Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 38 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!!!! 

Yesterday was a little disappointing especially in the exercise department. I blame it a lot on what is going on in my life nowadays. 

1. Had a really low self esteem day, and I feel myself getting those a lot lately. Yesterday was one of the worst. 
2. I have a big paper due tomorrow and have 3 exams coming up
3. Going through a lot of drama with friends
4. Emotionally I just haven't been so great. 

I had a long day at school, so I tried using the school gym and using the eliptical (doing it every so often won't bulk you I think) and was all geared up to do it for an hour, but 40 minutes in I just couldn't go on. I felt like I was going to almost fall off the machine and pass out, so I called it a day on that.   MS that night wasn't much better. 15 reps per leg with a LOT of stopping to yawn.  Also hit the bed pretty early last night, at like, 10 pm which for me is really early.

On a positive note, I did find a new product at the grocery store.  It's called MiO Liquid Water Enhancer.
It comes in a small squeezy bottle that fits in your pocket or purse and has enough for 24 8oz servings. One squeeze is enough to flavor 8 ounces.  I admit, it's not the best stuff to put in your water, as it is artificially flavored.  However, it is good (at least to me) for those of us (like me) who are still getting used to drinking more water.  I always had a problem with the taste of water and this helps me get more of it in me.  It's not too expensive either, 3.99 for 24 servings.  They have several flavors, I got the sweet tea flavor. It's not too bad tasting, actually.

That's it for now, have to work on a paper due tomorrow (oh yay!) but have a great day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 37 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

I got my workout done but I have to admit something- today instead of DC, I instead used the elliptical for my cardio.  I know it's a major no-no but based on my schedule it was either that or running. And I hate running. My knees hate it more!  I did do my MS, 3 more days of level 4 before going to 5!!!! I seriously thought I would likely be dropping off around level 3. 

I have been having an emotional and workwise stressful week and it only JUST BEGUN. Ugh.  It will get better, I hope. Also I have a lot of school work coming up- a paper and a test on Thursday, another test on Monday, etc...  The semester is almost over... I just have to keep telling myself that. 

On another blog,, I read something interesting- at my height, I should be weighing 120 pounds. I hope to someday!!!!  She is also doing good on Metamorphosis and did something I couldn't- finished the 30 day bootcamp!  I will try again one day, when I am fitter. 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rest Day again

Hi guys! 

A new week is upon us, meaning yesterday was a rest day. I have nothing to report about working out, but I do have another topic- resisting temptation.

Just a moment ago, I am sitting here at school on the computer minding my own business, then someone sits right next to me with pizza and breadsticks. Yes. Fresh, hot pizza and breadsticks. Just what I don't need to smell! Ugh! If I could I would just take their food and throw it in the garbage. Smells really tempt me sometimes, especially if the food is bad for me. (Funny how that works, isn't it?) 

How do I survive sitting right next to a cafeteria without going hog wild? I have several ways around this. 
1. Leave all unnecessary money at home. No money, no food.
2. Chew gum
3. Remind myself of my goals and ask myself is this REALLY worth it?
4. Drink water or something low cal and flavored to give my body the satisfaction of having something with taste.

Of course, these don't always work, we all slip here and there, but they work for me for the most part. 

What are  your ways around temptation when it comes to food?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 35 and 36 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

Day 35 and 36 done of Metamorphosis, aka days 5 and 6 done of omni level 4. I don't know if it's just me, or my period (which is still going strong) that's keeping me at the low reps level.  I just usually feel so drained this past week and weekend which usually does come with that time of the month, but I feel it hitting harder this time.  Day 35 took another hour walk on the treadmill at 3.2-3.5 mph, Day 36 I slacked and didn't do  my cardio.  I just felt in a funk, like I could barely get myself to do my MS.  Hopefully the rest of level 4 will be better, and level 5 even better than that!

Also I remember mentioning that I will be starting Junger and I now have an idea as to when I will be starting, and why.

