Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 12 Metamorphosis


I completed day 12 of my workout, and by now, it is becoming more like an addiction which is a good thing! It's a complete 180 from how I used to be. 

With my MS, I was somehow able to muster up the strength to do all of the leg moves 15 times, even that damned balance move.  I found a trick to help keep from falling over- it's all in how you have the supporting leg situated. Tracy has her leg at a slight diagonal in the video and that makes a world of difference.  I am going to try to do 16 reps today.  There is one thing about level 2 that I don't like- the plank move that requires you to be resting on your forearms gave me matburn (like rugburn but from my yoga mat) on my elbows. Next time I'll try putting a towel or something under my elbows because that really hurt.

As for cardio- Instead of doing 30 minutes of cardio, I am doing 35 minutes this week, and every week or two I will be raising it by 5 minutes until I have the endurance to hit a full hour.  I did the Meta cardio with the addition of Beginner Dance Cardio combination 1- not counting the learning segment.  Up to tempo, that combo lasts about 5 minutes. 

I have to do my day 13 workout before heading out to see Lady Gaga in concert- who is looking amazing lately by the way- She works out with Tracy too!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 11 Metamorphosis!


I began level 2 of Omnicentric Metamorphosis and it was actually easier than it looks but still quite difficult.  The arms are faster, as are the standing abs but that wasn't the problem for me. Floor abs were the same speed as before, but with different movements.   Now the legs... The first two moves are pretty harmless. The first one involves you having one arm behind your back while moving the leg on the opposite side. No problems there, that one was pretty easy.  The next one was easy too, having your working leg crossed over the supporting leg and lift it into a diagonal.  After this is where it gets to be a pain. The two plank moves- being in a pushup position for one while moving one leg and the other plank involves being on your forearms and moving your leg.  These really challenged my arms and abs more than my leg.  Then, the worst one for me- having the arm and leg on one side supporting you while your other arm and leg are in the air. I could only do this one about 5 times before I just kept toppling over.  She says in the video the main goal with this move is to challenge your balance. Tracy, you have NO idea.  The last two moves are actually not too bad.  One is laying on your side and doing a variation of the frog kick (for those of you familiar with the moves in her book) and a side plank- but it is done on  your knee and you come to the ground after each time. It's not as bad as it looks!

The thing with me and legs, the first couple of days I do struggle because I am still getting used to the new movements but over the 10 day period, I am usually able to build up to 25-30 reps. Let's hope I can do it with this level!

Skipped on cardio for day 11 because it was late and cardio disturbs the neighbors. The goal for day 12 is to do double the cardio- probably using the beginner dance cardio because freestyling is getting a little boring to me and I always watch the clock and put myself through mental hell when doing it.

Also I want to perhaps start doing my workout before breakfast on days I don't have to be at school at 8 am (Monday, Wednesday, sometimes Friday, and Saturday.  Sunday too if I don't use it as a rest day).  Supposedly that helps burn more fat.
Eating dinner now, and off to do my day 12 workout!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 10 Metamorphosis and Measurements update!!!

Hello everyone!

Last night I got my day 10 of Metamorphosis done- 25 reps per leg and a half hour of cardio. Still felt weak because of my monthly friend and crashed right after (into bed!). I am now ready for Omnicentric level 2! 

In other (not less important) news- I have taken my 10 day measurements this morning!  I had to measure twice to make sure I was seeing correctly.

Bust: 2/14 - 47.5 inches   
2/24- 46.5 inches 1 inch lost!
Right Arm: 2/14 - 18 inches 
2/24- 16.5 inches  1.5 inches lost!
Left Arm- 2/14 - 19 inches 
2/24 - 17.5 inches 1.5 inches lost!
Waist- 2/14 - 46.5 inches 
2/24- 44 inches 2.5 inches lost!
Hips- 2/14 - 53 inches 
2/24 - 52 inches 1 inch lost!
Right Thigh- 2/14 33 inches 
2/24 - 31 inches 2 inches lost!
Left Thigh- 2/14 33 inches 
2/24 - 31 inches 2 inches lost!

