Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Back~ With an Exciting Announcement- Tracy Anderson Coming to XBOX!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while and I hope everyone has been doing well.  I apologize for not being around as of late but...

For those of you who want an alternative to having Tracy on DVD... She will be on the XBOX soon!  XBOX is launching something called XBOX Fitness which not only features Tracy but also Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton (P90X) and Shaun T (Insanity)

The service will use the Kinect to track your movements and even your heart rate, which I think is pretty neat.

Here's a video clip preview~ Enjoy!

As for pricing and release date, I do not know that yet but I have heard that it will come out this winter and requires an XBOX Live membership (which is paid.)

I also think that this is on the XBOX One, not the XBOX 360... So you may have to upgrade.

Will I upgrade?  Maybe, if the console goes on sale after Thanksgiving or something. I have time to think about it and more details need to come out before I make a choice.  However, I do think it is a really cool idea, especially for those who really want guidance on their form.

Here's the full website (With our teeny tiny boss right on the page)

How about you guys? Anyone thinking of getting into this? 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Love Lululemon, Nike, etc but Hate the Cost? Go to Old Navy!

Hello everyone!

Again, I bought more workout clothing and I am very pleased with my purchases.  

I know I already wrote a bit about Old Navy's Active line, but I am even more surprised and happy with the new stuff I bought as well.

Here's what I have and a little review for each!

Fold-over Yoga Pants (Purple Essence)

These are very comfortable, fit well, and really allow me to move around easily without worry.  They are also a little thick, but that is a good thing because they are not easily seen through (like a lot of yoga pants tend to be!).  They also fit snugly around the legs while still allowing you to move around.

They cost about $18, got mine on sale!

Compression capris (in Carbon)

Also very comfortable, even though they are snug (that's what compression pants do- they are supposed to be snug!) They are very well-made and I feel that they are comparable to more expensive brands like Nike or Lululemon.  Love them for my TAM!

Compression Tank

Now, these are my favorite workout tops I have ever had.  I have owned mesh tshirts and what not (always fit weird on me and felt too tight) but these... Were amazing.  I tried them on at the store- glad I did- and initially thought I would need a XXL.  It was actually a bit too big for me- this top has a built in sports bra and I am not a busty girl (not all plus size women are! A lot of clothing stores seem to ignore this!) and I actually needed an XL.  As for the other part that I love: the bottom!  It's mesh and has a drawstring and fits very loosely- even though I went down a size, the lower portion has plenty of give to cover  up my belly (my main problem area) and be comfy and loose and breathable.

In fact, I loved these shirts so much that I not only got one in purple, but in black and grey too.

They also resemble something Lululemon sells for 4 times the price (these tops are usually $20, got mine for $15 on sale!) 

In all, quality, cost, fit- Active by Old Navy is an excellent alternative to pricier brands!  Very cute, comfortable, flattering and come in bigger sizes (Who says bigger girls have to wear ugly stuff when we work out?  Lululemon does, haha.) and very well made!

Have any of you bought any of Old Navy's workout clothes? Were you pleased with it?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Hello everyone!

Let me start off with wishing everyone who is celebrating (who I believe to be just the United States and Canada but if I am wrong, feel free to correct me!) a happy, safe, fun Labor Day!

I also want to mention that I am very sorry for not being around much this week, I started school two weeks ago and now work two jobs instead of one, so I have been busy.  I am working on managing my time with this so I can post here regularly as I usually do.

This past weekend was a busy one.   I spent a lot of time outdoors and on my feet, even bought some new workout gear!

I bought 2 pairs of compression capris and yoga capris (similar to the kind Tracy Anderson wears) from Old Navy (In a size XXL sadly, but that will change one day.  It has to.)

My new pants~

I also took a walk in the forest both yesterday and today for about an hour.  Doesn't sound like much but my legs and feet are aching.  According to My Fitness Pal, I burn about 400 calories per hour walking.  Not sure if that's really true or not. 

Also, I have a goal for September. My goal now that Labor Day weekend (another pig-out weekend like Memorial Day and Independence Day) is over, back to business. 

My goal is to do the Tracy Anderson Method for Beginners every day, not counting reps, just doing my best every day until it gets easy. No ankle weights yet for the cardio (that's hard enough without them right now!) and following an unprocessed diet. (As much as I can, at least!) but those will come eventually. I hope. 

I also am waiting for my Precision Toning DVD to arrive so I can review it for you guys!

How was your Labor Day?