Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Working on my first video


I am working on my first and possibly second video for my channel, one I want to be more of an introduction to myself and the method, the other more about the particular workout I want to start.  I have to do some beautifying to myself first (my eyebrows are a MESS). 

My ankle is still not up to snuff to start bootcamp so today I will do the webisodes and skip any leg moves that involve using my ankle.  I really do not want to start boot camp until I can do cardio without worrying that I'll bust it again. It SHOULD be healed by Sunday or Monday. Better safe than sorry!

As a reminder my channel is teenytinyquest (and twitter the same username). Subscribe and get updates from me there too!

Alright, off to do my workout. Have a great day!

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