Sunday, July 1, 2012

More weird Fair Food...

Hello everyone!

After my post about deep fried cereal, I found another list of "delicacies" that have been seen at fairs.

From Arizona- Mealworm covered caramel apples.

Yes. Those are REAL mealworms. At the Arizona state fair they served this and also fried crickets. 

From Florida: Cheeseburger with deep fried ice cream.

Much more appetizing than the mealworm thing.  This has been described tastewisely as a "milkshake burger".

Indiana: Hot beef sundae.

This one I wouldn't mind trying. What it is is a scoop of mashed potatoes covered with gravy, beef, cheese, and corn "sprinkles".

Texas: Fried beer.

This looks like ravioli but it's actually beer pocketed inside pretzel dough.  I would try this too.

Montana: Fried butter balls.

Basically butter wrapped in dough and fried.

Kansas: Pickle Pops.

Frozen pickle juice popsicles.  As a kid I would have loved to try this because back then I liked to drink pickle juice when the pickles were finished. Not anymore, hahaha.

California: Python Kabobs.

Yep. Snake meat. For me, no thanks! 

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