Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 27- 8/28/10


This time, today was a good diet day and a bad exercise day... I really need to break out of this hormonal trap.  My gynecologist even told me you do NOT have to give in to those cravings.  Tips she gave me to try and get around them (that I shall try following now that I remember)

1. If you're craving, brush your teeth.  Food is much less appealing with a minty mouth
2. Not around the toothbrush? Chew minty gum or have a mint.
3. Drink water!

Well today I ate very little because I slept in again... Until 2 pm (like I normally do on Saturday)

I slept through breakfast and lunch, when I woke up I had a shake.


Japanese style curry with beef for those who don't know how it looks/served/what's in it

I also found that a store by me sells Pepsi Throwback.  Pepsi Throwback is Pepsi, but made with cane sugar instead of that high fructose corn syrup crap.  It also tastes a hell of a lot better. They also make Mountain Dew that way too.  I don't know if they sell these outside of the USA, as other countries already make their sodas this way sometimes. (Example- Coca Cola from Mexico)

Exercise: Had a MAJOR case of the lazies/fatigue.  This has not been my weekend.... Monday is also a weigh in AND measurement day~  I am excited to see how my progress is going, if at all.


  1. Yeah, the "throwback" sodas have been around for a while now. They're still absolutely terrible for you, so please don't drink them...

  2. Yeah that was my first one in months. I know they're still bad for you as ever. No more, because it actually left me sluggish feeling~

  3. If you haven't drank it in months, it'll do that. Your body gets used to not having it, and it affects it really negatively when you do. Every once in a while I'll want to drink a soda that's actually tasty, like Jones Soda, but I can't drink more than an ounce or it makes me feel sick. :-/