Monday, July 2, 2012

Foods to eat for good hair

Hello everyone!

Have you tried countless kinds of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments and still less than pleased with your hair quality?  The answer may be in your diet.

Want pretty Pantene hair? Your diet can help!

I found a list of 10 foods to eat for better hair!  

1. Lean Red Meat.  If you do not have enough iron, that can cause baldness.  Also, protein is what hair is made of, so more of that won't hurt either.  You can also get your iron from other places like beans, turkey, egg yolks, and whole grains.

2. Eggs.  Other than iron, eggs also are rich in biotin which is a B vitamin that helps scalp health and hair growth.  Other biotin-rich foods are peanuts, cheese, avocados, salmon, and almonds.

3. Bananas, Beer, Oats, and Raisins.  These foods have silica, which helps hair and nail thickness.

4. Dark green veggies. These contain vitamins A & C which help with hair's natural oils to keep it softer.

5. Oysters.  These have a lot of Zinc, which help balance androgens (hormones that if not balanced, may cause hair loss). Other foods that have zinc are beef, crab, clams, liver, and wheat germ.

6. Sweet Potatoes.  Full of beta carotene which turns into Vitamin A. Also protects against dull hair and skin and dandruff.

7. Beans.  Again, beans are full of iron which help the hair.

8. Fruits and veggies.  More vitamin A and C.

9. Omega-3s.  Help keep hair from going brittle, dry, and dull.  Found in walnuts, eggs, fish.

10. Healthy Oils.  Healthy oils keep skin and hair moisturized and soft. 

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