Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ok, so I tried Turbo Fire Yesterday...

Hello everyone!

I tried Turbo Fire.  

The workout comes with about 10 DVDs, each with a different workout.  They vary in time and intensity, and can be used to create a schedule that's right for you.

I tried the "Fire 55 EZ" workout.

Nothing "ez" about it.  I am sore as all hell, especially in my upper back and shoulders.

Let's just say I am not used to punching and using my arms this much. Ouch.

I also think the workout is called "EZ" only because there is ONE HIIT session that lasts about 2 minutes right in the middle of the workout, and the other workouts I watched have more than that.

I'd LIKE to be able to do the 55 EZ class daily if possible.  By the middle of the warmup section I was DRENCHED in sweat.  I also had to stop and take a break a couple times because it really is intense.

My advice is if you think you can handle this kind of workout, do so.  It really burns you up and gets the sweat going. 

Have any of you done Turbo Fire or would like to?

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