Thursday, December 1, 2011

First rest day... And some more realizations.

Hello everyone!!!

As much as I hate to say it, I had to take a rest yesterday. Neither my body nor my mind was in any mood to work out whatsoever. I did move my body somewhat by doing the P90X Stretch DVD. Stretching felt pretty good, I will start incorporating it more in my workouts, like a couple times a week at least.

I am starting to see BAD things happen with my diet these past two days. On day 16 and yesterday I ended up eating REALLY heavy, greasy food, and GRAIN. Yes. I had corn AND wheat too. I am glad I am catching this now so I can nip it in the bud before it becomes a full on slip. 

Also I am coming to the possibility that perhaps other than the last 2 days, I am not eating ENOUGH and that could be another reason my weight isn't budging much. Usually my meals have been my breakfast and light lunch, and often NOT hungry for dinner. Apparently for weight loss this is NOT a good thing to do at all. So, I took the time to sit down and write a list of groceries (it's time to shop anyway) and plan out meals for lunch AND dinner whether I am really hungry for it or not. 

So, I aim to be back on the Tracy train today! (remember these posts are about the previous day.) Also going to go back to making smart food choices. 

Have a great day everyone and keep stopping by! <3


  1. Hi Roxy. You had really tremendous results the first couple weeks and I think results slowing down might be normal. I haven't heard of anyone who ever lost weight in a consistently fast manner. Even people on the biggest loser who are doing tremendous amounts of exercise and diet lose weight more on some weeks and less on others. It's just a thought :) I continue to be proud of you and look forward to your continued successes. -Leah

  2. you gotta rest. it's important physically and mentally. for me, i like to have a break once a week from diet too (just one meal + dessert) and it's a good break mentally. it's something i look forward to and i think it's a good metabolism boost. some people can't do that, though. it just sets them up for binging.

    i don't know if something like would work for you, but no one can be perfect every day and i think it's fantastic that you are being nice to yourself after a little slip. it's more important what you do most of the time than the little slip ups.