Friday, July 20, 2012

Nutrisystem- Worth it or waste?

Hello everyone!

When I browse the internet, I keep coming across ads about something called Nutrisystem.  So, I decided to see what it is and what it's about.

Above: A commercial with Janet Jackson, who apparently used this system herself.

Basically Nutrisystem is a weight loss program involving meals delivered to your home.  

They have 3 plans that vary in price: Women's, Men's, Diabetic.

What the plans basically include are 28 days worth of preportioned meals (breakfast lunch dinner) delivered to your house, optional protein shakes, web support, personalized activity plans, and even personalized plans for seniors and vegetarians. 

How much does this all cost?  For women and diabetics, $229 a month.  For men, $259 a month.

For a full month of meals made for you and delivered, the price is not too bad.  It costs about the same as going to the grocery store for a month.  This could be good for someone who is new to dieting, cooking healthy meals, and doing portions because the food they send can give you an idea.

Potential cons (potential since I have not actually ordered)- Possibility of having processed foods, foods with chemicals in it, etc.  Also the food could be expensive for some people.

Have you or anyone you know tried Nutrisystem before?

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