Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hello everyone!

This isn't good.  I have been doing Turbo Fire lately and to be honest... It's boring me.

I never got bored with Tracy (I miss doing it a LOT), but with Turbo Fire, I am starting to get bored. I never really was a big fan of kickboxing and I think that's why.

Also I find that in the Turbo workouts I've done (Turbo Jam included a few years back) it's mostly the arms that are moving.  What I liked about Tracy's dance and every other dance workout I have done is that my WHOLE body was always moving. I also saw inches and weight come off better with Metamorphosis than what I am doing now. (Turbo Fire and Walking)  Also when I do the muscular structure work, I drip buckets of sweat, same with the dance cardio.

Here's a more detailed comparison with how I feel doing Turbo Fire versus when I did Tracy.


1. After every workout, I had a bit of trouble walking around, sitting down, going up stairs.  Not in an injury kind of way, but an "I worked my ass off" way.

2. After I did TA for a while before, people have noticed me looking better and walking better much more quickly than now.

Turbo Fire:

1. I also sweat buckets and get tired, but mostly tired in my arms.

2. My thighs/hips/butt do not have that "I worked hard today/can't walk well" feeling that dancing always gave me. 

I said before I felt somewhat uncomfortable doing TA moves, but only ones with the chair (that appears in the 30 day  method).  I may give Meta another go tomorrow, but I am planning to do whatever workout makes me feel good at the time.  At least, I want to start practicing the choreographed dancing again. Those workouts REALLY made my butt cry.

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