1

Hello Everyone!

I have to say today didn't go quite as planned, But, first things first-

Let's start with my starting weight- (measurements on previous entry) 281.8 pounds. Wow. This isn't good at all, but it's a starting point.

Another thing that started well and turned bad- my eating! I began my day as I should, with my green juice, an orange, and some tea. Then I started getting cravings. My period has also started this morning.  I ended up eating  my dark chocolate mid-morning, and my first sweet potato at around 11 am. The worst part- I ended up raiding the refrigerator and making myself half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a few slices of salami. I know it's not the worst thing I could have done, but I do feel mentally awful being that it's my first day and I blew it. I did end up making the actual tofu protein soup- I did have everything I need on hand.  That's going to be dinner.

I need to probably come up with a way to replace the Gazpacho. I might suck it up and make it, but I am afraid of a repeat of today happening tomorrow. Or, I might have another sweet potato. Those are filling, the reason for my mini binge was pure hormones.  Also, sweet potatoes cook well in the microwave.  I put a good sized one (poked full of holes and wrapped in a paper towel) in the microwave and hit the "baked potato" button and it came out perfect. 

I have super low energy today- have had it since yesterday actually.  Going to gulp down some water and bang out my workout. I will check in on that when I'm done. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Starting Stats!

Hello everyone-

I took some before pictures (not showing them until I have something to compare to) and measurements. I will be taking my weight on my Wii Fit tomorrow. 

I took the following measurements-

Bust- 48 inches
Chest (right under my breasts)- 42 inches
Waist- 47 inches
Hips- 52 inches
Left thigh- 29.5 inches
Right thigh- 29.5 inches
Left arm- 17 inches
Right Arm- 16 inches
Left Calf- 20.5 inches
Right Calf- 20.5 inches
Left Bikini- 33.5 inches
Right Bikini- 33.5 inches

On the workout tracker, Tracy does not ask for all of these measurements, some of them I did for my own reference.  Tracy's workout tracker asks for bust, waist, hips, one thigh, one arm, left/right bikini.

Which leads some to the question- what the hell is a bikini?

This is when you measure around where your underwear/panties/bikini bottom would go. It measures around the hip joint and butt cheek and I'm guessing this is mostly a butt measurement since hips doesn't always include some of the butt.

I am off to bed now, I will weigh in tomorrow morning. Have a good night!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Modified Week 1 Nutrient Boost Diet

Hello everyone!

I heard a few good ideas from some of you about modifying the diet to cost less and be easier to prepare and I went with some of them.

The first nutrient boost week is supposed to consist of eating the following every day:

Green juice
Sweet potato corn pudding
Carrot parsnip puree
Blueberry applesauce
Chicken Protein Soup
Choco Chestnut Pudding

These items sometimes use a lot of ingredients, or they taste nasty (the Gazpacho is nasty to me, yet others love it), or they are a lot of work to prepare. I am making the following modifications-

1. Drinking 8 oz of Naked Green Machine juice in the morning (It has no added sugars and a greater variety of fruits and vegetables mixed in)
2. Skipping out on the Gazpacho (I don't like it and it's the one meal I dread out of all of this)
3. Instead of making chocolate pudding, I am going to have a piece of 85% cocoa dark chocolate instead as my dessert. 
4. Instead of pureeing carrots/parsnips, I will have some carrot sticks or cooked carrots (whatever the mood calls for) or have another sweet potato/other food.
5. I have some applesauce left from before, but instead of applesauce when that is used up, I will have an orange. Oranges are very cheap right now (They're probably in season). 
6. Instead of making Protein Soup, I would eat a few pieces of steamed tofu and some broccoli. I'm not so sure I have space to store the containers of the finished soup.  I do have all of the ingredients to make the actual soup but I am debating, it depends on how much time I have to make it fresh/space to store it.
7. I will not be making sweet potato corn pudding but having a baked sweet potato instead.  Grains bother my stomach, so corn isn't a great idea for me.  However, I have made it with the corn and pureed and it DOES taste good.

Doing it this way also makes it easier on me in terms of refrigerator space.  I share a refrigerator with other people and cluttering up the fridge with a billion little containers isn't happening,

Also, you may be wondering if omitting foods is okay. Of course it is. Tracy says that on the Nutrient Boost weeks, no adding other foods but you can omit/double up on foods except for the chocolate.

Also, if I do not eat all of the food and I am not hungry, then there is no reason to force it down, is there?

Can't wait for next week, it will be a lot simpler. (every other week is a lot simpler, haha) Green juice, a protein and a plant source for 2 meals and a think thin or shake on the last.

I'm excited- Taking updated measurements tomorrow (will post them here) and getting my workout planner ready.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

To Market, To Market...

... To buy me some food. 

