Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What my workouts should be like (according to me)

Hello everyone!

A while back I posted about how I've been changing my eating habits and what a day generally looks like for me.

And while I said I will continue with turbo fire, here's what I want my day (workoutwise) to start looking like.

This may be a bit much but this is only until I get to around 160-175 pounds.

During this summer, I'd like each day to have the following included-

1. At least an hour of walking.
2. Goal- 60 minutes of Turbo Fire (Not the HIIT DVDs yet- not ready!) but 30 when I am pressed for time.
3. Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy/Mat Dvds. (Not both on the same day, I want to start on PP since it's shorter and easier on the legs (NOT on the abs and that is where my real trouble spot is) and move on to the full on Mat workout. Neither of these have funky circus moves or balancing on chairs, or anything else that my current weight makes me feel uncomfortable about.) 
4. P90X X Stretch. A very thorough, full body guided stretch workout. Prefer to do this before bed, so I go to bed with less soreness.

I also am trying to move more in general around the house, today I scrubbed down my  basement floor and basement bathroom. 

The only reason I am doing so much exercise is to get the inital weight off. I thought about doing Chalean Extreme (which is weight lifting) but I do not eat enough protein whatsoever for any weight training program.  Also, at this time, strength is not so much a goal as fat loss. 

Also on the subject of protein- instead of just one serving of protein at dinner, I plan on working it into lunch as well.  I think it would be better to keep me on track and not go on a cheat-spree.  I tend to crave protein a lot, so I think this will be helpful. 

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