Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 1 Hipcentric Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

So, today I started my first day of my "Pre-Meta" training with Hipcentric. 

Oh boy.

First off, I decided to not worry too much about body measurements with this round, because the goal here is to strengthen myself up.  I am, however, tracking my weight.  Inches I am saving for Abcentric, which when I hope to really push myself to see results. 

I'm not saying I am not aiming for results this time- the goal is to drop some pounds here, of course, so when I get to Abcentric I am lighter and can move freely.

But yes, on to my workout that DID get done.  I sucked. I really, really sucked compared to before.  I know I shouldn't say those kinds of things about myself but hey, it was a reality check.

Dance Cardio:

I popped in the 30 day dvd and did one 10 minute segment of the cardio. Oh. My. God.  I wanted to die 2 minutes in.  My back hurt, my legs hurt, I was drenched with sweat with my barely-keeping-up step touching. I used to be able to do 30 minutes with Metamorphosis.

MS (Muscular Structure):

More disappointment.  I did the Level 1 workout.  Arms burned like hell. That was expected.  Abs burned like hell, that was also expected.  I was able to pull through all those reps.  Then reality set in- the legs.  I was barely able to do 5 reps of each move.


Given that I have gained a lot of weight lately, and have not worked out in FOREVER, I should have expected it, embraced it, and used it as a starting point.  But no, I had a moment where I felt like a hopeless utter, failtastic failure.

Then I talked to a friend (who is also working out) and she reassured me that it WILL get better and the scale WILL go down. 5 reps will turn to 10, and so on. *sigh*  The perfectionist in me hates this!

I am sitting here, sore, sweaty, hot, and hoping tomorrow is better.   Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeling Hopeful

Hello everyone!

Much apologies from the lack of posting lately.  

I am once again getting back on the horse tomorrow.  I have really good news, and that is I found my Hipcentric DVDs.  I am going to do this right, the way I was told to. Hipcentric first, then Abcentric after I've toughened up.

I'm just about done clearing away my workout space for this, I even bought some food (going to go mostly vegetarian to detox myself a little) and I have some cooking to do this evening.

So, new measurements and such tonight, I will likely have to get up early in the morning and work out because it will not be so hot.  It's already getting very hot outside and during the summer, that is my number one excuse NOT to work out.  Because it's hot and disgusting outside. (NO air conditioner inside. Boo!)

I willpost tomorrow and share how everything went! It shouldn't be too bad, only 10 minutes of DC and Meta Level 1.  Easy peasy, right?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seaweed and Weight Loss?

Hello everyone!

Lately, I have been on the lookout for more new foods to try, especially ones that may help with weight loss.

The one I want to try now is konbu, which is dried kelp in Japanese (and called dashima in Korean). 

What it's used for is mostly making soup stocks, which is mainly what I am going to use it for as well.  I read that it gives the broth a really nice flavor and has many health benefits. 

Here's what it looks like- 

There are many kinds of edible seaweeds but this is the one I am trying.  I also read that the health benefits of seaweed (including konbu) include the following.

1. Konbu is especially high in iodine which works in the thyroid and helps with metabolism
2. It can reduce the rate of fat storage in the body by up to 75%
3. It has a ton of other vitamins and minerals, and it's considered a superfood.

It's a very, very common ingredient in Japanese food and they are some of the world's slimmest people.

So, I bought some at the store today and I am going to try to make some broth and soup out of it really soon. I'll include a recipe and how I feel about how it tastes, etc.
Have you ever tried this stuff?  Do you like it?

Have a great day!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Tracy Anderson Beginner Workout Coming Soon!

Hello everyone!

A while ago, I read in an article that Tracy Anderson is coming out with a workout for people who are absolute beginners to her workouts, but haven't heard much since.

Today, I noticed that this workout will be for sale soon- August 6 to be exact.

A friend of mine showed me a link to an online store called and way at the bottom, there it is.