Either tonight or this weekend I am going to go to the store and grocery shop. While thinking about what I was going to buy, I came across a story from a woman online who did Meta Omnicentric, was about my current weight, and lost 70 pounds- SEVENTY POUNDS in 4 months (and still losing!) following the diet and working out. 

She says she followed the diet to a T. So, I gave the Metamorphosis Dynamic Eating Plan another gander- Week 1, is that nutrient boost, and I remember spending so much money on the food, that it turned me off from it. I re read the ingredients and then came to another realization-

This would save me a lot of money.

I want to do a little experiment-

1. Go to the grocery store with a pad of paper
2. Write down the costs for all of the ingredients I would need for week 1 if I were to buy them fresh.
3. Write down the costs for all of the ingredients I would need for week 1 if I were to buy them canned/prepared
4. Sit down and weigh out the differences.
5. I will omit the Gazpacho soup from the plan.  Honestly I do NOT like it and I think it tastes awful.  I will double up on veggie protein soup instead, if I am even hungry.
6. Omitting beets and spinach from the juice and just making a kale/apple juice.  For the prepared version I will use a bottled green juice.
7. I also dislike the kiwi puree, and would double up and use another serving of applesauce instead if I am hungry.
If I can save a substantial amount of money by combining the cheapest fresh and prepared ingredients, I will likely give the Metamorphosis diet another shot. 

Have any of you made adjustments to the diet to save money/adjust for tastes? How did that go?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another less than stellar day.

Hello everyone!

Again, another blah workout day.  I think I am going to hold off on Meta until next week, because these days I am just not feeling like doing much.  I feel like it's a struggle to get up and go to the bathroom sometimes. 

Today, I actually did something active but it wasn't TAM.  I walked 30 minutes to class, found out that class was canceled for today, and walked back.  My  back (and boobs) have been killing me all week and I have nodded off at my desk at home 4 times today. (sorry to be a whiner)

I really need a kick in my ass. Big time.

I think this is one of my worst slumps in a while. :(

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Abcentric Day 2

Hello everyone!

Today is Valentine's day, so you are probably busy doing something nice with your significant other. :) 

However, I did do my workout today but I am not pleased with it. I am also honestly not pleased with yesterday's either.

I am PMSing at the moment (probably why) and I feel like today and yesterday's workouts were shitty. Just walking for cardio and only 15 reps per leg during my meta today. Yuck. Yuck yuck yucccck! I took a very short walk and my back started hurting (it hurt yesterday too but failed to mention). Ughh. 

Do any of you ladies have advice for getting that extra push when your hormones want you in bed?  Post in the comments!  I'd love any help with this!

Have a happy, lovely, Valentine's day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Abcentric Day 1

Hello everyone!

Quick post before I go to bed-

Had my "Manic Monday" (work + class) and despite that and being tired as hell, I got my workout done!

I did Ab level 1 day 1 and 30 minutes walking.

Now, time to pass out.  Good night everyone!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last workout-free day for a while

Hello everyone!

Today is the last day before I start Meta tomorrow, and I made sure I enjoyed it, haha. 

First, I went to my local MAC counter and they did a full face of makeup for me, and I bought a new shadow quad and lipgloss. (I have a beauty blog- and I will elaborate there) Then, I went and got a mani-pedi.  I figured I might as well do something nice for my poor callused feet before they start taking daily DC poundings. Now they're soft, smooth, and French manicured. 

Tonight I am going to give myself a full facial at home, cleansing, toning, moisture, and even do a mask this time before bed.

Now my next dilemma is- when am I going to work out tomorrow?

I am leaving the house about 7 am and coming home about 8:30 pm and I am considering the following-

1. Wake up early, do my MS, come home and do  my DC

2. Try to knock both out at once, hoping to get it done and be able to shower before I go to work.  

Also keep in mind that I only have to do it this way on Mondays and Fridays.  What would you do? Do all of it, or split it up?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

More preparations

Hello Everyone!~

In my second day of preparing for my Meta, I realized I had to give my workout space a very thorough cleaning.  My workout space is in a basement, meaning tons of crap that probably has to be thrown out and dust. Lots and lots of dust. Charming.

I spent about a good few hours cleaning up.  It's not done 100%, but there is a VAST improvement.  While meta cardio TECHNICALLY doesn't require a whole lot of space, there are times I do like to just go crazy and do my own thing freestyling and when I try that in a very small space, I feel very constricted.  I have the feeling that I CAN'T go all out because I am afraid I would bump into things and break them or break myself.

While that may sound like an excuse to some people, I am just one of those people who prefer a bit more room.

If you do Meta and you CAN have a lot of space, then that's wonderful!  I honestly feel that with more space you have less chance of injuring yourself or others in a way, and mentally you can focus more on the movements and really performing rather than being paranoid about crashing into a pile of dusty crap and working out at 50% effort for no reason. 

