Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 2- 8/3/10


Today is day two of the quest... And I have to admit, I did slack off a little.  I did not work out today OR eat well... D'oh!!! However, if I go back to the straight and narrow for the rest of the week (at least until Friday) I will have done my required 4-6 day a week workouts.  Therefore I have not considered today to be "falling off the wagon".

I am sore today but nowhere near as torn up as I felt last week.  This time I did PD1 yesterday at my own pace, and only about 10-15 reps a move (last week I tried to keep up with her and do as many.... Fail!) 

Today I ate... (this is what makes it worse... But at least I'm admitting it and being accountable!) 


A small bowl of rice and an egg

Midmorning snack (I don't know why but I was so hungry soon after... )

2 twinkies
1 glass of coke (Yeah I know... bad!)


Rice and and egg again
corn on the side


3 Korean vegetable pancakes (delicious but fried... )


2 twinkies

Yeah I know... Horrible. Well, I will do my best to be good from now on, at least until Sunday, my designated cheat day!

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