Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still sore... And tips for beginners!


Unfortunately today I was still pretty sore, and had my chemistry final today...  I have come to the decision that Day 1 will begin on August 1st.  Not only will I provide an updated weight as a starting point, I will also be taking my body measurements because weight loss is not the only sign of fat loss.  You can stay the same weight, but lose measurable fat off of your body and look better.

I should have seen this blog post first. Very useful information about starting out on the method at home, focusing mainly on learning the dreaded (for many) Dance Cardio!

Another things she said in the interview following PD1-

1. To really see results it DOES take serious commitment.
2. You must be patient with yourself and only do as much as you can do at a time. 
3. Dance aerobics is just as important as the toning.
4. You will feel tired the next day, but you should not feel sore.

Also she mentions to do PD1 for a month, and get good at it. Then, switch up your workouts every ten days.  (do the old mat workout, the webisodes, etc)  She also mentions that if you join her site (which I did), they are going to send all clients 3 free webisodes a month, for you to do one every 10 days.  Not sure when but in her DVDs she says it, and I heard somewhere else that it should start happening this fall.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 3... Naughty Naughty...


Today was SUPPOSED to be a good day, doing my PD1 and Dance Cardio again.  Unfortunately, I was still sore from overdoing it on Monday. (as I said, this is sorta the learning week, I go full blast on August 1st!)  I also was NOT good with my diet today either.  (My monthly buddy on the way is also partly to blame for this...)

So, I'm gonna own up and spill my dietary debauchery confessions.


Oatmeal and stevia


A small bag of beef jerky (I was craving this like mad!)
6 inch Italian BMT sub from subway (Also craving this!)
Extra hot giardiniera on the sub

The other half of the sandwich- another 6 inches. This monster has 500 calories per 6 inch WITHOUT cheese. ( I still abided by Tracy's no dairy decree)

Snacks (this is where the mischief happened)

1 bag of gummy bears
Some marshmallows

Total today was something like 1600 calories or something... Not good. My goal is to be between 1000-1200. My metabolism is slower so 1500 cals almost does nothing. 

Walked 1 hour for exercise.

Well, I hope tomorrow I'm less sore. Note to self- don't try to do the moves as fast and as many as Tracy this early in the game! At the end of PD she does say not to push too hard, you should not be sore the next day.  "Awake" yes, but not sore (like me!)

I might even use this week to recuperate a bit, enjoy my last workout-free saturday and kick off the new month strong!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 2! 7/27/10


Today I kinda had to take it easy.  Yesterday was my first day doing PD1 and today I am just. So. Sore.  Well, being that it's the last week of the month, I have this idea- Tracy says to work out 4-6 times a week.  I am thinking I am going to take just 4 this week to get used to the moves, then bust out August with the goal of 5-6 times a week (ideally 6).


Oatmeal and Stevia


A pack of beef jerky (not really hungry)
1 bottle of low cal gatorade


1.5 cups of Mongolian beef (it's like... 190 calories a cup or something? It's one of the healthier things from the Chinese restaurant.)
Side of steamed broccoli


Venti Caramel Light Frappucino from Starbucks. No whip, and I think the whole thing is about 220 calories for the huge one (which is what Venti means)


No PD1 today. A bit sore and today was pretty hectic.  No beginner DC either. However, I did crank out an hour of walking at 3.0 on the treadmill instead. No running. Just walking. :)

Tomorrow is a BDC/PD1 day for sure. I want to do it at least 3 more times before Sunday, which is my designated rest day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's official! Day 1


As promised, today is day 1 of the quest~

Starting stats:

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 252 lb (114.5 kg)
Goal #1: 199 lb (90 kg)
Goal #2: 175 lb (80 kg)
Goal #3: 150 lb (68 kg)
Goal #4: 117-127 lb (53-58 kg)

Note: I do not lately have a large appetite due to a medication I am on.  So please, know that I am NOT starving myself on purpose.  I just can't get myself to eat a lot sometimes. 


1 bowl of oatmeal with stevia
1 bottle of water


Skipped due to medicine
1 bottle of low calorie Gatorade


Plate full of lettuce
Balsamic vinaigrette
2-3 oz of grilled steak
1 bottle San Pellegrino mineral water (yummy~!)


2 oz of beef jerky (almost fat free!)


1 hour walking on the treadmill at 3.0 mph.  Didn't have an opportunity to do the Dance Cardio video because I had repairmen at the house fixing my refrigerator.

