Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Turbo, Turbo, Everywhere!

Hello everyone!

If you're like me and always reading about different exercises and stuff, you may have heard of Turbo Jam. And Turbo Kick. And Turbo Fire.

So many Turbos- What is the difference?

I found a video in which the creator herself, Chalene Johnson, explains.

After watching this video, I have made the informed decision to go back to Turbo Jam instead of Turbo Fire (I am still severely overweight) and do Tracy's Mat Workout as my strength training. (Chalene says if there is a toning workout we like, Go for it! You do not have to do Turbo Sculpt.)

She also mentions that in many gyms around the country, they teach Turbo Kick.  I searched for myself and sure enough- I found a Turbo Kick class! Several, in fact!

Have you tried any Turbos?  Which do you like best?

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