Monday, July 9, 2012

Got a pool? You got a workout.

Hello everyone!

I wish I had a swimming pool.  Other than using it for fun, you can also use it for working out.  All you need is a pool and a floating pool noodle. 

I found an article from Self Magazine called "Slim in a Splash"

It contains a slideshow of several different moves you can do in a swimming pool.  No sweating, no stickiness. 

I think it would probably be better if you had your own pool for this only because many public pools do not allow floaty toys like pool noodles. 

Other than these moves (and swimming, obviously) have you ever done anything fitness in the pool?  When I was younger and in ballet class, I would practice stretches and going on pointe in the pool. (Easier on my toes too, haha).

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