In 10 workouts, even not following the diet plan, I have lost a total of 11.5 inches off of my body!  I have been really diligent about cardio and I think that is a huge reason why the inches are coming off like they are.  Also I have increased my water intake and I do keep calories at a reasonable amount. I think the meal plan in the Metamorphosis kit just isn't enough calories for someone like me at this time.  
I start level 2- Days 11-20 today~ Will blog tomorrow to let you all know how it goes!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 8 and 9 Metamorphosis


As of today, I have completed days 8 and 9 of my Metamorphosis. However, it was NOT easy. Why? Because of the lovely miracle we ladies get from Mother Nature every month!

Day 8- 2/22

Today I really, really struggled with my exercise. This is the day before Aunt Flo came to visit and when I went to do my MS, it was like someone had come and sapped all of the energy right out of me.  I barely got through abs and arms, and when it came to legs, instead of 25 reps, with great difficulty I could only manage to squeak out 15.  Cardio also was not done, because there was a little emergency that night. Apparently my kitchen sink drain pipe was leaking, and water went all over the floor and into the downstairs apartment (where the landlord lives). So that resulted in people being in my place until about 10:45 at night, too late to do cardio since I have one of the world's squeakiest floors. 

Day 9- 2/23

Today was a bit better with the MS.  I was able to power through 25 reps but toward the end I started to feel weak. (Aunt Flo had actually come this time)  Cardio was just soso, I felt sleepy and tired and just kind of flopped through the movements. I also was (and still am) feeling totally bloated and cranky and craving everything junky under the sun.

Today (2/24) is day 10 of level 1 Omnicentric, meaning tomorrow is time for level 2... Lots of planks ahead. Counting on low reps at first since planks are a big weakness for me.

Also, tonight is measurement time!  I weighed in and I have gained even more weight (due to bloating) so I will wait until Aunt Flo takes her leave, then weigh. I will post my measurements tomorrow with my day 10 blog!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days 5-7 Metamorphosis

Hello all!

Sorry I'm late~ I've been really busy over the weekend but I HAVE been sticking to the program!

Friday, 2/18

This would have been day 5, but instead was my first rest day. (I don't count rest days as having numbers)  The previous night, I got very little sleep, about 3 hours max.  I then went to my job and almost fell asleep at my desk (Fun!) Afterwards, I went to dinner with a friend and came home, thinking "I'll take a 2 hour nap and then do my workout". Nope. I ended up just sleeping straight through the night, from 7 pm Friday to 11 am Saturday. 

Saturday, 2/19- Day 5!

Today was day 5 of my Metamorphosis, I was able to keep my leg reps at 23 and did my 30 minutes of cardio.  I also began to notice that my shins have begun to start hurting.

Sunday, 2/20- Day 6!

I know what you're thinking- Sunday is your day off isn't it? Not this week. Friday and Sunday switched places this week.  I squeaked through my MS with 24 reps on legs.  I did my cardio, but could not go as intense as I'd have liked because of the pain in my legs. Better to be less intense than not done at all.

Monday, 2/21- Day 7!

Today was a bit disastrous.  The day started out great- I went to the mall with a friend of mine and we walked around for a couple of hours and had some lunch. Later that night, however, disaster struck.  My landlord came upstairs just as I was getting ready to exercise to tell me that there was water dripping down into their apartment. My kitchen drain pipe had sprung a leak. So that resulted in people being in my apartment asking things of me until about 10 pm.   I was so irritated that I was close to just not working out, but I ended up doing my MS at a new high- 25 reps per leg.  Cardio didn't get done for the sole purpose that 11 pm is too late at night to be jumping around, especially when the landlord was just upstairs. 

I think I am all caught up now.  I weighed in this morning and was a little disheartened.

Last Thursday- 269.0 lb
Today- 270.2 lb.