Tracy also happens to have a video about setting up/working with a small space:

Also, cleaning burns calories! Not only do I feel accomplished getting most of it clean, I probably burned off a little too. Every little bit helps. 

I'm about to go to bed and pass out.  Busy day tomorrow too!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A little preparation

Hello everyone-

I decided that my first day back to meta will be on February 13- this coming Monday.  I have already begun preparations.

My copy of the workout tracker-  not the original.  I am trying to get a printable copy of this up but when I try printing from the PDF the image comes out significantly smaller than it should be.

I also stopped over at Costco today for some food.  I picked up one of my favorites- hummus- over 2 pounds (about 1 kg) for about $5. I also got 2 pounds of carrots and 2 pounds of celery hearts. And yes, all 3 are meant for eating together.  I also picked up a big bag of raw walnuts for snacks.  I still have most of my jar of the shake, so that will be breakfast most likely.  I am still planning on trying the Sun Warrior protein to compare it to the wellness formula. 

Sorry for the late post, today was pretty hectic, and we got a snowstorm on top of that.  I hope the weekend goes better!

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Very tired today...

Hello everyone

I don't have much to say about today except that I have been feeling excessively tired all day.  I didn't sleep well last night, and I have been nodding off all day.  I didn't nap so that I can try to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.  Tomorrow I have work in the morning so I need rest.

I attempted a TAM workout today and it failed.  I got through about 30 minutes of cardio and my  body was just saying NOPE. I wanted to do an hour. I wanted to do MS. Sadly, it didn't happen today. I tried. 

I will try and give my workout another go tonight if I get some energy, we'll see. 

I have also tried drinking coffee to wake up but not much help.  When you guys are VERY tired, how do you handle it?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello everyone!

I still have not fully jumped back on the Tracy train, I need to re-evaluate it again because my schedule has changed a lot, making me wonder if doing boot camp is even time-practical.  However, I have not been inactive- Mostly I have been walking. A lot.  As you may or may not know, I have a small dog- an 8 month old Miniature Poodle.  He has been helping me out, by receiving long walk time with mommy every day, at least an hour daily.  That on top of walking to my school when I have class, which is another 30-40 minute walk each way.

I am also back to work, so I am juggling even more- schoolwork, work, puppy time, errands, etc. Therefore I am thinking of just sticking to meta and building up on my cardio and slowly increasing my leg reps as if I were doing bootcamp. 

Next, I read an interesting article about CrossFit.  I do not want to sound offending/insulting to those who do it, but last year sometime, my blog was attacked by hard core CrossFitters, they were spamming my comments trying to get me to do it, even wrote nasty things about me, Tracy, etc on one of their forums.  Some of them have also gone on Tracy's facebook page to troll and post derogatory remarks, claiming that Tracy's followers act like we're in some kind of cult.

Well, a lot of them are calling the kettle black, and they're the pot.

I came across an interesting article called "Inside the Cult of Crossfit".  The author was writing about how he had a former girlfriend who was really into it and decided to try.  So he did, for 90 days.  He wrote about how really batshit insane some of the people are, and also about the worries of high risks of injury due to things like poor instruction. Hmmmmm. Sounds like a lot of the trash they were spewing about the Tracy Anderson Method.  Sure, there ARE some TAM followers who seem to act like it's a cult. There's some of those people in any kind of fitness. 

If people want to do CrossFit, more power to them! I really don't care what kind of fitness program anyone does as long as they enjoy it.  No need to bash other people for doing something they want.  I don't bash anyone either.  While my blog is mostly about TAM, I really welcome readers from any walk of life to come and discuss. So CrossFitters, TAMers, P90Xers, runners, bodyrockers, whatever your poison, it's welcome here. :)  Just don't be disrespectful like THOSE people were. 

I think next Monday (or sooner)I will start Meta, but until then I will keep up the walking, maybe do some webisodes and stretching. I made really nice copies of the workout tracker for meta, I will try scanning them and see how they turn out.

As for diet, I have been pretty good, not perfect but better than I USED to eat.  I just got home from the store after buying some fresh carrots and celery to munch on.  I have some Miso Chicken marinating in the fridge for my protein for the next few days. 

Have a happy hump day, and see you tomorrow!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New shoes!!!!

Hello everyone! 

I am contemplating working out (I probably will, Mondays I work all day and have class in the evening), in the meantime, I got my new shoes!

They look a lot like my old ones except the old ones were silver where the black is.  Still hot pink.  I am about to try them on, if they don't fit right then back to Zappos they go for a different size.

You know what? I guess I SHOULD work out, just because it's late at night doesn't mean I get to use it as an excuse. Also, tonight's workout should be pretty short- 20 reps MS and 10 minutes of step touch DC to get me back into it.   

Also, one of my readers gave me an idea, but I haven't decided if I am going to do it- it depends on how able I am to do bootcamp level 2 when I get to it. 

