Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 18- 8/19/10


I went out (for fun this time) to see my friend and we ended up spending the day walking around our (outdoor!) mall!  I got a lot of walking in and had fun as well. I swear it felt like I was walking for hours, which is a good thing! I was sore when I got home too...


Oatmeal with strawberries (not instant)


A bagel at Panera with a little cream cheese on it
Diet Pepsi


Whole wheat spaghetti with leftover sauce from last time


Aside from the walking at the mall, I did my PD1 again.  I am glad I upped all of the reps by 5, it feels challenging again and in some weird way, the tiredness and slight soreness at the end of my workouts actually feels good! 

I'm off to bed now, tomorrow is my last free weekday before the semester starts! Good night!

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