Friday, July 20, 2012

Birthday dinner part 1

Hello everyone!

My birthday is this Sunday- I will be 27!~ (oh goddddd, LOL)

So this evening, I will be going to a Chinese buffet with a friend.  Normally I wouldn't go near a buffet with a 50 foot pole, but it's my birthday.

What will I have?  I am not sure exactly everything they will be serving but here is what I am going to aim for.

1. Avoiding rice/noodles
2. Avoiding anything deep fried
3. Avoiding thick, sweet sauces
4. Try to find meats that are more stir-fried/grilled 
5. Load up on the veggies

I'm sure I will not be 100% perfect.  If I want an egg roll or something, I'll get one. ONE. And take one bite at first to see how I feel. If I finish it, then that's okay too. Not ideal, but okay.

Do you have strategies for dining at buffets?

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  1. Chinese buffet! That’s mouth-watering. I am a fan of Chinese foods so on my 30th birthday at some domestic outdoor Venues in San Francisco and would like to have Chinese catering for this bash. Hope everything goes well.