Friday, December 9, 2011

Boot Camp Start Date

Hello everyone!

I have finally figured out when I will be starting my 30 day Tracy bootcamp- December 17.  Why that date?  My final day of classes is December 16. Then I have a whole month of winter break to work on myself, by the time the new term starts in January, I will be on the Perfect Design Series (I hope!).
More reasons-
1. Bootcamp is very lengthy. Expect to spend up to 2.5-3 hours a DAY doing it, depending on your fitness level. Without classes to worry about, I will have more spare time on my hands so that I can work out.
2. Aside from time needed for completion, I am going to be bored at home. What better way to spend the time than working on my body?
3. If I do decide to make some meals from the book, I will need time to cook and prepare them also. 

So, I have decided to make this a challenge for myself. "The Winter Break Slimdown". The goal is-

1. Do my MS work and push myself to the absolute LIMIT. No bare minimums here unless I am physically ill. The goal is at LEAST 40 reps of each exercise.
2. Do my cardio according to the moderate beginner plan (I will lay that out in another post).  Since I AM able to jump a little, I no longer qualify for "absolute beginner." If I do that, and I am not injured or ill, that's just copping out.
3. Stick to a paleo diet as much as possible. Will cover this in another post, but the basics are no dairy, no grains, no legumes.  

I will also be making video blogs. The reason I still have not is because I am pretty sick (coughing up phlegm and everything) and I am going to the doctor tonight.  Good news is my ankle is almost up to snuff, but I will be wrapping it during workouts to be on the safe side. 

Off to work with me, have a happy Friday!!!


  1. Gooooo Roxy! After classes are done it will certainly be easier to establish a regular exercise routine. Looking forward to your new vlogs.

  2. Yeah I really hope the extra time on my hands will help. Also I hope my ankle and my cough will both be better (or well on the way) by then!