Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kate Upton called Fat by Blogger

Hello everyone!

I came across something that I found a bit disturbing.

A blogger who calls herself "Skinny Gurl" made a post about how model Kate Upton is "fat".

Yep. THAT Kate Upton. Look at all those rippling fat rolls. 

This blogger (who claims to be 5'7" and 100 pounds) runs a website glorifying being skinny. Not pro-ana, but skinny.  

She also called Kate Upton a "piggie", "looks like a squishy brick" and a bunch of other nasty things, even comparing her to cows. 

This post got a lot of negative feedback and the blogger even received rape and death threats for her words. Kate is also not the only celeb she deems "fat".  This post has her saying that Hayden Panettiere needs to "lay off the cupcakes" and has "Mommy arms" and "big fat thighs". 

What is your view on this?


  1. ok guys .. look how it must be..
    i don't like skinny chicks .. and don't like fat ones..
    i like the girls that have nice ass that you can feel it with your heart , but they are athletic too..
    i can't tell she's skinny , but she should be proud about it

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  3. How on earth is she fat?! that person needs to fuck off. Cuz everyone is perfect in there own way.