Thursday, July 19, 2012

Slipped up.

Hello everyone!

Today I slipped up (or at least it feels like it to me).

1. I did my MS work, but no cardio aside from my morning walk.

2. I ruined my diet by eating a big heavy dinner.

My day went normally, smoothies and salads abound.  Then dinner hit.  I bought a meal from my local middle eastern place, which comes with rice, various grilled meats and a salad. 

The original plan: Eat the meats and salad.

What ended up happening: I ate the whole goddammned thing. 

And I feel guilty. Really guilty.  I know I shouldn't, I know it was a pretty normal amount of food, but knowing that I ate the rice made me feel bad (since I am watching my carbs). 

I also didn't do my cardio because I felt like there was a rock in my stomach after eating that  meal.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!!!!

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