Perfect Design 1 DVD

This was difficult. Not crazy difficult but pretty damn hard. I was dripping within a few minutes.

A word of caution- if you are totally unfamiliar with the TA method, I strongly suggest trying the older Mat Workout first. Why? Because a lot of moves in PD1 are from the older video, done very quickly, and without much instruction.   However, if you think you can handle it, go ahead!  After a few times doing it, I think then I will be able to keep up quite a bit better.

A common complaint- no arm weights in PD1. So what? It's pretty tough on the arms this time even without them~! 

Well, off to shower and bed now, going to do this tomorrow too! 

Good night~~~

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello everyone~

I decided to hold off on starting full on because this past week, I celebrated my 25th birthday!  And birthday means cake, drinks, and this might happen on more than just one day.  In my case, it happened 3 different days of the week.  Also, my summer course's finals were this week, one more week of class but nothing that would prevent me from working out. 

So, after resting over this weekend, I look forward to hopping on the Tracy wagon on Monday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome- About me and about the Tracy Anderson Method


Welcome to my blog, where I will be blogging daily about my quest to lose at least 120 pounds/54 Kg (That's about half of what I weigh now!) using the Tracy Anderson Method.  But who am I, who is Tracy Anderson, and what does her method consist of?

About me:

I am a 24 (25 on the 22nd of this month~) year old female college student who has a lot of weight to lose.  I was also a dancer when I was young, I did ballet for a few years, and loved every minute of it.  During high school/early college I, like Tracy Anderson, experienced a massive weight gain.  I have been on all sorts of fad diets, tried Turbo Jam, Tae Bo, P90X, and others like it and either I felt like it did nothing or it made me a firmer, yet same size and heavier than I was when I began.  I heard about the Tracy Anderson Method and thought I could give it a shot.

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity trainer, who also was a dancer who gained a lot of weight.  She also tried a myriad of exercises and diets, and she couldn't get the weight off either.  She ended up developing her own method that can change pretty much anyone into a "teeny tiny dancer type" over the course of about 8-10 years.  She trains/has trained Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Shakira, Courteney Cox, and as tabloid rumors have it, Lady Gaga as well.

What does the method consist of?  Tracy recommends doing 40 minutes to an hour of cardio- namely dance cardio- and 40-60 minutes of her own specially designed muscular structure workouts.  Most of these toning exercises are done on a yoga mat, the most equipment you need is a dining room chair and a set of 3 pound (for women) or 8 pound (for men) weights.  Tracy forbids lifting any weight higher than that, or your muscles will bulk.   That light of weight does sound easy, but her tactic is to do a lot of reps with the light weight.  Also if you get good at her leg workouts, you can wear 1.5 lb each ankle weights, but not more than that.
On the subject of bulking, let's revert back to where I mentioned she wants her clients to do dance cardio.  She forbids running, elliptical or bike because you are doing the same movement over and over which she says causes bulk.  With dance cardio, you are not moving the same way constantly, but dancing all over the place, using your muscles in all sorts of different ways.

Sounds great, how do we do this at home?

Tracy has several DVDs out for home use and she has recently come out with more.  She also has released webisodes to vary your workouts.  She also has a great treadmill option in case you are on the road or cannot do dance cardio easily at home for whatever reason.

Her DVDs can be purchased on her site, or on amazon.  I have all of the DVDs and webisodes she has released so far except for her latest Dance Cardio DVD, which I am not ready for anyway as it is advanced.

Tracy suggests to get good at one DVD for about a month, until you master it.  You should be (ideally) doing both the cardio and the muscle structure 4-6 times per week.  One of these should be one of the following- Post Pregnancy, Mat Workout, or Perfect Design 1.  After you master this, you should change between the rest of the material every 10 days or so, so that you do not become static.  Also, if you still feel you need longer than a month to master the basics, do take your time and work at your own pace. 

What do you eat?  Tracy says that if you do not need to lose much weight, you can eat what you want sensibly.  If you do have weight to lose (as I do) you must be strict with yourself.  Tracy says those looking to lose weight should avoid processed foods and dairy, and instead eat things like lean meat/fish, vegetables and brown rice.   And of course, plenty of water!

My beginning routines to master- Beginner Dance Cardio and Perfect Design 1.   

I will be starting tomorrow, July 20th with my starting weight and how my first day went! I hope to see you back!