Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 15- 8/16/10


Well this begins a new week (Happy Monday!) which means a new weigh in!

Last week: 255.8 lb/ 116.27 kg

This week: 251.4 lb/114.27 kg   4.4 lb/2 kg lost!
Despite being a little heavier than when I started, I am noticing things are looking a bit slimmer- my tummy a little flatter, thighs a bit slimmer (and butt too!) and my arms are starting to show a little definition and they're smaller too!

What I ate- NOT MUCH- explanation later!


1 Sausage Biscuit from McDonalds 

Lunch- Skipped

Dinner- 1/2 hot dog and small fries

Post workout- 1 protein shake

Exercise: PD1, no cardio.

Explanation!  I had a really busy day today~ couldn't sleep until 3 am, had to wake up at 7:30 am and was on the go since 8.  Had the biscuit because I KNEW I would likely not be near any food until I got home, whenever that was going to be, so I made sure to get the extra calories.  For dinner I actually got FULL on what I ate. Very strange, maybe it's because I drank a lot of water during the course of the day.  No cardio, because I did a huge amount of walking.  When I got home, I cranked out PD1- I am now able to up some of the moves by 5 reps, some I am still at the same as last week~ and now I am more sore than I SHOULD be feeling, and I blame this almost exclusively on my harrowing day and lack of sleep. I am definitely hitting the bed EARLY today!!!

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  1. It's true, sleep is important for repairing muscles, so that could be why you're feeling more sore than you think you should.

    As far as not eating because you were busy with other stuff all day, that's understandable, but it's really bad for weight loss. When you do that, your body is going to think you're starving it and the metabolism screeches to a halt, making it so all that walking you're doing isn't going to matter anyway because your body is freaking out and trying to hold on to all the fuel that it can. So, next time you have a day like that you should really make sure to pack some snacks with you. Bars are great as long as you get a good quality one (Lara Bars are awesome) or things like baby carrots, a small bag of rice cakes, those little boxes of raisins... Just any easy-to-pack healthy snack will really help with keeping your metabolism up all day and getting you the nutrients you need.