Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tracy Anderson Precision Toning

Hello everyone!

First off, I am very excited because my new DVD - The Method For Beginners is out for delivery as I type this blog.  I am definitely going to try it and watch it today!  (Stalking the mailman right now, haha)

Also, as a (late) birthday present, I am getting her new soon-to-be released DVD- Precision Toning.

What is it?  According to the packaging, it is four complete workouts. The information that Amazon has (not very much at this point because this DVD will not be out until September 3)

This workout is for all skill levels and will help you learn the basics of the Tracy Anderson Method. Designed to tone, strengthen and engage every
muscle, this is a workout for your entire body. Precision Toning by Tracy Anderson focuses on empowering the smaller accessory muscles as they strengthen and support the large muscle throughout the body.

There is a clip from the video!

I speculate that this is more of like, a 15 minute workout to do when you do not have a lot of time for a full workout but want to do at least something.  

Are any of you going to get this DVD?  What do you think about the potential of having little quickie workouts that still get everything in less time?

To pre order Precision Toning, click here

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weigh or Measure Your Portions?

Hello everyone!

There is something I have been wondering for a while- when it comes to measuring portions for weight loss, what is better- measuring cups or a food scale?

Which of these is the best way to measure? It depends!

According to Shape.com, the method of measuring really depends on how spot-on you need to be about your portions.  The article says the gold standard of portion sizes is weighing. However, weighing is more for when you need to be very exact- examples would be bodybuilders preparing for competition, clinical studies involving calorie monitoring, etc.  Most people can get by on the measuring cup method, which is easier.

As for me, I actually like weighing, I do have a food scale at home.  I have also noticed that a lot of recipes (from other countries) actually list weights of food that go into a recipe rather than the measuring cup amounts. I found a recipe from Japan that called for 500 grams of potatoes, for example.

So, the method to use really depends on your preferences.  If you really need stringent control or you just prefer weighing, go right ahead! Otherwise, using a measuring cup will do fine too.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

PiYo: Align - The Fundamentals Review

Hello everyone!

Last week, I mentioned how I would try PiYo out, and review each video as I do them.

Here's the first video!

It's called Align: The Fundamentals and basically what it is is an instructional video.  It's 40 minutes of Chalene demonstrating the poses and you do them along with her and the other three people in the video (each demonstrating beginner/modified, intermediate, and advanced)

I agree with all of these statements except the last one, the "strengthening flow that will have your blood pumping".   Maybe it does for some people, but to me there was a lot of stopping, a lot of talking, and I didn't totally feel that I got a "workout".

If you are experienced in yoga,  you will not need this, mostly you learn the different warrior poses, up/down dog, half moon, triangle, and a few moves like the PiYo flip.

I do recommend at least giving this a watch, but I do not agree with them using it as the first real workout.    I also do not recommend it as a replacement or an "easy" day.

Next review will be Define: Lower Body.

I hope everyone had a good week, see you next time with my next review!