However, considering the time of the month that it is for me right now, that really isn't bad. I actually feel quite bloated and "that time" could start any minute. Usually the weight gain is a lot worse, so I'll check back after my body is finished doing what it's gotta do.  Also I am not only gauging my progress by weight but by inches too, which will be measured on day 10. I do see visual stuff happening, my belly is starting to deflate and I'm seeing the dreaded old man wrinkle skin.  Weight loss, especially at the level I am trying to do it, is one of those things that looks worse before it looks better.  On the plus side- when I saw my friend, I took off my jacket and she saw my arms and said "wow". She asked how long I had been working out exactly and I nonchalantly said "Oh, 6 days..."  Maybe I can make her a Tracy convert!

For the rest of the day- I get to finish up my class day, write a paper and go home and do my meta!

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 4 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone-

Proud to say Day 4 is complete! However it wasn't without its difficulties.

Thursdays are my worst days.  They are the days when I am the busiest- classes literally from morning to night. I was so exhausted when I got home but guess what- I did my workout anyway!

However, I did not up my reps by one this time. My left leg is still horrifically challenged at 22 reps, and I want to keep it even. My right leg STILL burns at 22 reps but my left leg has a little catching up to do. My left thigh is still a bit sore to walk on but it's getting better. 

I also danced out 30 minutes- took it a little easier than the previous night but still really sweated it out.  I also felt a dull pain in my calves that I was fearing was the start of shin splints but in fact just from exhaustion. 

Despite being drained, I still worked out- and I actually feel quite a sense of accomplishment in doing so.

That's it for now, will update tomorrow!  Have a great workout!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 3 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

I have successfully done 3 days of Metamorphosis... And I have a weight update for you!!!

Starting weight- 273.2 lb
Today's weight- 269.0 lb

Yes. 4.2 pounds in 3 days. And I'm NOT starving myself, although I do work pretty damn hard.

Upped my legs reps in MS work to 22 reps a leg- I think I have somewhat hit my limit, my legs are exceptionally sore now, and not particularly the good sore.  As for cardio, I was able to be a little tiny bit more jumpy with some of the moves but that made me get a little weaker toward the end.  I actually had to stop midway and take a 5 minute water and sit down break because I just felt like I was going to just slow down and topple over. I did finish up the full 30 minutes in the end. 

I also started getting those god awful cravings associated with that time of the month- PMS. I was craving almost all day, but out of some miracle, I resisted. The only thing I did was have 1 cup of orange juice after my workout in an attempt to shut the craving up.  My total calories yesterday: 1215. 

That's it for day 3- looking forward to doing my day 4 work tonight.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 2 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

Short post today-

Day 2 of metamorphosis went well, I think even better than the first!

MS work: Abs and arms went the same- except abs were a little more challenging! I am still sore especially in my upper abs now. As for legs I have made great improvements!  I think my body just had to get used to TAM moves again, because I was able to do ALL of the leg moves 21 times- my goal is to try 1 extra rep a day until I can get to 40. 

Cardio: Still tough but I still did the 30 minutes!

Diet: 2 slim fast drinks and bars, and had spaghetti (whole wheat) with sauce- total calories: 1350

Monday, February 14, 2011

Metamorphosis Day 1

Hello everyone!

Today is two noteworthy days.

1. It's Valentine's Day!
2. It's my first day of Metamorphosis!

Before I begin, here are the pics of what comes inside the box, as promised. 

This is what you will see when you open the box- a message from Tracy printed on the lid, the documents (on the left- there are several stacked on top of eachother- on the right is the package with the DVDs inside, and above that is the tape measure.

Here is the paper work that comes with the set in more detail (pardon the ugly brown carpeting) Clockwise from top left- A letter to the client from Tracy, contact information to share your success story, eating plan, workout tracker, and lastly, the get started booklet.

The workout tracker is actually a calendar with a chart on the back for writing your measurements. I do not want to write on the original so I made a color copy on my scanner, wrote in all the dates and taped it on my wall like so:

(Love the pink pen!)

Lastly, here is a picture of the DVD package in more detail.

A common complaint is that during shipment, the DVDs shift out of their sleeves and sometimes get scratched. Just a heads up. Thankfully mine were OK!

Ok, now that you see what you're getting, let's talk about my first day!

I took my measurements and recorded them on my chart.

