Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

Hello everyone!

First, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, holiday, no matter what you celebrate.  Enjoy your holiday dinners and time with family. Even though it is Christmas today, I am still going to get my workout done. I also got my workout done yesterday, which was my cardio/abs day.  Today is another strength training day, maybe followed by some extra stretching. 

Another thing I am noticing- I have been wheat free for about a week now, and my appetite/desire to eat has decreased dramatically.  I am almost never "hungry" and I am pretty sure it is leading me to eat too little calories. Which comes to the next thing.

I have been weighing myself daily (Not obsessively, just once in the morning) and at first I saw the weight starting to come off, but the past couple of days my weight is INCREASING. This is worrying me a little but I will try to give it more time- 

1. I also started my period yesterday, this could be making me retain water.  
2. When you start harder strength training they say weight could increase a little from the muscle gain.
3. Sore muscles (like mine) retain water.
4. (The worrisome one) since I don't eat much because I don't have an appetite, they say too little calories also causes weight gain. I do eat when I am hungry, until satisfied and not stuffed. 

I am not taking measurements until I hit the 30 day mark, but I have been told I seem to be walking more gracefully and with better posture, as well as the sides of my face look a little slimmer.  I also think my legs are starting to slim down a little too but that could just be my eyes playing tricks.  It's only been 4 days (today being the fifth) so I guess I will give it some time.

On a side note. I MISS DOING MY TAM!!!!!!!  I really can't wait to get back to it.  It might be just in my head but I don't feel like I am shrinking quite as fast as when I was doing Meta.  When I was doing Meta, the scale and the tape measure both were going down, whereas now the scale is going up and I have no idea about the tape measure yet. Maybe I should take a 10 day measurement just out of curiosity.

Also, it has been suggested to me that I do both Power 90 AND Metamorphosis but I keep thinking "won't one workout undo the effects of the other???" 

I know exercise is exercise but sometimes I really wonder about this stuff. Hrm.


  1. i say do what you love. but i love TAM so i'm biased. it does make sense that you would burn more calories working the major muscle groups, but my experience didn't bear that out. i worked much (MUCH!) harder doing jillian michaels and bob harper dvds and they didn't give me the results i wanted. tracy did. and she did it quickly.

    i think you do want to be careful not to overtrain and doing two different workouts could be too much.

    really, doing some kind of exercise is important but the most important thing is what you eat. you sound like you are on the right track!

  2. I am also biased too. I really think I am going to go back to TAM because this is NOT doing what I want it to. Nope. Yeah I don't want to overtrain either. I'd rather do a longer TAM workout than do all kinds of stuff like it was suggested to me.