I will be starting the ED and Junger after my current semester ends, so I can be home, get used to preparing the food I need, and not be near the damn school cafeteria. Also, I will be home to be near the toilet, as I have heard while on the cleanse you need to be peeing every hour. 

Also, my first 90 days of metamorphosis ends May 29th, so I want to start my fresh meta with Junger this time to see how I do!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 34 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

This is just going to be a quickie post.  Wasn't feeling well today at all,(Thanks Flo and Blisters) stuck in class all day (today it felt like I was being Chinese water tortured. Like they were drilling into my brain but wouldn't let me die)  but still walked. Not as painfully but as long as yesterday.  MS- 15 reps was all that got done because of the cramps. Rewarded myself with a nice long hot soak in the bathtub, comfy pajamas and an early bedtime. Hopefully I get over this soon, this is one of my worst monthlies as of late.

Off to the office with me (oh goody!), I hope everyone has a wonderful friday!!! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 33 Metamorphosis


Today was a pretty productive day workout wise.  I got an hour of walking around the block in before it started raining and getting nasty outside. This was also one of the most painful walks in my life. Why?


To my horror, I discovered that I had 3 blisters on my left foot (pinky middle and big toes) and one on my right foot (pinky toe). It wasn't my workout shoes that did this. Last week when I did all that walking ( I think I mentioned it here) I wasn't wearing the best shoes. I was wearing a pair of my casual sneakers that I had laced so that they would function more like slip on shoes. Bad idea. No support = my toes moving all over the place = BLISTERS.  So learn from my mistakes and wear good shoes when you're going to be walking around a lot!

Meta MS day 33 got done. Still getting used to the leg moves. I sort of feel like I am getting thinner despite still being bloated from my period. I also want to eat everything in my house, refill my house with food, repeat.  Ugh. 

Not much more to say really, I haven't been feeling my best because of my poor toes and my Aunt Flo... But hey, I got it done regardless! Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 31 and 32 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posts!  I have not been slacking off, I promise!

Day 31- 3/21/2011

Did Omni level 4 for the first time, and as usual, it took me some time to get used to, especially the arms and the floor abs (because it's hard for me to look up at the tv and do the moves at the same time)  As usual I eased into the legs with 15 reps. There IS plank work but on the bright side it's not the hell that level 2 brought me! No rugburned elbows!

Skipped DC that night, however in the morning I took a long brisk walk- an hour to be exact. 
Day 32- 3/22/11

Very bloated from you know what, so I took it easy again with the MS.  Still stuck with 15 reps per legs and all of the arms and abs.  Also took another walk in the morning.  Today was a busy, hectic school day, being back from Spring Break and getting used to having to go learn again. 

Those were my past two days, next is the subject of Yoga.  I hear Tracy is not a fan of Yoga ( I think she means things like hot yoga, Bikram, Power Yoga etc), but I am thinking of incorporating regular yoga into my day mainly for flexibility reasons.  As much as I love TA's method and Metamorphosis, to me there's not enough stretch going on. (This is just me, it could be plenty enough for you so please don't jump down my neck!!!) I feel really stiff lately and also read somewhere that doing yoga before bed helps with sleep (which I desperately need!!!!) A friend of mine sent me a few Yoga DVDs but I would be starting with this one in particular:

I gave it a watch and it looks good, going to try it tonight and see how I like it. I have never done yoga before so this should be interesting!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rest Day and a Gym Bag!

Hi guys!

Yesterday was my Sunday Funday lazy day! Also, a gym bag has been chosen- and I will explain why.

I ended up choosing the Adidas bag-

I got it in the light blue (I like light blue too) for the main reason for that whatever reason, it's cheaper than the others of the same model.  Also, I went shopping last week and saw one of these bags in the store, got to hold it and look at it hands on. Lots of good pockets and it appears to be a well made bag for the time being. My last adidas lasted over 5 years and this one looks a lot nicer than the older one.

In other news- got my period on Sunday, I am bloated as hell so I am holding off on the measurements and pictures until it goes away and I am back to normal. I haven't forgotten! 

