Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 10- 8/11/10


Feeling tons better today! Woke up early, did some housework, and got my workouts in.  Didn't eat much either.  Medicine I am on decreases my appetite and today was pretty hot out, that has a similar effect on me at times.


Bowl of rice and an egg


Skipped, wasn't hungry


1/2 of a small zucchini, roasted with olive oil and garlic
2 hard boiled eggs (didn't want to heat up the place too much)

2 bottles of G2 Gatorade (45 calories a bottle)


Did PD1 with flying colors, although still 15 reps a move.  I tried something new- doing my dance cardio outside~ with my own music.  I was able to do about 10 minutes of cardio, combo 1 and 2 each once to a song, then random TA-derived movements around the driveway (skipping, jumping, jumping jacks, etc)

I am so tired but it feels good!


  1. Good job with the exercise today! I know you say you aren't hungry, but it's good to eat at least a little something often throughout the day to keep your metabolism going, so maybe next time you're not hungry but it's meal time, just try have something like a protein shake or a smoothie so that your body can get the calories and nutrients it needs but you're not having to really force a lot of food down.

  2. Erm... ok, someone referred me to your blog, and I have to say. I admire your effort. I really do. And I respect the fact that you want to get fit. But seriously, Tracy Anderson is simply the wrong way to go about it.

    You're seriously starving yourself of nutrients, and any weight you are losing right now (based on your posted diet), I can guarantee, is muscle mass. That's extremely dangerous, and not sustainable in the long run.

    You NEED to be doing serious strength training, and eating accordingly in order to BUILD muscle instead of catabolizing what you have. You're a woman, so unless you have some serious endocrine issues (creating too much testosterone, for example, which is likely NOT the case) you will NOT bulk up. It's a physiological impossibility.

    While I know TA recommends lifting light weights, she is dead wrong.