Saturday, July 7, 2012

Feeling bulky...

Hello everyone!

I am noticing something with Turbo Fire that is really, REALLY bugging me. 

Ever since I started doing it, my weight loss has been VERY slow.  With Tracy (and a same clean diet like my previous post) weight FELL off and I looked slimmer by a lot!

I also feel that it is bulking the hell out of my legs.

Apparently I am not alone in this.  I have another lady friend (who also does TAM) who tried a similar kickboxing workout and the same thing happened with her.  

Also, when I did TAM, even though I was jumping around and stuff, I never ever felt this heavy. I felt sore, but not bulked up. 

And it's not just my legs, I feel thicker all over and I do not like it. 

So, I do not believe Turbo Fire is for me at all.  

It's also no wonder, women who kickbox have very muscular legs.

Disclaimer- I am not saying the following is a BAD thing about her body:  Note how thick her thighs and core are.  For some women, this is the look they want, and that's 100% wonderful.  For me, this is not what I am going for at all.  My goal is slender, not "buff".

So, in the end, Turbo Fire IS a great workout, but I just feel like it's not a great workout for me. 


  1. I had this same experience with p90x. I read that what was actually happening was that I was building muscle and that eventually the fat will melt off. Sometimes that tends to happen if you are doing body weight exercises or gym type workouts. It's frustrating but eventually you will see a difference. I personally get bored with those workouts. I loved TAM and I think that when you do more cardio and light weight training you start to see a bigger difference. I started doing Jazzercise which is very similar to TAM and it uses weights (any size it's all about preference). With that I noticed myself getting leaner quicker.As for kickboxing and thick thighs..I can see how that can happen but I really think that all depends on body type. Not everyone becomes stocky and all muscles from kickboxing.

  2. The very same thing happened to me when I did Turbo Fire. I did a whole rotation didn't lose a pound and gained a few inches with the same diet . Our bodies are all so different!