Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 8- 8/9/10


Today is a new week, which means a new weigh in~

Today's weight: 255.8 lb/ 116.27 kg... An approximate 5 lb/2.5 kg gain.  This is probably due to the face that I am on my monthly period and I do gain quite a bit of water retention weight.


Bowl of rice and an egg with 3 ounces of leftover lean corned beef
1 sheet of seasoned roasted seaweed


2 beef hot dogs, plain and no buns.
1 bottle of gatorade low calorie


1 venti caramel light frappucino from Starbucks


Beef vegetable noodle soup

Total calorie count for today is approximately 1500.


Attempted some cardio, but quickly started to feel worse.  Cleaned my apartment and did laundry and then became really drained, so I did not do my Perfect Design today.  I should be feeling up to it tomorrow. Today my period was so bad even advil didn't help. But the worst SHOULD be over!

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