Also, I start Omni level 4 today- Took a one hour walk this morning for cardio because I know I'll be too tired for DC. Woke up with a sinus headache from hell and 5 hours of sleep. I'm crazy but not THAT crazy. 

Have a great Monday~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 29 and 30 Metamorphosis!

Hi guys!!!

I made it 30 days! That means about 33.333333% done with my first round of Metamorphosis! This past week I feel like I've been sorta slacking in the eating department (more than sorta...) and the cardio department but I have made sure to get my MS done at least.  

Day 29- Friday- Only got MS in. I was exhausted, lack of sleep in a major way all week. This was supposed to be Spring Break but instead I ended up not getting very much of a "break".

Day 30- Saturday (Today!)- Did my MS again, only 20 minutes of cardio because I had a last minute dinner to go to.

On the next note- I came across this article and something in it really struck me and it's a somewhat sensitive subject.

This article talks about the author trying out the TA method and how the eating portion of it made her feel.  As most of you know, TA's diet plans are notoriously low in calories, way too low for most people.  Now here is the part that hit me and I will explain why,
'People who are not overweight shouldn't go on these crash diets. They can be useful for patients who are very obese but not for someone like you.'

Not long ago, my doctor actually suggested I take up a very low calorie diet.  I was explained why.  This kind of diet, as the quote says, is great for people who are overweight but not for the casual dieter who wants to lose 15 pounds.  I fit the guidelines for being put on this kind of plan. Here are some of them.
- BMI of 30 or more- Mine is 45. 
- I am at high risk of type 2 diabetes and heart issues- Most of my family members who became obese developed these problems.
- Be willing to make permanent changes to your habits to maintain the new lower weight
- This is also an alternative to lapband or gastric bypass surgery.

This kind of diet does have health benefits but only as I said for the moderate-severe obese.

- The heart tends to get smaller as the weight is lost. This is a good thing, obese people usually have enlarged hearts as a result of working harder to move around the excess.
- Can improve pre-existing obesity related conditions like hypertension and diabetes, or reduce the risk greatly if you do not have these diseases.
- Motivation to keep losing weight and maintaining the healthy lifestyle.
- Significant improvement in osteoarthritis in the knee (which I have)

Some of the cons/risks- higher chance of fatigue, grumpiness, and constipation if you do not drink enough water (Drinking enough water alleviates these symptoms), hunger for the first few days (which subsides after that)

Also this type of diet should not be done for more than 6 months at a time. You can do more, but need to take a break in between.  This is not meant to be a "quick fix" but a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle at a new weight.

As I said, I am still considering this, and I thought I would give a heads up so nobody freaks out and thinks I developed anorexia or some whacked out idea. This will be doctor supervised and with my health in mind!

As for exercise: I will still be able to do MS (If I go on this diet I will keep doing Meta MS- I do love it and I don't want to become "skinny fat") - that's actually encouraged in order to maintain the muscle I have. Cardio, however, at first I should try just walking to see how I feel. If I really feel that I can do something more intense, then I should do it using good judgment. 

Again, I know this type of thing is a really touchy subject for people, and if me being on such a diet bothers you I can understand.  Again, this is purely for my health. NOT AN EATING DISORDER.   I love the support I get from my readers and friends and hope that you guys can continue to support me through it should I decide to.  I will be making a doctor appointment this week and will also discuss Junger's cleanse with him.

I hope you have a great weekend, tomorrow is my day off before starting level 4!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 28 Metamorphosis

Hi guys.

This week has just been a really off week, physically and mentally. Sure, it's spring break and I have no classes this week, but my body is having other plans. 

This past week as I said before, I have been eating everything in sight. It's horrid, it really is.  Still bloated no matter how much water I drink. But even worse, mentally I have been a mess!  Things that haven't bothered me in years, all of a sudden hit my mind and on comes the waterworks and I just want to curl up in bed and give the world a warm, welcome, "F*ck you". Also I have been having a hell of a time falling asleep- thanks to our good friend Worry.

