Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dieting has begun!

Hello everyone!

While I am still waiting to get my workout space set up, I did start changing my eating habits again yesterday.  I am trying to eat healthy and avoid fake sugars (my weakness). I figure since 90% of weight loss is diet, I might as well get started on that part while I wait.

I took my weight (not my measurements yet)- on 9/27, I weighed 289.4 lb.

Here's what I had yesterday-


A sandwich consisting of 2 slices of toast, an egg, some lettuce and a little smidge of mayo.
A cup of green tea

Slim fast shake (I know, no good but I was rushing out the door)


1 apple
1 bottle of Lipton Pureleaf Green Tea with Honey
2 bottles of SoBe Lean green tea (sweetened with Stevia)


6 ounces of deli roast beef

Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have my workout area set up so that I can start getting on that ball too!
Also- I just got an email that  my first 90 day round of Abcentric continuity shipped! I'm behind, yes, but can't wait to give it a watch!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm almost back...

Hello everyone!

I have been really busy since I last blogged, I helped someone move and I have been trying my best to recuperate my sprained ankle. 

What I hate about my ankle is that it will feel good, even improved for a while, then it will swell up again and hurt a little. It's really annoying me.  

I also have 2 quizzes this week to study for among other things.  I will be back to my workouts soon, I promise!  

I just wanted to check in with you guys to let everyone know I'm ok and I haven't officially quit, this is just a short hiatus. 

Have a wonderful week and I hope to be back soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ankle update and a huge item on my wish list

Hello everyone!

I haven't been working out like I'd have liked, a lot is going on in my personal life, really stressed and time crunched. (Raising a puppy is a big one on this list!)

My ankle is also on the mend- I can walk and stuff on it without pain, the pain mostly comes with rainy weather.

Lately I have been looking into rebounder workouts again. Like this:

I do have a rebounder but as I discovered earlier this year when I tried to use it, it's sort of loud and squeaky and I am paranoid that the thing will bust under my weight.  It has a weight limit of 300 pounds but I still don't trust it too much.

That said I want to start saving up for a ReboundAIR.

These are expensive, about 300-400 dollars, however they have a lifetime warranty, as well as lifetime wear and tear coverage. Meaning- I break a spring, my mat starts to wear out, I get a replacement.  Also their quarter-fold rebounders hold up to 400 pounds.

I probably will start rebounding just doing a simple bounce for a while to strengthen up, then move on to the dancey moves. 

Also I really really REALLY need to start cleaning up my diet and going back to being a low carb vegetarian.  That was helping me a LOT. 

Have a great weekend guys, get your workouts in for me!