It says there are two 30 minute workouts made for beginners.  Amazon also has this title available for pre-order.

The price is pretty reasonable too- $14.99 at collagevideo and $12.99 at Amazon.

It's noted that one place it DOESN'T mention this DVD yet is Tracy's actual shop, perhaps they are working on a trailer for it and such.

The collagevideo link is the only one with a picture of the cover on it.  

Do I want it? Absolutely. Will I get it? Absolutely.  I want to know what a "beginner" workout looks like.

How about you guys?  Would you buy it?  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello everyone!

I am coming to the realization that I guess I can't stick with a structured routine lately because life keeps happening.  Again, no metamorphosis.

However, I decided I am just going to make sure to be active every day and try to eat the best I can, and that's what I did yesterday.

Yesterday, more things came up in life and I had to not do my TAM again.  However, I did take a really brisk 30 minute walk, and lots of walking around stores and such after.  So that much is good.

Also, eating went well too.  Pretty much the same as the day before- I find that eating the same way every day is easier for me sometimes.

How do you guys cope with your workouts being derailed?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 1 6/3/2013

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to be starting Meta- I had to skip my first day and it really pisses me off.  I had an emergency come up which set me back 3 hours behind my schedule last night. Ugh.

I was, however, active to make up for it. At work, I was mega busy, lots of walking and lots of stairs. (NO elevator.) Then, I had to go to stores and I walked around a bit there.  Not much sitting yesterday at all.

Also, my eating was MUCH better.  Here's a breakdown. I'm not even bothering with calories.  It's probably a bit low but I felt full and happy.


4 slices of turkey bacon
2 slices of ham
Egg white/bell pepper omelet
Small green apple

3 hard boiled eggs (Brought a think thin bar but it was nasty and expired so I ate the eggs.  Still very satiating.)

1/2 cup drained black beans
Bowl of salad (romaine/carrots/onion) with Italian dressing (not the low calorie/low fat gross shit laden with sugar)

Lots and lots of plain tea!

Also I am finalizing that I am doing Abcentric.  The hipcentric DVDs I have do not work!!! My Abcentric ones do, so I am just going to do them, do my best, and be careful.  

Also, I am not going to make up the MS for yesterday. Level 1 I have done countless times, if I skip a day, it won't matter. No making a habit of it though.

So the mission for tonight is to get to the mat! I may not do my Dance Cardio for day 2 but I am going for a long brisk walk. DC may happen depending on how I feel, the more important is the muscular structure work.

Have a great Tuesday!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Back On The Tracy Train!

Hello everyone! 

After a LONG hiatus from exercise, I have decided to man the saddle, get back on the wagon, whatever euphemism you like for starting over and get back into Metamorphosis.  I thought I would need a slower approach but something in me doesn't think I do, so we'll see.

I took my measurements and weight and that was also a MAJOR wakeup call.  

I am making one modification though.  Instead of going head on into Abcentric, I am going to do as I was advised by Tracy's team herself to go to do Hipcentric first.

I sent an email a long time ago, back when they were helping people individually define their centrics and I had sent them a picture.

Their reply:

Thank you so much for your photos!  Tracy said you are abcentric (you are right!), however, you are too weak in the abs to start abcentric, so go to Hipcentric for 3 months and then start Abcentric Level 1.  She also wants you to do our wellness shake (found on our website) and watch your food for those 3 months, while on Hipcentric. 

So the verdict- do Hipcentric all the way through, then go to Ab continuity.  I am not going to do that, I am going to do Ab Meta right after and THEN go to continuity.  I want to give my abs the chance to strengthen up after my hips do.

Will also not be fully doing the dance cardio, I know that it will not be possible each day.  In those cases, I will be taking brisk walks for at least 30 minutes and get my heart rate up doing that.  This is something I have asked Tracy's people about and they have also said walking is fine to do.

So, without further ado... I will begin again. With good eating.  Have a great day!!!