My legs are still reeling from Wednesday's walk. VERY sore shins/calves. I really think it was the shoes I was wearing that day. I skipped on cardio so I can let them heal up. I still did my MS- almost done with level 3. I will miss you, level 3. I like you!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 26 and 27 Metamorphosis!

Hello everyone!

My internet has been royally sucking these past two days but I DID do my workouts like a good girl. However my eating habits... No. Both days I did MS- DC 45 minutes on day 26, wow, 10 minutes did make a lot of difference but it was still fun!  Day 27 I went out with a friend and we walked for hours. I came home and my calves and shins were sore as if I had done DC just the same.

Aunt Flo is on the way next week and these past two days I have been craving anything and everything that I look at. No good. Trying to be good and make healthier choices when I do have to eat but it doesn't always happen.  I feel like my workouts are just canceling out the pigging I've been doing.

I am due to measure this weekend- Yay! But I worry that my results will be just blah because I am bloated, and that probably won't go away until next week.

On a happy note: I will be starting Dr. Junger's Clean Program in the very near future! I received a kit in the mail and now I am doing my homework on it and planning everything out so I can do it as much to the letter as I can.  Will post more details, pictures, etc. in upcoming posts.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 25 Metamorphosis!

Hi guys!

Day 25 done! I did my 25 reps of legs, and I think in the next couple of days I might be able to up it to 30! It's getting easier but my butt is still burning.  However, the 45 minutes of dance cardio I had planned... only ended up being 35. Why? After 35 I wanted to drop and fall asleep right on the floor, likely because daylight savings time ruined my sleep. I was tired the whole day. But hey, it got done and with quality. 

I can't believe I only have 5 days left of level 3... Then back to circus moves in level 4, which just so happen to coincide with Aunt Flo. It's gonna be a toughie but I'll soldier through it.  I am also looking forward to having Sunday off- I must not, not, NOT skip any this week! Sunday is also a measure day AND pics! 

That's it for today, I have a lot to do before getting day 26 done!  Have a lovely day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 23 and 24 Metamorphosis!

Hi guys!

Over the weekend I was kind of quiet on the blogging, but I DID do my exercise! 

Saturday (day 23) Only got my MS in. Upped my reps on Omni level 3 to 25! Boy was my ass on FIRE. Life happened, I got tired, blah blah blah so my cardio didn't get done that day.

Sunday (Day 24) Got both MS (25 reps) and 35 minutes of cardio done. However, I feel like I ruined it by eating way too much. Daylight savings really messed with me that day.

On the subject of cardio, I am starting to consider just going from 35 minutes to a full hour, since I don't jump all over the place just yet. I was going to up it to 40 minutes this week but a friend of mine said why not just an hour?  I may be able to handle an hour, I think I will take it for a test drive this week, since I have no classes, no tiredness, so by the time I'm back in class, I'll be somewhat used to the hour. Then I can focus on my jumping. Right now, lower impact gets plenty of sweat out of me, and for me it is high impact based on the singing test. I go to the point that I cannot have a conversation. 

What do you think of upping from 35 to an hour? Good idea? Bad idea?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eating Clean- Lots of Questions!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, I decided to have my cheat day instead of Sunday (tomorrow) so I will be posting about day 23 (I believe) tomorrow as that workout is being done today.

Now on to the subject- Eating clean and healthy.  I really want to start doing this (and counting calories because even clean foods can be high in them) at least most of the time and I have some questions about it.  I am a former fast food/junk food addict and I'm noticing whenever I eat these things, I end up feeling like crap. I have already reduced my Diet Coke intake to 1-2 cans a day when it used to be 6+ a day and more water. What I have questions about is the food, since I have to stay to a budget (poor college student).

1. My most burning question: Are canned and frozen vegetables OK? I have a bunch of cans in the cupboard and all the ingredients say are vegetable name, water, and sometimes salt. (I rinse them before eating). No sulfites or weird chemisty language, same with the frozen veggies. I wish I could afford good, fresh organic but at this time it's not realistic.

2. Are whole grain pastas ok? I have a couple of boxes of whole grain pasta with again, no chemistry talk, and I have some spaghetti sauce that is all natural and has no preservatives. 

