Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Skinny on Protein

Hello everyone!

I found yet another article about why you should eat your protein if you want to slim down or lose that last bit of weight.

First of all, there are SOME proteins our body makes by itself. These are non essential proteins.   There are,  however, nine essential proteins, meaning we must get them from a food source because the body does not make them.

You can get your proteins in one of two forms.

Complete: Contain all nine essential proteins and these are animal products (meat, eggs, dairy), quinoa, and soybeans.

Incomplete: These aren't so complete, they have some or very little essential proteins.  Nuts, seeds, and grains are incomplete protein sources.  Same goes for legumes and fruits.  A general rule- if you eat a meal with incomplete sources, include a complete source in your next meal. 

Proteins also act as a diuretic-  That is why so many low carbers shed so much water weight. 

Source: My studies in Nutrition Class!

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