Will share later!

Have a good night, off to try on my shoes and hopefully get a workout in. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is eating sugar as bad as drinking a beer?

Hello everyone!

A few days ago I came across an article saying how some scientists want sugar to be regulated in very much the same way as alcohol or tobacco.

Click here for the article

The main argument they have for this is that they believe sugar to be "toxic" to the human body, especially the liver, when taken in large amounts.  Since food companies have been adding more sugar to everything, humans have been getting a lot fatter and sicker as well.  

Some say they should have a tax put on these foods to deter people from buying them, very much like how the government taxes liquor and tabacco. 

Of course, not everyone agrees with this.

Another article

This article spirals off into the direction of how the government shouldn't dictate what we can/can't eat, and how so many other things are dangerous in excess.

My opinion- if you want to have sugar or anything "bad" for you in your diet, moderation is key.  I don't think the government should make the rules about what you can and cannot eat and I don't think taxing for sugary food is necessarily the best way. Maybe put a health warning label on the food or something like cigarettes and liquor do in the US, warning consumers that this could damage your body, but you're welcome to it if you feel you must.

What do you guys think about this? 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

More on the pregnancy workouts

Hello everyone!

I had a really busy Saturday- no workout but I did walk a lot. My foot is feeling much better, now I am waiting anxiously for my new shoes to get here on Monday. Quickie post today.

In other news, Tracy posted some more pics on Facebook concerning her pregnancy workouts- this time photo shoots for what I believe will be for the cover/advertising part.   I think she looks cute pregnant- I think she is currently 6 months along.

I am really excited for these workouts to come out even though I am not pregnant.  If I were, or if I ever do become pregnant, I would like to give these a try.  How about any of you guys?  If you happened to be pregnant after these videos become available, would you try them? (Of course, if your doctor clears you for it)

I also have been in the process of looking for grain free recipes.  I decided to try going grainless again (after the great results I got from doing it before) and I am trying to figure out ways to make it affordable and have some variety in it as well.  

Not sure if I will be able to get a workout in tomorrow, but I will do my best. Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I hate blisters...

Hello everyone!

I'm upset- I was supposed to start my workouts today, and then a seemingly small thing derailed it.

I got a nasty blister on the bottom of my left foot.  Ok, this doesn't seem so bad. Pop it and it will stop hurting soon, right?

Wrong. At least this time.  I got the blister yesterday after walking around for what seemed like forever, getting errands done, taking trains all over the place, etc.  So, I get home, take off my shoes and wonder why my foot is hurting, and I see the blister.

I washed off my foot, wiped the area with alcohol and popped it.  Usually when I have blisters, the water coming out is clear.  This time it looked like it had a little blood in it.  I poured some hydrogen peroxide on it and bandaged it up and waited a little while to get up and try to walk around. 

Ow. It hurt so much to walk that I could barely step on that foot. It didn't seem infected, but the pain was horrible.

Fast forward to today.

I get out of bed, and try to walk to the bathroom and it STILL hurts to walk.  No way am I going to be able to work out (especially the dance cardio) with this infernal blister. 

Speaking of feet, I finally decided my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6s are due to be put to pasture/become my outside shoes.  They're 2 years old and I can feel they just don't have much dance left in them. The pain I had last week was a major clue.  They aren't visibly worn on the bottoms very much but I am pretty sure internally they're on their last leg. 

So, I ordered the next model up- Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s.  They have the 8s out now too but they're more expensive and the 7s are on clearance.  My 6s were silvery and hot pink, I ordered these:

Le New Shoes!!!

$71.99 isn't bad considering that full price they are $105.  $33 off is never something I complain about. 

I had them shipped overnight (free when  you have VIP zappos like I do) so I will have my new babies on Monday!  Hopefully Mister Blister stops hurting so then I can give the new shoes a test drive!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!

Hello everyone!

I can finally get back to working out tomorrow!  So excited!  Day 1 of 30 begins tomorrow.

In the meantime.... 

Tracy was on QVC again- this time, very pregnant (I believe she is 6 months along now).

One thing I did notice which is a major change- At about the 3:55 mark, she actually addresses that she wants to help women get past our insecurities, that she does not want to try to make us into something that we're not, but to "be your best you" and that we are all beautiful, unique and she does not want to make all women the same.  A far cry from her old "Perfection/teeny tiny" speech. (Perhaps I should change the name of my blog, knowing that?) I think this is a great change, it promotes a much healthier mindset than striving for "perfect".  Maybe she was trying to say that but finally worded it in such a way that it sounds more positive.  I do remember when she was pushing teeny tiny, that she also would say 'Your teeniest, tiniest point', keyword "your". 

Again, I look forward to doing my first workout ALL WEEK.  This is gonna hurt. In a good way.

Have a good night everyone~