3. Nobody's perfect, I know I will slip up sometimes as everyone does. However on cheat days is there anything that I should absolutely positively ALWAYS avoid? Like any certain ingredients?

4. Is cheese considered "clean"? I do love yogurt, cheese and dairy on occasion (I normally don't have dairy or eggs) and again, organic isn't always an option.

5. I know steel cut oats are amazing for eating clean, but what about the quicker cooking oats? I have some of this around the house too- not flavored or instant, the kind that comes in the big cardboard can.

6. Soy. Oh, soy. So many benefits and health scares. I make a lot of Korean food that involves soybeans and tofu.  The tofu they sell at my market is organic and non GMO, and the fresh soybeans are also non GMO. Is this ok?

I think that's it for now. I know a lot of my readers follow the clean diet. I also want to save money and do the Junger cleanse- the deep one- but it's $450. Well worth it, it's just a matter of saving up!  Sorry for all the questions, I have done internet research but I get a lot of conflicting info, especially about vegetables!  If you have more suggestions on eating clean on a budget- post in the comments below! Any info is helpful to me, as again, I am new at this!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 22 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone! 

Yesterday was a really crappy day, at least when it came to class. The short version of the story is that I had to do my weekly lab project with my group, and 2 of my group members just really  made me feel like crap. I was just trying to be friendly and nice, trying to make friendly small talk and one of those little bitches rolled her eyes at me.  Ugh. Just made me feel really ousted and uncomfortable.  Getting put in a different group this late in the semester isn't an option either. Oh well. 

As for the workout, I almost didn't do it because I just felt bad, came home late and just wanted to sleep. I did end up doing it, 20 reps per leg again and 35 minutes of cardio, but the cardio was sort of lackluster, mainly from tiredness. But it's ok, I can do better next time. 

Off to work now, can't wait to knock out day 23 when I get home tonight.

I am still on the hunt for a gym bag, see previous post!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 21 Metamorphosis

Hi guys!!!

I began level 3 of Omni Metamorphosis and I can honestly say I really DO like it. No circus tricks like level 2. There are a couple of moves that are maybe SLIGHTLY circus but they're very very doable. 

The arm section and abs were a bit awkward, but they always are for me on the first day. This is normal. I did feel a great arm and ab workout even though I felt like a fool doing it, haha. 

As for the butt/leg moves- They are easy to execute- I was able to do 20 repetitions per leg right off the bat, but let me tell you, it was not child's play.  I was absolutely drenched in fairy dust (sweat for those of you not in the know) and my butt was on fire. FIRE.  During level 2 I felt awkward, retarded, and weak, only topping out at 20 reps for the last 2 days. 

Cardio... I did that. I got my 35 minutes in, and about 20-25% of it was jumping, which is an increase from before.  Cardio is actually starting to get easier in terms of my stamina. I think I'll be moving up to 40 minutes sooner than I thought, perhaps next week.  

On a side note, my poor, unfortunate, 5 year old gym dufflebag (also sometimes my bookbag) is now out of commission. I am now in the market for a new gym bag.  Right now, I found these two:

If you guys know any good gym bags and would like to recommend one, please let me know! This is what I am looking for:

1. Pink is preferred! As is Pink with black, white, gray or if you find a combo with pink that's not listed still let me know.

2. I'd like a medium sized bag- 24ish inches or longer, I carry a lot of stuff with me in it and I need the room!

3. Storage pockets are nice but I don't need an excessive amount, so if you see one with not so many pockets, it still could do.

4. My price range is up to $100 USD. 

If you don't have a suggestion, let me know which one of the choices you think would be better!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 20 Metamorphosis and measurements!

Hello everyone!

It's over! The dreaded Omnicentric level 2 is OVER!!! YAAAY!!!!!!!!! -ahem- Yes, I finally finished level 2. Dear planks, until we meet again, good riddance! I also got in my 35 minutes of cardio. I can start to feel that length of time get a LITTLE easier but not easier enough to bump up the time. 