Bust: 47.5 inches
Right Arm: 18 inches
Left Arm: 19 inches
Waist: 46.5 inches
Hips: 53 inches
Right Thigh: 33 inches
Left Thigh: 33 inches
Weight: 273.2 lb

I did my MS work- also called the Transform portion of the workout, and while it LOOKS easy, it certainly is NOT.

Arms: I really like this part because it has both unweighted and weighted arms. It's on the short side but still tires me out just in time to move to the next section.

Abs: First, it starts with standing ab isolation work. Then it goes on to floor mat work. It's not long either but it still challenged me. I was able to do all reps but struggling. 

Legs: Oh, legs and butt. How I loathe thee. The amount of reps I did per move varies a lot.  The first two moves I was able to crank out 20 reps. The next, 15, the next, 10. The last two are more like balance work, I did 20 of those too. The move I could only do 10 of involves having your leg out to the side on all fours and lifting it up and down (more or less).  It was VERY hard and I wanted to cry after 4 reps- I learned really right then what Tracy means by accessory muscles- it was all those, baby! 

Cardio: Yes, I did my cardio.  Since I am not up for jumping around like Tracy yet (and I was working out at night) I step touched my cardio but really went all-out for 30 minutes. I have never done dance cardio for 30 minutes straight with no breaks. And boy, was I drenched, red and shaky after the whole ordeal. Shaky from my muscles waking up, not in a hypoglycemic way.

As for diet- I had 2 slim fast shakes for breakfast and lunch, 2 snack bars, and for dinner I had homemade Korean soup called doenjang jigae- very low calorie.  Made with potatoes, onions, zucchini, tofu and Korean miso paste. Delicious and healthy! Total calories for the day- approximately 1200.

Friday, February 11, 2011

So you've been MIA with this blog...

Hey everyone...

I haven't posted a new blog in a really long time. I can explain!
The reason: I have been sick as a dog- I only started getting better yesterday.  I had a really bad cold, fever, coughing up mucus (oooh sexy!) no voice, and my nose dripping worse than a hungry bulldog. 

I do have a Metamorphosis update- I got my copy on the 7th! I would have started already but I was feeling pretty damn craptacular. 
I will post pics of the box, what came inside it, etc.   I also took this sick time to sit down and watch all of the workouts in their entirety, not just to see if they all play well, but also to see what I'm in for.

From what I have seen:

Cardio requires very little space, so all of us small living room people need not worry.
The only equipment you will need is a mat, your shoes and up to 3 lb weights if you're a woman, 5-8 if you're a man.  No chairs, standing legs. The leg work is done on the floor and on all fours (or threes or twos, depending on the move). 

I have also entered a challenge beginning on Valentine's day- do my Meta work outs 6 days a week with a MINIMUM Of 30 minutes of cardio each day.  Cardio has always been my killer. I am willing to do the MS, but then it's cardio time and I'm usually less than enthused. 

Well, that's it for now- posts later to come with pics and possibly a video. Depends if I can get the camcorder set up in such a way that I can do a vlog with it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yesterday and Today,

Hello everyone!

I woke up this morning and the first thing I realized is Ow. My. Ass. (the muscles, that is) Also, the terror known as Aunt Flo has retreated... For now.

Yesterday: Still was weakened from it, but managed to crank out 20 reps of the leg webisode, except for the last move, only 10 reps. I always had a problem with moves involving lifting my leg to the side, I think my hip muscles are a bit weaker.  Arms, was almost able to do all of it. Cardio- a 10 minute brisk walk after because I was feeling pretty exhausted after my MS.

Today:  Due to the soreness of my ass, I decided to compromise with my butt and do 15 reps instead of 20. I was already feeling the burn at 10. Did the abs webisode and arms too.  Cardio I have not done yet- I am at home today and will probably get my beginner dance cardio on in a little while. 

Also- an update! My Metamorphosis will be here (hopefully) on Thursday!!!! SO excited!  I will probably spend the weekend watching all of the workouts and looking at all of the material thoroughly and then explain it to you guys, which should be helpful to those of you who haven't ordered it yet and want to see what you get before buying. 

That's it for now!