Friday, July 27, 2012

8 Mistakes that Age

Hello everyone!

I came across an article today called "8 Diet and Exercise Mistakes that Age You".

Here are a few!

1. Eating too much sugar.  What this does is actually destroy the collagen fibers that keep your skin looking young through a process called glycation.  For sweetening, try stevia (all natural plant sweetener that I love) and if you MUST have other carbs, make them low sugar carbs, (like veggies) because they do less damage.

2. Using hard cardio to deal with stress.  Yoga really is better for you when it comes to de-stressing.  Regular yoga practice helps more oxygen flow through you and may even reduce inflammation.

3. Coffee instead of tea.  No tea means less protective things like EGCG and theaflavins (skin cancer preventers)

4. Not doing any toning exercises.  Toning up helps prevent sagging skin as you age on the body.

For the rest, check out the article here

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