In other news, Day 20 is over, so you know what that means? Measurements!!!

The results this time aren't quite as stellar as after level 1, I believe this is mainly due to a couple of skipped cardio sessions and less reps on the MS (because it was hard!). Still, I did lose. 

Bust: 2/24- 46.5 in  3/8- 46 in
R. Arm: 2/24- 16.5 in 3/8- 15 in
L. Arm: 2/24- 17.5 in 3/8- 16 in
Waist: 2/24- 44 in 3/8- 43 in
Hips: 2/24- 52 in 3/8- 51 in
R. Thigh- 2/24- 31 in 3/8- 29.5 in
L. Thigh- 2/24- 31 in 3/8- 29.5 in

Total inches lost in days 11-20: 8.5 inches
Total inches lost since 2/14: 20 inches

I still have a long way to go but progress IS being made! I hope you all have a great day and get your workouts in!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 19 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

Day 19 was almost just a half assed day.  Meaning I was originally going to only do my MS- if it weren't from support from an online friend, who gave me the extra push, cardio wouldn't have been done! 

Day 19 is the second to last day of Omni level 2. Finally. Ugh! I did still do 20 reps, but it took what felt like FOREVER!!! Also, I found out a little tip on doing the forward plank moves to make it easier and more correct. When you are in plank position, either up on your hands or down on your forearms, instead of keeping the supporting leg to the side it's on, position your foot so that it is more between your arms and middle of your body, this helps balance your weight a lot better. If you pay really close attention to the video, you will see Tracy doing it the same way. 

As for cardio- 35 minutes done!  I also have a tip for cardio too.

If you're a girl who loves clubbing, the atmosphere of going out dancing, etc, read on.  I watch my DVDs and listen to my Dance CD on my Xbox 360.  When you play audio CDs on the Xbox 360, it gives the option of "full screen visualization". Visualization is that colored, light show-like background, for example like in Windows Media Player. What I do is shut off the lights in the living room, turn on the full screen visualization, and have at it. My TV is 42 inches and the bright changing colors light the way enough for safety, and give me the at-the-club atmosphere. Then my inner club dancer comes out and really lets loose and performs, and the time really DOES fly that way for me! No looking at times, no paying attention to when this song will be over, just dance. 

Tomorrow morning is the big measure day! Will post measurements after taking them (after finishing day 20 tonight!)

Have a wonderful active day and keep on dancing!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 18 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone~

I'm so glad to almost be done with level 2. I have 2 more days left of it before moving on up to level 3!

When I did my MS last night, I was able to raise the reps per leg to 20 from 16. Not bad, hurt like hell, but it got done! Hopefully I can get the next two days done this same way.  I still feel it in my butt and thighs this morning.  

Cardio also got done- 35 minutes still. MAY change up to 40 next week. I am still feeling pretty sore from last night so I'm not sure. 

My second measuring day is coming up, I'm not so sure about my results this time, because of lower reps and skipped cardio. It would be NICE if the results were like level 1 but if they're not, there's always level 3 to work harder on.   My eating this level also hasn't been the best. Working on being good from now on, this past weekend as I've said was full of indulgence.

Alright- everyone have a great Monday and get your workout in!!! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 17 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

Today is Saturday, but for me, it was Faturday. I had no motivation, no desire to get up out of bed (I finally dragged my ass out at 7 pm) and worse, no intention of exercise. I also had indulged (or overindulged depending on who you ask) in the food department and man, am I bloated. Not the best day, but I did get my MS in.

I am also finding that I am having a REALLY hard time with level 2 omni. And I mean hard. I'm still stuck at 16 reps before I want to pass out and die. Either this past 6 days have been really stressful, the workouts have been really hard, or both. I'll go with both.  Also my eating hasn't been the best, same with my cardio. During the first 10 days I was the cardio trooper, now I missed a few sessions this sequence. I really hope sequence 3 is better.  Also I need to make the most of what's left of sequence 2.  I have 3 more days, starting tomorrow that I better make count because I have a measuring day.  This means watching my food better and DOING MY DAMN CARDIO!!!!! 

I hope you all had a lovely Faturday, and I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 15 Metamorphosis


I have completed Day 15 of metamorphosis, Omni level 2 day 5. However, it was a long, arduous process.  Again, I haven't slept well and I had a long day of classes, when I went to do my MS, I wanted to go to 17 reps per leg but stayed at 16 again.  After every different move, I had to sit and  yawn. Not because I was bored, but because I was tired. And cranking out those reps was painful. Painful but it got done. 

Cardio did not get done last night, I would have probably passed out mid-dance and just fallen asleep on the living room floor in my workout clothes. For day 16, since I get out of work at 5, not 7:45, the plan is to take a nap, do my meta, and either add the Beginner Dance Cardio DVD onto that or add 2 combos on day 16, and then 2 more on day 17 to make up for the loss. I really did not want to take day 15 off entirely because this time I want my Sunday off. 

Also, since I have been working out and getting visually slimmer, I am beginning to crave food hard core.  I'm very often tired, hungry, or a combination of the two. Sometimes I do allow myself to have some of the food I crave as long as I don't go crazy (always the hardest part). I think it's partially that my body is used to having this extra fat on it, and wants to eat to replenish it and to that I say NO NO NO!

I have also decided to reduce my weigh ins from every day to more like every week or two. I am learning that the scale is a tricky bastard, and EVERYTHING counts on the scale- bone, water, food, hair, etc.  I have decided to trust in the tape measure- That will tell you truthfully if you're making progress, because it is not necessarily weight loss we are really wanting to achieve, but fat loss. The scale hasn't been budging for me and based on my research, at the beginning that is actually normal as I am likely building muscle (Building doesn't necessarily mean bulking!) which weighs more than fat anyway. 

I used to be a scale slave and it drove me insane. If you aren't a scale slave, quit while you're ahead! Go by the number on the tape measure/on the tags of your clothing, not the number on the scale!

I will try to get through my day today, I feel, as an online friend of mine said, "Like a limp dishrag" but that means changes are happening! Have a great day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 14 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

I did my day 14 workout last night, and I upped my leg reps to 16. It hurt. Badly. I think it's because I haven't been sleeping well that this is such a struggle. It could also be that my body hates planks, haha. 

As for cardio, I did 35 minutes of dancing- I no longer use the Meta DVD for cardio, instead I made my own little playlist of music that lasts about 35 minutes and just dance until the music stops.

My playlist consists of the following-

I find it much easier to let loose and not keep watching the clock when I am just dancing to music of my choosing. Before I knew it, I had done 35 minutes of cardio with no breaks or boredom! When I up to 40, I will post that playlist too! I am still step touching but really getting my major sweat on. 

Looking forward to doing day 15 tonight! 5 more days until measuring! Have a great day everyone and get your workout in!

On a final note, I would like to wish a Happy  Birthday to the one and only Tracy Anderson, without whom my newfound enthusiasm for exercise  and transformation would likely not be possible~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 13 Metamorphosis!

Hello everyone!

Day 13 of Metamorphosis- aka the day that almost wasn't.  As in I almost didn't work out. Almost. I finally mustered up the strength and determination to do my MS at 11 pm. 

I did not up the reps- because I was really tired, my 15 were a lot harder but I pushed through.  Also the matburn on my elbows is lessened, always a good thing. For day 14 I still might stick with 15 reps because the moves in level 2 are pretty challenging still, especially the planks, and I want to work everything out equally. 

No cardio last night, no energy and it was late.  I nose dove into bed, without even showering or anything because I was so exhausted. 

I can't wait for level 3- from the looks of it, there's no planks and I can measure myself again after 20 days! I love seeing my progress. 

As you may know there is also a program for when  you are done with metamorphosis called Continuity- a subscription service that gives you new material every 90 days. I might try that after a couple of rounds of Metamorphosis. I want to see if I can lose most of this fat before starting the newer stuff.

Have a great day and DO YOUR WORKOUT! <3